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I want to know who these people are who are withdrawing money out of my credit card and saving account. I dont recall ever signing up for any fit club. I do recall asking for a FREE bottle of acai crap that didnt work nor was it free. So please if anyone knows how to stop these people taking money off me or know in anyway how i can contact them please let me know... What right do these companies have in just taking money from people? I have never had an invoice or any communication with them so why are they doing this?

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  • Cj
      7th of Feb, 2010

    I would contact your bank and find out what is going on if you have not given permission for anyone to withdraw funds.
    The bank could have to repay you for mismanaging your money.

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  • Da
      7th of Feb, 2010

    Hi, I know this has happened to me too but how long has it been when they first started taking money out of your account? I always watch my bank accounts to see whats going on! I signed up for a program threw tweeter first 7 days was free but you had to give them your card info and they say they will not charge you until trial is over well it was only a couple of days and they charged my card 49.95 or more, I than called them and they tried to tell me that it had been 7 days but thats not what my account said so I told my bank that someone I tried a product with had charged my card and they had no permission to take any money from my card and that I had cancelled what I ordered, I gave the bank all the infomation on them plus I called the place that charged my card the # should be listed on your bank account from the place charging you call them and tell them that you called before and cancele d and your card has been charged since and insist that the charges be removed and also tell them you want your money that they charged you returned back on to your card if you do not express that you want your money back they try to keep the money that they charged you already and they say well you did not ask for a refund, Make sure you stress you want it refunded! and also make sure you call your bank on this they can give you your money back temporarily and they go after the place that has charged your card, Write down info like who you spoke to at the bank and # what ever it always helps you to get all info you can with your bank and place that charged your account! If you have any more questions or need help write back on here your adress andI will email you back. Good Luck and please write something back on here so I know how you made out! dad428

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  • Da
      12th of Feb, 2010
    Fit Club Online - unauthorized charges on my credit card
    Fit club Online
    United States

    I have noticed three separate charges to my credit card and wasn't sure what it was for until I checked it out online. I have never heard of or authorized a purchase from this company. I am very upset and dissappointed that this happens to people, and would like to be credited for the purchases.

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  • La
      16th of Feb, 2010

    I have just received my credit card statement and 2 payments of $24.82 taken in January 2010 are shown for fit club online. Who are they? I have never contacted them and the only explanation I can think of is they are affiliated to Thermoplus and cc details have been passed on. Surely this is illegal.
    I too had a problem with Thermoplus but fortunately I was able to resolve it.

    Credit card company say cancelling card will not stop further money from being taken. Have now passed it on to fraud dept and awaiting further instructions!

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  • Pa
      23rd of Feb, 2010


    The same thing has happend to me! I have been charged by Fit club Online and WeightMember on my CC, I bought Wu-Yi Tea back in NOV 2008 I cancelled any further shipments and even got an email from the company confirming this, but I am still being charged! I did not notice due to the small amount and also I went overseas twice during that period and thought it might have been bank fees. I am very upset that this has happened I have tried calling Fit club online but it comes up with a message "we are closed please call during business hours"! (Australian Number: 1800 686 513). I have been incontact with the bank and they are going to try and get the money back.

    I cant believe this, I have put my trust into this company and they do this!


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  • Ju
      5th of Mar, 2010

    Fitness online is a very deceptive company, apparently in the fine print of a teeth whitening internet ad. I, too, have been charged $24.82 since October 2009. Should have caught it, but out of country.
    This is FRAUD. I will notify my credit card company AND report them to the Better Business Bureau. This needs to be stopped!

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  • Bi
      15th of Mar, 2010

    Was just viewing my March statement on line and this FitClub has been charging my account the 24.82 since December. I had ordered the Dazzle White but immediately cancelled that product. When i called this FitClub to dispute these charges that said it was a pop up when i ordered the Dazzle White and I should have declined the offer.. what bunch of BS. I told them I had cancelled the entire product. She told me she would cancel the FitClub and I said well I want my money refunded, I have never signed up for this and never received anything. She then informed me that they could not refund my money and this was part of their terms and conditions. I did call my credit card company and filled for a dispute over this. Also the Better Business Bureau will be notified.

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