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Fingers Furniture / Worst furniture buying experience!

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About a month ago my wife and I went to fingers with my mother. We were looking for a bedroom set for our new home. We picked the one we purchased because it was the only set that was "completely in stock" according to our sales person (And our receipt) .1.5 weeks later the furniture came... with everything EXCEPT the dresser. We are told it was on back order, we said no, according to our receipt it was in stock, thats why we chose it.

Customer service apologized up and down told us more would come in within 5 days. I called a the day they came in to set up delivery and was told the first available day was 10 days after that. I reluctantly agreed.

The delivery day arrives (Saturday 8/25 almost 4 weeks after the original purchase date) and the dresser shows up, the delivery guys set it up and then haul butt out of there, I inspect it, its broken. I call customer service literally 5 minutes after they are out the door. I tell them to come back and get it,

"Oh no sir, we cant do anything till monday"

"What??? NO, send them back to switch this out for a new one or send someone to repair this thing TODAY."

"Sorry sir, I cant do that, I can put you through to your sales rep who can explain..."

"NO, I've already had to wait on this FAR too long and now you're telling me I have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks??? "

I get transferred to my sales guy who basically tells me he cant do anything and I need to talk to the manager. I get the manager who sounds like he could give a rats ###. I tell him if they cant get me a new dresser out there TODAY, or a repair person out there TODAY, I want my delivery charge refunded and an extra 10% off my purchase price. He says well he can certainly refund the delivery charge but not 10% and that I would need to call customer service back on monday to reschedule delivery for the exchange.

I call them back on monday... I am told we have to wait till the 8th ANOTHER 2 weeks. I'm tell them NO NO NO The manager said I can get it on the 1st due to all the headache we've been put through,

"Sorry sir, thats all I can do".

5 customer service reps later I get the supervisor "Christina" who is quite possibly the absolute RUDEST person I've ever spoken with. She proceeds to argue with me, YELLING and SCREAMING at me that I WILL take the 8th because thats what they have and she's putting me down for that whether I like it or not. I asked for her supervisor she told me she's not giving me that info, that "... she was it and didn't have one" then tells me she's the TOP person. After telling her how useless she, I hang up on her .

I call the store manager and get HAROLD (mind you this is like week 5 on this whole debauchal and the 2nd manager I've talked to) I calmly and rationally tell him I'm done and I want to schedule a return on all the furniture and not only that I'm not paying their 10% restocking fee because they couldn't get our order right from day 1. He apologized profusely and asked me to give him 24 hours to make this right and call the EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT to see if they could "make an exception" and have our exchanged delivered on the 1st. Make an exception?? THEY MESSED IT UP! THERE IS NO EXCEPTION! THEY NEED TO MAKE IT RIGHT!

So I give him the 24 hours. I call him the next day at 4. The guy has NO IDEA WHO I AM OR WHAT WE TALKED ABOUT THE DAY BEFORE. After jogging his memory he's tells me

"OH yeah... now I haven't heard back from him yet... can you give me some more time?"

I tell him no, this was the last straw, I gave him 24 hours and he failed and I wanted to schedule a return for ALL of it.

2 days later (this most recent saturday) I call fingers, just to check on good ole Harold's work (The store manager who supposedly setup my return). Not only had he not setup the return, there was NO NOTE OF IT ANYWHERE ON MY ACCOUNT. I spoke with a VERY pleasant and helpful associate. She finally got our return setup and apologized profusely for all the headache.

We then decide we're going to the new Ashely furniture home store. We go,ask TONS of questions about delivery, their customer service, tell them the horror story about Fingers, they tell us how sorry they are to hear that and that they'll take care of us etc etc, we find a nice bedroom set and even a nice dining room set too.

We get all our info together and head back home (because my mom is paying for half of it as a wedding/housewarming gift) So then we get home, my mom calls us and tells us.

" I hope you guys don't have your hearts set on anything at Ashely".

I ask her why:


I'm like OH LORD!!! The Ashley sales person sat there and let us go on and on about fingers and never once told us they were owned by them and they would be using the same warehouse and the same customer service people.

So we spend the better part of sunday looking at practically every furniture store in town. We finally looked at Star as a last ditch effort. We didn't look there first because I had always heard they were VERY overpriced. Ironically, the star furniture is less than 5 minutes from our house. We walked in and found an AWESOME bed room set and even a beautiful dining room set. Star told us they could get it in our house by thursday if we wanted (3 DAYS! NOT 2 WEEKS, 3 DAYS!!!).

We asked for saturday and it was done.

To add icing to the cake, Fingers REPAIR TECHNICIAN called my mom Sunday night letting her know he was "coming by Monday between 3 and 5 to fix that NIGHTSTAND" (mind you it was the dresser!). So naturally I called Fingers again to make sure the pickup had not magically transformed into a "repair" . Everything is still a go for the pickup according to the (to my amazement).

Last night the repair tech calls my moms house again to "reschedule that repair".

I call fingers again this morning to verify everything was still set for a pickup, which according to them it was, I even now have to verify what address they are coming to pickup their stuff because THE REPAIR TECH ACTUALLY SHOWED UP AT MY MOTHERS HOUSE TO REPAIR THE FURNITURE!!! He then lied to her friend and told her that he "had just gotten off the phone with her [my mom] and thats how he got directions"

When I called this morning for my "daily verification" that customer service is doing their job, I told the rep about the repair tech constantly calling and being under the impression he's supposed to come fix something. She tells me:

"Do not worry about it, it looks like we just failed to notify him that we changed it to a return, not a repair"


The saddest thing about the whole episode, my mother, a 25 year fingers customer was the one who referred me to them. This was the FIRST TIME BUYING from them. I CRINGE to think of the headache I am going to have to go through to get this credited back to our new fingers account and get it closed.

Moral of the story... Do not buy fingers and Do not buy Ashley (because you're still giving fingers your money and dealing with the same delivery and customer service)!

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  • Ro
      29th of Apr, 2008
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    We have had a very frustrating problem with Finger's in Sugarland on getting our delivery and also with communication. We went into the store last month and picked out a sofa and love seat. It was delivered the next week on Wednesday. It was too wide to get in our door. We live in a house built in 1928 and the door openings are narrow. The delivery men took it back after trying to cram it in and damaging the facing.

    We went into the store to find something else. The set we found was a LaZ-Boy sofa and love set. They had the love seat but the sofa had to be ordered. We said, ok, that was fine. They delivered the love seat the following Wednesday and said when the sofa came it they would let us know.

    Someone called us 4/15 and said the new sofa was in and it would be delivered on Wednesday 4/16 between 11:30 and 2:30. We had planned on leaving at 9:00 AM for out of state trip, but we stayed to wait on our delivery. At 3:00 I called and asked where the delivery men were. She checked and said they were in a small town now. I asked her where and she said Rosharon. I said, ok, that's not far, about 30 minutes. When they didn't show up we called at 5:00 and someone told us that it had been damaged and it would have to be ordered again. No one even bothered to call us to tell us about the delivery being postponed. We stayed home all day expecting the delivery. At 5:00 when we called Omar said there was no delivery for us and it wouldn't be here until the 30th. I told him what we were told and asked him how this could get so confused. He said he didn't know but we wouldn't get it until the scheduled delivery date. This frustrated us so much. They had their money and didn't seem to care if we knew what was going no or not. We talked with Peter before we left for our trip and he said he would see what was going on that it should have been delivered. Off and on all weekend we thought about how we had been treated and that no one seemed to know what was going on, so we decided to cancel the whole order.

    On Monday 4/21, I called the store and asked to talk to a manager. She transferred me to John. I told him all about what had been happening and that what we want is for him to have someone come pick up the love seat and cancel the sofa delivery and credit my credit card for the full purchase price since we have been treated like this and he said, "Well, I can't do anything about this and I will tell my manager." I said, "I thought you were the manager". He said, "I'm a manager, but not the store manager and I will have him call you at 3:30 when he gets here". I asked him who the owner was and he wouldn't tell me. I waited and didn't hear from "the manager" that day. I thought maybe he would call the next day, 4/24, but he didn't and no called to tell me why. I thought surely the man who sold us the furniture would call, but he didn't either. This really frustrates me because they don't seem to care about their customers or know what's going on. If I knew who owned the stores I would contact them. Please try and get our full purchase price of the furniture credited back to our account and have someone pick up this love seat. I don't want to buy anything from Finger's and I surely won't recommend them to anyone I know.

    Thank you for helping us with this.


    Augustine & Robert Krenek
    (713)410-5513...this is my husband's cell if you need to call us.

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