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Fifth Third Bank / / service

1 4501 Woodward ave, Detroit Mi. 48201, Detroit, MI, United States

I have never been antagonized and so humiliated in my life! On 12-06-2018 eta 4:45
I came in to cash a check and was serviced by a very rude and nasty employee. Who displayed signs of lunging at me. Even after I kept stating to her, " I'm just trying to take care of my business, just leave me alone!"
I had went into 53 bank to cash a check approximately 4:45pm. I waited in line to be called to the window for service. The banker called me up and I gave her a deposit slip, my ID and a check for $9, 034.08. I wanted $1, 000 back in cash and $8, 034.08 deposited into my savings acct. So, to my knowledge I had given her everything needed to process my request. I waited patiently and quietly for her to process my request. She appeared to be processing the check and she asked me if I had knew if the person who had given me the check signed it themselves. I stated "I don't know." She then continued on her computer. She looked up and said, It looks like I'm gonna have to deposit the $9000 in your savings and take $100 from your other account! I quickly corrected her and asked, " why?" She said all checks have a one day hold on it and she can't give me any money on a check that's not cleared. I said, " Ma'am I've never had this issue before with cashing these checks." She immediately grabbed my check and ID to hand to me and said, "do you want to go to another Branch?" I responded, " no, I'm just trying to take care of my business." She then went on to say well it must have been at another Branch. I corrected her and replied "I've cashed my check here before also."The Banker identified name is Aundrea. She asked, "Are you having a bad day? I said, "no, what does that have to do with my transaction?" She said, "nothing, I'm just sensing some attitude and I'm sorry that you are having a bad day!" I told her I didn't and I sensed negativity and neck rolling from her. She went on with saying that it's me. I told her again, Ma'am I just trying to handle my business and leave, what's the big problem? I asked for a manager. She said there isn't one. She said I will have to cash this check and give you $1, 000 and deposit the rest I said okay! She took this a few minutes and was just sitting there looking at her coworker I asked what's the problem, now! She said she needed to get assistance. I said okay. The other Teller came over and Aundrea asked her if she knew the company the Teller said yes it's a Law Firm from Ferndale. I over heard and said "their from Pleasant Ridge." That teller said, "No need to get an attitude with me" I said Ma'am I just letting you know it's in Pleasant Ridge, (because I did not want to agree and they think I'm trying to do something illegal). Aundrea said something else negative and I then went off verbally cursing telling her to shut the **** up talking to me. She gave me back my things and the other Teller serviced me. All while she kept on talking I again told her to shut the **** up talking to me I wasn't saying anything else to her. Then the new teller told me that she wasn't going to help me if I continued to curse. I asked her to control her unprofessional angry employee. As she was in the back ground steady antagonizing me. I was getting serviced by the new teller and Aundrea began to half way apologize and I just told her to please stop talking to me. The new Teller is now trying to defend her coworker and say all she's trying to do is apologize and I told her I do not want her apologies because this whole situation was unnecessary, So tell her to just stop talking to me!
I have never seen nor witnessed poor and unprofessional customer service as such. It was very embarrassing. This is a financial Institution that have my money and I believe that you will handle this matter expeditiously. Please be mindful that NO customer should ever be treated in such negative manner.

Review the video footage it was hurtful and embarrassing!

Thank you
Caryn Jackson

Dec 7, 2018

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