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Fatcow Web Hosting / Web Hosting Service TERRIBLE and expensive

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Contact information:
Phone: 888.278.9780 - 866.544.9343

I First bought this web hosting service that included (Unlimited Bandwidth and Space, $5 Monthly fee, believing this was the best choice, as i had found it on a comparing list of host from another website. For the amount of about $150 I know believe it was a scam. Why? Well the day i get it i was already noticing something wrong from the very first minute it had even been hosted it was running terribly slow, I recorded the page load time once and it was 7.4 seconds to load and I already know I have business class internet with my provider I upload at 5 Mbs and download at 10.2 Mbs so already I was bummed, also that day I got on live chat and was told it was going to be fixed which never happened. Then I began to notice that some accounts in some areas of the control panel i used either weren't showing up or just wouldn't create. For instance the night before i called the company i was trying to create a ftp account and the control panel was giving and error stating that it was already on there when it clearly wasn't, this also happened with a email account earlier before. The MySQL databases didn't either work or they never were fully functional. Also the Live Chat and Phone Support services are really terrible along with the support desk which is where you submit a ticket containing your issues that never got solved i figured they were challenged, and the day of cancellation talking twice on the phone once with a tech and the last call with the supervisor after going threw a lot of grief i was told i was going to have to pay a $35 pre-cancellation fee and that didn't settle very well with me so I faught a few minutes with the Lewis or Luis Tech support guy and ended up not having to pay the cancellation fee. During the mist of that I also had two Live chats with one i recorded which will be provided below.

Perry Peters: Hi Talyn. My name is Perry, how are you today?
Talyn: Not to good.
Talyn: I am very irritated
Perry Peters: I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.
Talyn: No its the companies
Talyn: My server is terrible for the money that i payed and pay for it
Talyn: I have been having so many problems with it
Talyn: things not showing up or getting deleted
Talyn: most things work incorrectly
Talyn: or not at all
Talyn: its very slow
Perry Peters: I do agree with all the issues that you have experienced and respect your decision about changing your host, but believe me, I’ll make sure to provide you best of the support that you have ever expected from us. I request you to give us another chance and help us to meet up to your expectations.
Talyn: Why are these problems happening if this company deserves a second chance?
Talyn: Is it a flaw or a scam?
Perry Peters: Can you please provide me the exact URL at which you are experiencing the issue?
Talyn: Its even in the control panel
Talyn: For instance i try to create a ftp account and the control panel says its already there
Perry Peters: Can you please provide me the exact steps to replicate the issue?
Talyn: when its clearly not being shown
Talyn: okay
Talyn: try to create a ftp account named LoneWolf
Talyn: it says its already there
Perry Peters: Okay.
Talyn: and its not being show in the control panel area of that page
Talyn: Mysql is messed up as well
Perry Peters: I would be pleased to assist you with all your inquiries, but to avoid any confusion, let's go through one question at a time.
Talyn: And one thing that I need is the server speed i deserve!
Talyn: i believe i payed way to much for how slow it is
Perry Peters: I was able to replicate the issue and was not able to create the FTP additional users to 'LoneWolf'.
Perry Peters: I will escalate your issue to one of our specialists.
Perry Peters: Can you please elaborate the issue with MySQL?
Talyn: The Databases don't work or not fully functional i cant name them myself and them work
Talyn: i have plenty of issues with the server and today i am hopefully getting them corrected
Talyn: or im canceling
Perry Peters: Can you please provide me the exact URL at which you are experiencing the issue?
Talyn: I don't have anything installed any more because they were nonfunctional or didn't work.
Perry Peters: I have checked your account and noticed that the database's are working properly.
Talyn: 2 of them
Talyn: arent even being used
Talyn: i havenothing installed
Perry Peters: You can manage your database using phpMyAdmin.
Perry Peters: To learn more about phpMyAdmin, please go to:
Perry Peters:;keywords=phpMyAdmin
Talyn: yes i know but actually MySQL coding i have no knowledge of
Talyn: Why do i have to go through all that
Talyn: thats an inconvenience
Perry Peters: Please follow the link to learn more about MySQL:
Perry Peters:
Talyn: Nothing shows up
Talyn: wow
Talyn: I dont want knowledge of MySQL
Talyn: i want my other issues resolved
Perry Peters: Okay.
Perry Peters: I will try to resolve the issue.
Talyn: What about the specialist
Talyn: and my server speed
Talyn: Or i should probably call and talk to the manager
Perry Peters: I am escalating your issue to Technical Department. You can check the status of your issue at .
Talyn: to get all these resolved
Perry Peters: No.
Perry Peters: One of our specialists will contact you as soon as possible.
Perry Peters: You can contact our Phone Support at [protected].

Then I made my first call.
Overall this company is got a ZERO on my list The Support and Hosting Service from them was TERRIBLE and way to expensive to be that terrible so i believe it is a scam.

So be careful

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  • Aa
      27th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    FatCow is a bunch of crooks. I canceled my account because the site would go down for no reason, etc. Also the Control Panel is horrible to use.

    When I wanted to cancel, they charge you $35 to do it. I argued but still no response. I WILL NEVER EVER GO BACK TO THESE IDIOTS.

    Also to be noted. If you get a domain name through them as part of a package and later cancel. You cannot get your domain name and can never register with them again.

    SCAM ALERT!!! If you don't believe me, check out their user agreement.

  • Fa
      8th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was told that my 66 dollar package included a domain name which the sales rep said we should create first! Then I was told that an 8.99 masking fee would protect me from unwanted prying into my personal information. I was also told that if I cancelled within 30 days I would get a full refund.

    Guess what? Upon a pre-30 day cancellation, I was told that the masking fee was a separate expenditure and not a part of the refundable package, but that I could keep the domain name for a year, so of course, why not keep the coverage.

    When I inquired of my credit card company about the refund, they said they hadn't received it. So I went back to FatCow and was then told that I would not get the full package fee, but they were going to deduct a domain name fee. When I complained I was referred to a 2nd tier Billing person named Sally Burns who refunded the masking fee and charged me 15 dollars renewal fee for my domain name. I said I'm not renewing, why the fee. The person I called this time said that Ms. Burns really meant a registration fee. Further, he said the buck stopped with her and there was no one else to complain to and that I should go back to the control panel and write her a reply.

    Well, I've done that plus replied to her email with a copy of that information. I accused them of deceptive advertising and complained again that the information about non-refundable items was not told to me when I signed up. "You should've read the Terms of Service." Got that right! Though I might add BEFORE letting the sales rep get his grubby little hands on your dollars!

  • La
      26th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Voila moi aussi je suis tombé dans le panneau de moi aussi il vaut enlever 35 $

    voila a vous de voire maintenant je vais allez chez Ovh ou 1and1 je penser qu ' aux US c' était mieux...

    Si vous avez un super hébergeur a me communiquer n' hésité pas


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