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Fasttrain Ripped me off. I am looking for people with similar experiences for a class action lawsuite.

My name is Gilbert Conrado. I started Fasttrain on November of 2006 taking the ( Management Information Systems) course applying for a student loan of around $ 14, 133.29 which I already paid a total of $18, 000.00 Dollars.
Even tough I have been working as a systems administrator since 2004, I think that the courses at Fasttrain were too intensive at that time specially when a person is a fulltime employee, By taking 2 classes at a time and right after finishing one class starting another I believe it was too much if you want to study after taking a course to get certified. I’ll like to mention that all of my instructors at Fasttrain advised me and all of the students in the class to study and get certified right after finishing each class in order to be fresh with the material, But this seemed to be impossible because there was no time to study because the classes never stopped.
This situation led me to start canceling/dropping classes paying each time a $100.00 dollar fee which I had no problem paying for, all that I wanted was to learn in order to get certified following my Fasttrain instructors advise.
After dropping classes, the employee that did the scheduling at Fasttrain would call me and let me know if my course was available for the coming semester. This happened only a few times they stopped calling me, and after that I started making the calls to Fasttrain to find out if courses were available for me. I’ll like to mention that at that time there was little or almost no communication from Fasttrain and I assume that it was because employees including office staff and instructors did not last very long working for the school having me to explain over and over again my situation to the new office staff.
The last time I called Fasstrain I was told by an employee by the name of Jean Frances Graham that I had dropped out of the school and there was nothing they could do to help me and that I had lost the $14, 133.29 that I had already paid Fasttrain through Sally Mae, I insisted and told her that all I did was to follow their advise, then she told me that she was going to do her best to help me and asked me to send my credentials report to Mr. Santiago Martinez on 7/28/09, which I sent, he received and approved.
I continued to communicate with Ms. Jean for about 2 weeks and finally she told me that everything had been taken care of. She told me that Fasttrain had given me credit for my courses taken at the school and also Ms. Jean promised me that Fasttrain will let me continue my education at the school for the same price that i registered for in 2006 because the price for the program had increased, She also added that Fasttrain will give me all the credit from all the money they had already collected from Sally Mae, and that Fasttrain will let me finish all the course without paying anything, and that I was scheduled to start classes at Fasttrain on September 8th 2009 . She added that the only fee I had to pay was a $250.00 Dollars for the credentials verification (signed by Mr. Santiago Martinez on 7/28/09) which I went to see her personally and gave her a check for $250.00 and signed a few forms.
Later that week i was contacted by Mr. Theo Gibbings saying that they could not do anything for me but he was going to try to help me and to email him a letter explaining my situation. After that i did not hear from him anymore, i tried to reach him on the telephone, but they always told me he was busy or in another call (to leave a message) which i always did. The last call i made to him, a person told me that he was busy and that i was going to receive a letter in the mail. I received the letter saying basically that if i wanted to go back to school i had to pay for the whole course again.
I believe that this situation happened because of the lack of communication from Fasttrain office staff, instructors, and the fact that instructors as well as office staff did not last very long working for Fasttrain, but the bottom line is that i ended up paying $18, 000.00 dollars for a computer course that i never received. I feel i have been ripped off and its just not fair not receiving a service that i paid for.
If there is anyone outthere having a similar situation with Fasttrain (Computer School) Please comment on this blog i am looking to do a class action law suit against them. You can also email me at [protected]

Thank you very much.
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      16th of Aug, 2014

    I too attended this scam scholl and never got a chance to take my A+, N+ exams but still have a loan.

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