FashionNovathey are a fraud

Cl Nov 23, 2018 Hemphill, tx

What is going on!!!
Something is not right here .. that new warehouse does not exist ... I check that address 437 Broadway Los Angeles CA and is a planet fitness there the just open..
People are you realizing what is going on here we need to get together and suit this people.. they are ripping people off they are stilling people money.. what I don't understand is how Cardi B is part of something like this she just launch her new line of clothes.. I think they are ripping her off too..
Even the new phone number they have is and automated answer but no one talk to you.. not live customer services..
I think we all got fool by some fraudulent people.. and now they stole everybody's money.. I lost my money and I really don't understand.. people are blind open your eyes people because Fashion Babe and all that the got famous and now they are backing up on us..
Somebody help us fix this


  • Updated by Clow Y Michelle, Nov 23, 2018

    I place an order on 10/18/2018 for the amount of 83.00 order number [protected] with fast shipping because I was going out of town
    I receive an email saying the my order will be felt do to the new warehouse not a problem I wait paticiently now I received my order a 1 month and 1/2 later it was some items missing and I attempted to contact them for my refund and I have not successfully get my refund at all.. I continue getting the same robot email they have and not refund issues.
    It wrong they are taking at lots of money from people and for what I see it's nothing you can do about it.. no one will help you get your money back and is no way you can talk to some one to get help.

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