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3464 Pentagon Blvd, Beavercreek, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 937 429-4060

Have been going to this particular Eye-Mart for several years. Up until now they've provided good service. The attending optometrists have been knowledgeable and professional. This store, like many other stores like it, has a high turnover of staff, especially those attending to customers. Our last exams, dated 2/27/14 for new glasses ended with me and my wife selecting new frames. We we told they'd be held for us until we came back the following week. Upon our return, her frames had been returned to the rack and mine evidently sold to someone else. We listened to apologies and they found something my wife could live with (after informing her the original frames they helped her pick out would never work with her prescription - they'd be "coke bottle" lenses), but nothing close to what I had selected for me. They told me to come back next week as they would be getting in another shipment of frames (the type with magnetic sunglasses included). Came back the following week - nothing. They said they'd call me when something came in. Another week went by, no call, so I stopped in again. Listened to more pathetic apologies and a subsequent promise to call when something came in. This patterned continued for the week 2-3 weeks and my wife finally said we've tolerated enough and I would just have to pick a regular pair of frames if I ever intended to get my glasses from these people. So we went in last week, I begrudgingly settled on non-sun glass equipped frames and was again told they'd hold them for me until the following week. They'd even remember to put my name on the holding bin this time. Couldn't make it in last week, but my wife made a point of stopping there last Thursday and physically verified the frames were still there, accompanied by a promise that they would be held until the following (this) week. Went in today to get the glasses made and yep, you guessed it, they couldn't find the frames anywhere. Most businesses live or die on customer service and in order to be successful at this they require just a shred of competence. None to be found here. The consistent excuse is that the personnel are new. Avoid this store at all costs, get your glasses elsewhere and let's hope this store either trains it people to a marginal level of competence or closes altogether. At a minimum, most managers are held accountable for this level of performance - this manager should be relieved immediately.

Apr 29, 2014

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