Extreme Tactical Dynamicsproduct was not as described on website, did not get the extras I paid, for will not return requests for contact.

D Nov 28, 2017

my order #88917 Ranger split LED deck light, ordered on 11-15-17 received on 11-21-17 I ordered linear lenses at a $20.00 extra cost and when product arrived the order paper that was with it had a line drawn through Linear lenses, which to me meant I did not get Linear lenses. I also ordered waterproofing ant an extra $10.00 cost, there is nothing waterproof about these lights. the item description described and pictured the power switch and momentary switck in a plastic switch box which was what I wanted, It actually came with a cig lighter plug with the switches in the end which I did not want. there was suppose to be a 6 ft connecting cord between the two lights, it is actually about 5 ft. It was suppose to have a 10 ft power cord and it is less than 10 ft. I reached out to ETD via message on their webpage on 11-26-18 and no response, I called numerous times 11-26, 11-27 and 11-28 could not get through to customer service., I sent and e-mail regarding the issues on 11-27-18 and have not gotten a response. I also messaged them on Facebook on 11-28-17 and they have not responded to that either. The only thing that is correct with the order is the color combo.

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