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Extreme Fitness / Bad service

1 United States

Xtreme fitness in Redding, California used to be a nice clean place. When it first opened, the staff was nice and courteous, and they kept the place clean. I used to know them by name and they would greet anyone that came in. I also saw them cleaning the place all the time to make sure it was a good environment.

Not anymore.

The place is always a mess. It is such a mess that other members don't even try to re-stack the weights in the proper order anymore. In the free weight area, there are dumbbells, weights, and grips scattered everywhere, and they are a tripping hazard. Dumbbells are also stacked on top of other weights so that in order to get to some of them, you have to pull them out from underneath. Some of them are ready to fall on a foot or toe if they are jolted or if you try to get some other weights that are next to them. It is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt and sues.

The staff could keep it clean and in order to set a good example, and I am sure it would help to motivate other members to help and keep the place clean. But right now the mentality is "I am a member and I shouldn't have to clean this place up" so the place gets to be even more of a mess as other members leave stuff wherever they drop it.

When the gym first opened the staff used to greet me and I got in the habit of greeting the staff. But gradually the staff changed and there are all new people there. Some of them are still great, but most need social skills. One guy, thinks he is too cool. I used to try to nod, and greet him like the rest ofthe staff, just being friendly, but all I got back was a silent stare, each and every time. Needless to say, after a while I gave up.

Another time I was up front and another lady came up to the front desk. This same guy was talking to another staff member and he looked at her then continued his conversation with the other staff member. He saw her there, but he ignored her for about 5 minutes so he could continue his conversation that wasn't even work related. The lady finally had to interrupt them to get any type of help, even though they both saw her, and could have assisted her at any time.

We also pay a maintenance fee every year as part of membership that is supposed to take care of equipment. But some of the pads have worn out and are "fixed" with silver electrical tape. There are tread mills that have not worked for months, and still do not show signs of being fixed. And they have been that way for over a year.

The management needs to get it together and treat their members better.

I am looking for another gym in the mean time...

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