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After purchased an international reservation on line, my reservation was not confirmed and I couldn't fly as planned. Expedia offered a refund after they received the original paper tickets. It has been 20 days and the refund is still pending. I have called 3 times and wait on the line for up to 30 minutes to receive always the same answer.. " they are waiting on the airline to process the refund and the person in charge is on vacation"
I bought the tickets from Expedia, I expect the refund from the same company... why should I have to depend on the airline to process the refund..

This has been my first and last experience with

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  • Ex
      10th of May, 2007
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    I completely and totally hate expedia. They gave me the complete run around while i was trying to book 3 plane tickets. I got disconnected 5 different times. Was told that I would have to wait an HOUR to speak to a manager. After being on hold for 30mins I called again using a different phone and was told that they typically put people on hold until they hang up when customers ask to speak to the manager. So not only do they tell lies about getting there manger, they put you on the phone with people who can't speak english. And after all was said and done, we didn't get the plane tickets and we had to cancel our credit card for fear of them using it for there personal use. I for one will NEVER use expedia again. And I be sure to let EVERY ONE know not to use them as well.

  • Ma
      10th of Jun, 2007
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    I purchased a flight for my brother to fly from Vermont to Wisconsin for a job interview. All confirmations I received stated the flight was on US Airways, turns out though when he went to check in it was United. It took the airport personnel so long to figure that out that he missed his flight. After a combined 2.5 hours on the phone with 800-EXPEDIA in India we finally got him a new flight, several hours later and he made it in very late the night before his early AM interview. Everyone we talked to tried to charge us expensive fees to get him on another flight after he missed his first one due to their error. I asked for someone to call me back by the end of business or by the end of the next day at the latest to hear about a resolution, and of course no one called. When I called back I had to talk with 3 people, one of whom basically told me I couldn't read. She had a different confirmation than I had, her version clearly stated the flight would be on United, but I never received that confirmation. If I had life would have been good! I finally spoke with a manager who credited me a $100 but didn't resolve the issue. She stated that it was my responsibility to log-in to my account and print out the itinerary from there. So why do they send an email confirmation that says print this and take it with you?! And how could my brother log-in to my account and print a confirmation? Ridiculous. Everyone there I spoke with treated me very rudely, their attitude was like I didn't matter and that I was bothering them when they made a mistake and wouldn't own up to it. Expedia Promise ( my ###! I will never use Expedia again, you cannot trust their information to be accurate, please pass this on to save others the frustration and humiliation my family and I experienced.

  • Cu
      26th of Sep, 2007
    +1 Votes

    You ask why you have to wait for a refund from the airline - the answer is, because the airline has your money, not Expedia. You purchased the ticket THROUGH Expedia, not FROM Expedia. Expedia is similar to a clearing house -- they process the ticket request, and then the AIRLINE gets the money for the ticket. Expedia gets to keep the booking fee, no more. Ask anyone who has booked directly with an airline, then attempted to get a refund from them - they are notoriously slow! This is not the fault of Expedia or any other travel services web site. This is the result of how airline tickets are processed through the airlines, and ARC.

  • Fr
      2nd of Oct, 2007
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    expedia has the worst customer service possible. I booked flights through them and then needed to cancel. Two e-mails to cancel the itinerary were not acknowledged. Two phone calls meant I wasted two hours on hold. Frustrated, I just called the airline and they took care of my needs in 10 seconds AND they don't charge a fee. I learned my lesson. NO MORE EXPEDIA for me.

  • Th
      13th of Feb, 2008
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    Last year, I booked 6 British airways flights through Expedia on at a cost of £1859.00

    A month later, I received an email from EasyJet informing me that they'd bought GBairways and the flights had been cancelled. I rang Expedia immediately to arrange a refund only to be told it may take over 3 months to get my £1859 back. This is not acceptable. As my contract is with Expedia, why did they not inform me of the cancellations? I don't think an email from a third party constitutes proper and appropriate notification.

    I spoke to Claire at Expedia (who refused to provide her full name - because of 'security policy'), who gave me a case number and then informed me that I will never get a full refund because of 'Admin charges' incurred. What admin charges? I completed the booking on-line myself!

    Having read various blogs on-line concerning Expedia's poor refund policy, I would have thought that Expedia would be keen to avoid excessive negative publicity. Meanwhile, I have a holiday booked in August for 6 people and Expedia have my £1859 intended to pay the cost of the flights.

  • Er
      11th of Mar, 2008
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    Over 1/2 a dozen calls, 2 trips to the airport and LOADS of aggravation later I STILL can not get my paper tickets (which Expedia forced me to purchase) changed - even though I purchased flight insurance!!! is THE WORST travel service I have ever dealt with! Their offshore (Phillipines) call center absolutely WOULD NOT help and also wouldn't transfer me to Atlanta (where I had to overnight back my tickets.)

    DO NOT book any travel through these people- you WILL be sorry if you do!

  • Ha
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    I hate expedia they are some dumb ### ### ###ed dicks go out and die

  • Mj
      16th of Mar, 2009
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    Customer service was horrible.

    Booked an "all inclusive." Got to the hotel and it was *not* an all inclusive.

    Spoke to customer service representative ("CSR") for nearly an hour. CSR claims I selected a package of airfare, hotel, transportation and would "include" the "hotel expense" of $50.00. The revised plan is now $720.00 more. I reasoned with the CSR that I had nothing in front of me (in the Carribean) to refute what he was saying, however, I disagreed with his position because, as the party that made the reservation I believed I had done everything properly.

    I asked for a $200.00 cash credit to the resort to offset the additional $720.00 I was facing. CSR wnet to supervisor; answer: "A $100.00 credit towards my next trip." I tried to paint a picture of a consumer and a provider where, every once in a while there is a genuine issue of material fact, and that a resolution that demosnatrated a willingness to address that genuine issue would actually enhance the relationship long term. I re-stated my request for $200.00. No, I went through the whole thing again. The counter offer was $100.00 credit on next trip. I then explained that a $100.00 credit for my next trip was meaningless because this experience at "Getting to YES" was a failure. I told the CSR that if this was his best alternative to a negotiated agreement, his "company" not him ("George") had failed.

    I thanked him for his efforts and concluded that I was not upset with him, I apologized if my tone with him was over bearing and wished him the best of luck. I was able to get a postal address and will send this concern to as well.


  • Ap
      15th of Jun, 2010
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    I tried to get a refund because of medical reasons. I followed the directions on the web page and faxed it to them. They sent it back saying it needs to be on a doctor prescribtion pad. Well I am in Germany and doctors dont have pads. I explained that to Expedia and they did not belive me. Then they told me to call the airline and there was no help there. Everyone I talked to wanted to book me a flight. Screw Expedia!

  • Ad
      6th of Oct, 2011
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    I wanted to advise everyone about my experience with Expedia who are nothing but a big fraud. They have cheated me and when I tried their customer support it was pathetic. I had to hold for more than 20 minutes without any resolution and they claim that they are the big daddy of travel industry. I think they are the ### daddy and no one should ever travel through them. My itinerary number was 1029082285 and they cancelled the booking voluntarily ( i am sure they must have sold the reservation to some one at a higher rate) and my wife have to wait for four hours. Their services are patheti and I will request everyone to check carefully before making any booking through expedia. Expedia sucks...

  • Ad
      6th of Oct, 2011
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    As things go I am holding the phone for the last 27 minutes with no resolution from Expedia ...

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