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Glen Mills, PA Review updated:

4/9/2010: I ordered a much needed supplement from eVitaminStore and had it shipped to our Postal Store. I accidentally listed our Post Office Box as 326 instead of 328. That combined with the fact the order was placed using my maiden name, confused the store clerk and he returned the product.

19 email correspondences and at least 3 voice mails took place between eVitaminStore and me attempting to get tracking, and a reshipment (even offering to pay for the shipping) up until July 15th.

On July 16th Laura (I only presume Weber of Customer Service) responded asking for full name and address to reship product.

I began recounting from 7/16 and am up to 23 emails (and one voice mail) with absolutely no response. I even sent Laura an eGreeting in the hopes of fostering some kind of good will.

The Better Business Bureau (where eVitaminStore currently holds a F rating, I believe thanks to me; it was a D before this) is involved and are awaiting response from their final letter to eVitaminStore.

You can find their rating at

There has been absolutely NO response from customer service since 7/16. I've posted requests on Twitter and FaceBook as well. No reply. This is HORRIBLE customer service and from what I have researched now on the web, seems to be a modis operandi for this company.
For instance, check out all the complaints they've received on their eBay store:

I want the product I order or I want a refund immediately. I intend to utilize all means available to me in order to get a resolve in this matter.

I've reported them to the National Consumer Protection Bureau where I will be filing a complaint.

I've posted on:


I have also contacted the Internet Crimes division of the FBI and filed a complaint there.

I am now in the process of filing a complaint with Pennsylvania Attorney General.

AND... I will continue to post and report to any and all other sites, entities and media avenues available until this matter is resolved. People need to know the chance they are taking if anything goes wrong with an order they place with this company.

I am truly saddened that this situation has come to this. It's been a terrible waste of time and energy merely because eVitaminStore and in particular, the customer service representative, "Laura", has chosen NOT to do the RIGHT thing! I have been more than patient. I literally begged for them to just ship my product and forewarned them that I would escalate if there was no answer. I ordered the product on April 9th and PAID FOR IT. It's now September 21st and no refund... no product and no reply since she agreed to reship on 7/16.

I am praying this will be a wake up call for eVitaminStore. I would hope they started their health focused business to be profitable through appropriately helping and servicing their clientele; not to merely sweep challenging issues under the rug will that will only hide the pile and eventually trip them.

For more information on this company go to: and enter eVitaminStore

Entity#: 3328636
Created: 8/17/2005
State of Business: DE
Registered Address: 1208 Chevers Dr. Glen Mills, PA 19342
(according to Google Maps Street View: this is an apt. complex)
Mailing Address: None
President: Robert C. Young Jr.
Address: 2820 Audubon Village Audubon, PA 19403
(according to Google Maps: this is a UPS store)
Secretary & Treasurer: Robert C Young III

Two other addresses were provided via the BBB:
P.O. Box 80782 Valley Forge, PA 19484
PMB 347, 130 West Main Street, Suite 144 Collegeville, PA 19426

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      Nov 13, 2010 - Lack of service
    United States

    My order was placed on Nov. 4th, and as of this date, 11/13/10 it has yet to deliver. There is now way to contact this operation other than e-mail, and that only results in an e-mail back saying that it will be delivered soon, and a USPS delivery tracking number that shows it took 5 days before the order was even turned into the Post Office. NEVER AGAIN!!!

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  • Rs
      Nov 13, 2010

    They are bad!!!

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  • Rs
      Nov 13, 2010

    they are very bad!!!

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  • Gu
      Nov 15, 2010 - Never again
    United States

    Order placed on 11/04/10 ... credit card charged immediately ... order not shipped until 11/09/10 ... no phone to contact, e-mail resulted in USPS tracking number and nothing else!!!

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  •   Feb 08, 2011

    It took just over SIX months of repeated emails, phone calls, and complaints both online and to authorities for eVitaminStore to cut me a check for what I had paid.
    I actually emailed a young lady that was managing their ebay site in a last ditch effort to get a hold of someone. She claimed that someone in their customer service then sent me a couple of emails over the course of the week... none were received by me or my spam folders. I am grateful to her because SHE was the only person to actually effectively respond (even if she was a tad curt in her reply).
    All monies returned to me and I cashed the check at their bank.

    Still, I would avoid doing business with these folks. It never should have taken six months for a refund nor should I have to start a full time job complaining about them in order to get it. Buyer Beware!

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