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I enroll in the hebrew class with them. I did ulpan 2 and ulpan 3 with no problems, I loved my teacher and I really learned a lot with this program. However, in spite of being a good customer already, they decided to give me hard time and to mess up with me. To explain you the problem, basically, They called me in july to know if I wanted to continue to ulpan 4 which I answered YES but not before december and I want to continue with Etti and no other teacher. Therefore we closed it and I bought the ulpan 4 and they told me they gonna contact me to choose the schedule.

They tried to contact me over the phone in november to book me for a class in november but they couldn't because I was in israel that month so my phone line in USA was frozen. THey say that they also emailed me but I never received any of those emails. At the end, they enroll me in a class in november without my consent which is not a class with my teacher either.

They called me in february to ask me what is going on, I didn't attend any of the classes since my ulpan started but obviously I wasn't aware of it which I stated.

After several calls and arguments with them, they dont want to put me on another ulpan 4 unless I pay again for it.

I didn't even ask to be refunded, I just want to take my classes but it seems hard. They are going around the problem, saying that they did whatever they needed to do in order to reach me but they couldn't. bul... They are just trying to get away with it like that. That s the israeli way. They dont even want to give you the name of the supervisor, not willing to do anything.

I was so pleased with those classes but honestly Im so disappointed of them and how they handle this kind of things. I could continue with them until the last ulpan which means 3 other more courses but they blew it up.

Bottom line, Stay away from them.

Mar 27, 2015
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  • Bp
      Jul 08, 2015

    I was called by Eteacher, but not told that was who they were. Instead the sales rep said they were through Hebrew College, which they do have classes through, but is not the one I was being spoken to about, and they are not Hebrew College. She refused to let me see the contract first because of 'time'. After signing up and receiving the email and contract I realized it was Eteacher, not Hebrew College, and immediately began the cancellation process. I followed all required procedures in the contract. On top of that, anticipating an issue, I froze my credit card and got a new one so no new charges could be made. I kept calling and no one answered in customer service and when i got ahold of tech they wanted to transfer me so I emailed to have a record and told tech support that they needed to put the message in and email. I received an email recognizing my decision to cancel. The next week they contacted me. I told them I wanted a refund. The sales rep agreed but tried to convince me to continue. I said call me in 2 weeks to discuss. From the issues I see other people had online I was concerned no would mean no refund. After receiving the refund I talked to the sales rep again and explained I'm currently not interested. Even after repeating he, different than first one, continued to push "i would lose sale price if I keep cancellation." Without my consent, instead of emailing me confirming cancellation, he emailed stating I would be following with the new contract. None of my emails stating I would not be picking up a new contract were answered or even acknowledged. When asked for a time to call I stated not before 10am and almost every day for 2 weeks they have called between 8:30 and 9am. I have since spoken once more to the rep stating to leave me alone and I had canceled and had no interest in restarting. In responce he emailed me a bill with a threat of legal action. No lawyer or legal info in the email, showing me it was merely scare tactics. The next day I was called again, I rejected it, and received an email stating they wished to discuss the course I'm enrolled in, which I am not. At this point they are harrassing me and instead of listening to the customer are following the pursue until defeat tactic, which doesn't work. I lived in Israel for a year and am not swayed, more than anyone is by a reg salesperson. Scare tactics don't work. They have lied by saying "we can see you've opened the emails" to emails I've never received, which can't be seen unless they have special technology or hack my personal email. I had not received any email stating the start of a class, which I was not supposed to be signed up for, which they tried to use to convince me to pay. Plus giving random dates for when I cancelled and not acknowledging the emails. When I brought them up he stated I needed a vocal cancelation via phone, which is NOT stated in the contract, nor any email. THEY ARE A SCAM STAY AWAY.

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  • Tr
      Mar 03, 2016

    ETeacher Group tactics have not changed thru April 2016. As a previous car salesman, they use the same unethical hard pressure and quick payment tactics. I could only take one day of being a car salesman and resigned. I should have known better than to query their pop-up internet advertisement, the rapid phone call I received, and the continued discounts that appeared with phone hesitation I made. I was fortunate to get away with a penalty of 25%!

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  • Da
      Feb 27, 2018

    yes it is a hard line sales. And i is very hard for them to take no for an answer. And they have lied to me. And yes they do schedule classes with out your permission. I was promised deals then they switched. Here in the US we call it bait and switch which is there tactic. I also agree that they can be liars and thieves. Be careful.

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