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First I would like to note that it's odd how you cannot really do a search on anything negative dealing with this group. I saw nothing but good reviews and it seemed like a good program. I should have just went with my gut on the matter. One minute I'm inquiring after services and the next I'm on the phone with a fast talking sales rep. I really like what they are offering but I don't like how pushy they are and how pricey. If those were my only complaints that wouldn't be a big deal but that's not the end of it. I agreed to the program that the guy even broke down in to nearly manageable monthly payments. An hour later I decided not to go through with it. I was told, verbally and in email, that I had 24 hours to cancel in order to receive a full refund. I called and cancelled and that is when the nightmare began. The sales person I spoke with made note of my cancellation, sent me an email confirmation and told me I'd be contacted shortly by another representative. OKay, why? I just thought it was a part of protocol or something. A horrible game of phone tag is now going on. I've been charged for the first payment plus a tax for it being an internet transaction. I cannot reach anyone. Every time I speak with someone they 'take a message.' Why is it that the number they supply us with only puts us in contact with someone who can only take a message?! How is the matter to be resolved? How many messages must I leave? How many people must I speak with before anything more than a message can be taken?! Is this what these people do? No matter how hard I search I find little to nothing about their reputation. When trying to search for it the internet is flood with their ads and reviews from them by them. Doesn't this sound kind of scam like? You cannot find a bad thing about them or a single complaint. They try to get all of your information right off the bat and call you within minutes. Then if you cancel they are somehow oddly unavailable. Hmmm, seems scam like.
I'm hoping others will post about this company. They seem to offer great services but they most definitely operate in an odd manner. It's wholly frustrating. Believe me, I've learned my lesson.
Wish me luck in ever getting in touch with someone or getting my refund. I hope no one else has this problem.

Eteacher Group

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  • Sm
      May 29, 2012

    I'm so sorry to hear that! I'm finally getting some resolution but I don't know if they will stick to their word and refund me. They do seem life vultures! I hope everything works out for you and the pension is safe. I'm going to use Rosetta Stone and stay away from these people from now on. It's too risky! Good luck.

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  • Ji
      Jun 22, 2012

    I signed up for Hebrew lessons with E-Teacher. 15 minutes into the first class, I became very frustrated because the "teacher" did not understand any am I supposed to get a lesson that way? I cancelled and wanted my $230.00 down payment back. They refused and even tried to debit my card for another $900.00 the next day. Fraud prevention caught them and called me immediately. They since have tried to contact me about getting more money from me. I contacted the Attorney General's office in my state and after waiting about 3 months they said that they can not help me after all. My next step will be the local university's college of law for some free legal redress.

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  • Ca
      Jul 12, 2012

    I make mistakes, like every other person does. I made a mistake, and placed a judgmental complaint toward e-teacher. The complaint that I had posted is not correct or valid. and I retract the complaint in its entirety.
    Even after this complaint was made, they still wanted to help me. I have been in contact almost daily with one employee, and the E-teacher company has given to me a discount of more than 1/3 the total cost of the program! I am on fixed income, and that made it possible to enroll into the program. On top of this gift, I can also make small monthly payments! E-teacher is awesome!
    I am retracting my complaint toward them, as it was made in a hasty, and angry moment., and very wrong of me to write .E-teacher is a good and fair practice business.
    I am a student of Biblical Hebrew with e-teacher now, which has been a dream that I thought that I would never achieve, well, E- teacher proved me wrong and gave me that dream...
    I am so grateful to them. Hebrew can be difficult to learn at first, but E teacher has free tutoring and language tools to help a student. They will do everything possible to help a student.
    The experience that I have had with them is that they are a legitimate and honest school with great integrity

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  • Et
      Jul 15, 2012

    Thank you for your comments and feedback. We are always aiming to improve our service.
    In order to assist you, I'd kindly ask for your student ID or any other informative detail. Otherwise, you can also send an e-mail to [protected] and we will contact you soon.

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  • Sa
      Nov 02, 2012

    My husband wanted to sign up for classes. I was a bit skeptical, so I went online real quick to research the company (obviously not good enough) I only found positive things (posted by them) His classes were supposed to start in October 2012. When we signed up they took the first payment. In Oct they took the 2nd payment. No classes. They called and said that they will not start until Nov. and only for 1 hr. each class 2 times a week. So 2 hrs only a week. This is not what my husband was told. So he sent a message to them on the Student portal saying he wanted to cancel. Well, it took us nearly the whole month of Oct to cancel. No one answers the phone. You are on hold, and then the phone hangs up. They said they called my husbands cell phone, but the call comes up "Number Unavailable" or "Private" My husband does not answer private numbers to avoid Scammers. I sent another message giving them my home number instead. I answer that one. When I tell them (now 3times) that he does not answer those types of incoming calls, they said "Oh, well for OUR security we have numbers that appear as so on Caller ID's" Anyway. My husband demands his classes be canceled, no further discussions. They tell him that he will be charged 50% of the course total. And to read the terms and conditions. So I read them (should have from the very beginning.. I should have known better.) In fact it says pretty much.. the closer you cancel to the start of your course.. the more you are charged. NO WONDER WHY THEY TOOK THEIR TIME GETTING IN TOUCH WITH US AND NO WONDER WHY THEY MAKE IT IMPOSSIBLE TO CALL AND GET SOMEONE ON THE PHONE TO CANCEL. SNEAKY. NO WONDER WHY THEY HAVE PRIVATE NUMBERS AND UNAVAILABLE POP UP ON OUR CALLER ID'S.. CAUSE FOLKS CAN'T CALL BACK IF THEY MISS THE CALL. So my husband told the guy.. You better not charge me.. you guys are the ones that have promised one thing.. and now have changed our initial agreement. The guy told him, well if you don't pay we are going to sue you for what you owe. Right when my husband hung up the phone.. he tell me.. Cancel my Debit card NOW! So I called the bank with out hesitation. Sure enough, while I was on the phone with the bank.. ETeacher Group tried to charge 190 dollars. The charge was rejected. Thank God.. for our fast acting! Smart man.. that man of mine! So I summed up what we have paid so far.. plus the 190 they tried to charge.. come up to exactly half of the course cost. Also.. I had received an email that they would charge interest and additional fees if we did not comply. I wrote them back and said.. that the terms in conditions do not say anywhere.. that if failure to pay.. there would be interest and fees. So PLEASE DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. If they pursue my husband for payment.. I will get an attorney. The only times we authorized debits to our account was on the 9th of every month .. as payment for the service/course.. and they tried to charge before the 9th.

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  • Kr
      Feb 17, 2013

    Thank you all for your comments! I will not have a deal with them!!

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  • Gu
      Feb 21, 2013

    Thanks for all your comments, I received the call and I told them that I like do the payments through on line conventionals ways. I just saved money and time.

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  •   Apr 16, 2013

    Thank you for all your comments, it is helpful. I thought that is only me who fell for E-Teacher's trap. Once I was looking to learn Hebrew I saw E-Teacher's group online advert from Israel and decided to request information. I am still confused if this group is from Israel or USA? I do not believe that Israel will mess around with the world through such as business. The tutor was from Israel but all calls to me were from international number with American code 001. I didn't expect to receive a call from them in next 5 minutes after my request. They didn't give me time to think but quickly made verbal agreement with me on the phone and took first payment from my card immediately. And that was my mistake for being soft and polite with them and given my bank card without any proper signed contract. I have learned this lesson! Thank you. We had an agreement for me to pay by monthly installment and they was first who broke the agreement by taking double payment from my bank card without any notification and surprisingly the amount was growing each time outside of our agreement. Of course I told them off and cancelled my card immediately with all further lessons and requested the refund. They paid me back but didn't like it and asked if I can pay to them in other way. Then I was given Israeli bank account for me to transfer each payment, well, when I sent next payment my bank told me that account was wrong and Israeli bank did refund my money back to me. Nevertheless I received harassing e-mail from them that I am liable to pay full amount to them otherwise they will take legal action against me. In this case I told them that if they harass me again I will report criminal case against them to Police and Israeli Embassy, nevertheless I will apply for compensation for all stress and their harassment to me. Anyway they apologized. I have no interest to continue with them any business and I told them but they try to avoid what I have said and they continue to try to get other verbal agreements from me. So now I avoid them because I don't trust their business. I believe this is just gang of thieves who try to survive by tricking others. From this I have learned that is better to avoid those who try to get money from me by making verbal agreements or unsigned contracts by e-mail specially international companies or groups. It is always good to keep all written evidences against them to protect yourself from their harassment. What concerns me that such as groups must be stopped if not then the small crack will break the wall. Israeli Government should be aware of such as incidents and stop such as business used in the name of Israel. American Government also should be notified and prevent more incidents around the world because most of calls are made from 001 code and look like they are based in USA. Nevertheless E-Teacher Group mislead many by teaching Torah through Hebrew. Torah is the Word of God and it is dangerous to use it to make a business. They are bringing the wrath of God upon themselves. May God be merciful to them in His Judgements.

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  • Br
      May 28, 2013

    I have tried to cancel my contract since day one! they refuse to cancel, constantly charge my card even after I told them Texas has a 3 day cancellation fee. I filed a complaint with the US Dept of Justice, since they threatened to sue me even though I have a paper trail asking them to cancel the contract. I'm not sure who else to contact for this! Any suggestions?

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  • Un
      Apr 08, 2014

    I tried to sign up for a class at a certain day/time. The sales rep agreed. I made a down payment through PayPal. Following week I get a call that no class is available at that time and they try to get me another time. None of them work. They call to try to negotiate with me, taken as hour or so. I try to cancel. They suggest a private teacher. Lessons should start in a week. This is another hour phone call. Okay, I say.
    A month later, I get a call, apologizing that lessons haven't started and saying they'll start soon. I ask to cancel. Person I talk to says he'll pass info onto cancellation dept.
    I don't hear from cancellation dept. and a week later am contacted by a private teacher, but it turns out this teacher teaches only conversational Hebrew when I contracted for Biblical Hebrew. So I am again cancelling. This time, I've gotten an email that says that they will contact me about my request to inactivate my acct. As I paid via PayPal, I think it will be easy to just not pay anymore, but I would like a refund of what I've already paid, and am going to contact my credit card company to get it.
    My guess -- if you sign up for a class, pay via PayPal (don't give them your credit card or bank acct #), can take a class at the time they specify, you might be okay. But anything else, trying to cancel... forget it.

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  • La
      May 24, 2014

    I signed up yesterday when they called me and I've decided to cancel . I've spent the whole day trying to contact them but the number they provided just keeps on hanging up after the prompts. I'm so upset it's like a scam but it's not I've read a few good reviews even from pastors...very disappointed

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  • Am
      Aug 12, 2014

    If all goes well, AWESOME! They do have a decent tech support dept - if you can reach them. While in class with issues, the instructor tells them to contact me and they did within 15 min. HOWEVER, if you want to make changes/cancel, the tech dept isn't related to the customer service dept which isn't related to any other dept and they will "pass on the info" which means basically nothing. I have repeatedly told them DO NOT CALL on these times and EVERY TIME they call on those times. I was told to email. No answer. Yes, the 800 number only works when they want it to - no idea why. Suddenly now they are actually answering but when I was trying to resolve all this, number prompts then hangs up. They had the GALL to ask me to pay an additional $500 to change classes after I have been unable to enter class for weeks and am now severely behind. The company is based out of Israel and calls from internet so local(ish) numbers come up. Good luck getting resolution other than tech support. The "customer service" rep actually told me that his supervisor would not come to phone or help me, that they have done all they could. Then his "supervisor" offered to let me restart where I left off for $300! The course is decent. Our teacher has a very thick accent and I find the curriculum a bit cumbersome without supplemental books/tools. Doesn't flow very well, I have learned some and as I have paid $1000 I am now over a barrel so I have frozen my account for at 2 months and downloaded months of missing classes and will work on that in order to catch up then re-sign up for classes. The communication SUCKS! Between them and me and between them and each other. However, it is a decent program, just do your research to see if it what you want! I pray I won't regret signing up for this. I had to figure out my own resolution (freeze account) rather than reps suggestion of either continuing class immediately or pay hundreds more. When you are NINE CHAPTERS behind, continuing classes while trying to catch up makes no sense! I have spent HOURS AND HOURS on the phone and even when I request a transcript, I have to phone multiple times to actually receive it. WISH I could complain to Better Business Bureau. Sad to say all this. But you need to know what may happen. They may be a good company, but customer service SUCKS! Oh, one trick is to call to sign up again :) Somehow that line always answers.

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  • Tr
      Sep 10, 2014

    Well Sad to say. But been there and I'm still going threw it. I tried to cancel, got touch on 3rd day they try all kind of We will check for aid for You . I said NO I really need to cancel Well when you first get hit with as Me I signed for two classes . but I did it by phone and they didn't tell Me about about any terms and etc. all they know to say is YOU WILL GET A EMIAIL and then call you everyday Well when i said no I want to cancel boy they became like other people very Rude and pure mean. and told me I have to pay. Wait I had already paid 263.00 and they told me since it was 13 days and not 14 that I was canceling on I owe the over 675.00 I got upset and ask so how are You going to get it I have no credit card anymore it was canceled. YES by ME . They started asking very rude how are you going to pay us I said do you take green dot She n't know what I said and was just like what what. well I get a call everyday . But if I want to talk to anyone I tell them I want to cancel. Then I can at least get a few words in before I start hearing You will get a e-mail and that is also how I found out don't cancel on day 3 or you have to pay 75% of tuition and I'm thinking YOUR CRAZY. THAT CRAZY and also if you will look the say yep there in Israel but yet had to call the USA /CANANDA NUMBER THEN THE OTHER ONE IS FOR WORLDWIDE. THERE NUMBERS ARE USA 1800-3163783 OR 1-646-200-5822. GOOD LUCK AND AGAIN I DID NOT KNOW OR WAS TOLD TERMS THEY ONLUY KNOW A FEW WORDS " YOU WILL GET A EMAIL" BUT ME I'M STILL GETTING DAILY CALLS AND THERE GETTING DAILY " NO ANSWER" . STAY CLEAR i JUST WOULD . I KNOW I HAVE LEARNED MY LESSON BUT THE SHOULD HAVE NAME IT THE SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS. I CAN'T BELEIVE THEY CAN BE SO MUCH LIKE THAT. AND CHARE A PERSON ALL THAT AND THEM NOT EVEN NO IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN THAT WAY AND NO TERMS TOLD JUST A EMAIL WELL TO LATE THEN AND NO YOUR BANK WILL NOT HELP YOU. I JUST WAS SHOCKED AT THERE WAYS AND TERMS. HOW CAN THEY SLEEP AT NIGHT. OH AND LOVE THE GOOD LI.TTLE COMMENT ABOVE AND UMM RIGHT UNDER A ETEACHER IS OH THANK YOU GIVE YOUR ID NUMBER. THAT WAS SO SAT UP . WE ARE NOT THAT DUMB. ONLY DUMB ENOUGH FOR DEALING WITH VIPERS. DOUBLE EDGE SWORD MADE ME SICK . ONE THING ... STAY AWAY ALSO IF YOU GO TO RIP OFF.COM THERES A LOT OF BAD ON THERE BUT THEY REALLY TRY TO HELP YOU GOOD LUCK i

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  • Pe
      Sep 22, 2014

    Thank God I found this site (

    I contacted this eteacher institute weeks back and asked all the expected questions re: their lessons. I told the sales rep I would make my decisions and notify them within days of ending the call. “It’s important to note that the sales rep had the name/age of my child, (a minor). In the mean time they would send emails left right and centre all addressed to me (the parent). At no stage was my child authorised to be contacted.

    From: ----------------------------
    Sent: Sunday, 14 September 2014 9:05 AM
    To: [protected]
    Cc: [protected]
    Subject: not interested

    Shalom Yoseph,
    Thanking you for your time however, I have made the decision after reading several reviews not to proceed with this institute.
    God Bless you and Israel

    Eteacher received and acknowledged my email however the very next day email correspondence was addressed to my child from the very same rep who received my email. All emails were/are being deleted. On the 22/9/14 I answered the phone approx. 9pm EST to a man asking for my child but reluctant to give his name. (parent ) “What is your name”? (man) pauses ---“Harry”. “Where are you calling from Harry” ? again his reluctant to answer “The holy land”. “Where in the holy are you calling from” ? “eteacher group”.

    By his consistent pauses he knew, I had caught him in his scheme by trying to override me (the parent) and by seeking my child “a minor”. I am so glad I found this site and heeded the warnings re eteacher group. Thank you!

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  • Fi
      Sep 25, 2014
    Best Best Advice

    I have tried to cancel my lessons for numerous reasons mainly that I can't afford the payments and currently don't have internet access. Someone phoned me and tried to reduce the payment fees but I unfortunately can't take advantage of it now because. I can't afford it plain and simple and they have now unauthorized to have deducted $488 off my account. That is fraud it wasn't authorized.

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  • 55
      Jan 17, 2015

    This company/school seems to have sharpened the term fraud to its highest level.
    After one class I determined that I could not go on for heath reasons. I was informed that there was a 90 percent
    charge for cancellations, but that I could reschedule. I was on to this because I previously tried to reschedule this class and was charged $150 to reschedule.
    I could not find the relevant grammar in a textbook published by Cambridge University Press and felt I was wasting my time.
    Who can learn the Bible from a company of charlatans? Who is going to be an Israel booster when without any trace of conscience they steal $900 from your bank account after a lot of implied agreements on payment and cancellation, and you find you have joined the army of unhappy victims?
    Stay away. Find a legitimate way to learn, preferably from someone who has read and followed the commandment "thou shalt not steal."

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  • Sa
      Apr 28, 2015

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with e teacher. I was about to sign up now I will not thank you all for sharing.

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  • Gh
      May 11, 2015

    I am a victim.

    I would be better if I found this site before.

    Sad face.

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  • Ej
      Aug 05, 2015

    Thank you all people on here, if know this site before..
    I am a victim.
    Still can't get over this, been sent email wasting time a lot... Had to pay alot and wanted deactivate account, profile, class room profile etc... still can't get answer and still there my profile but can't log in, just pulling me there online home page and they keep say touch with advisor? then have to giving reform..through all again and same excusing and they want me to sign again pay again, can start 2016 its mean more money, and already closing my bank account, but still worry, ...if they going to use my person student ID if against me for didn't paying?? they thief

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  • Br
      Aug 05, 2015

    Same problem I had, I had to cancel my debit card, and threaten to file an international lawsuit
    if they didn't stop. I didn't get a refund, but it did stop.

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  • Al
      Aug 27, 2015

    Exactly the same thing happened to me! Only that they lied and told me they were calling from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. And they even "gave me a scholarship" and were gonna give me certificates. ALL A BIG LIE! They are huuuuge scammers. I was soo shocked there weren't any negative sayings on the internet. I've already contacted the Hebrew University and said they should take legal actions against they misusing the name. They are doing illegal business, and people are being ripped. It's tragic! The state of Israel should interfere. This is destroying everything Israel is fighting for. Seriously. I'll get my money back either from the company, which isn't answering, or through the bank, since it's Norwegian. Luckily I have a lot of rights, but that doesn't go for everyone else.


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  • Je
      Sep 23, 2015

    I would not worry about being sued by e-teacher AT ALL! Cancel your credit card immediately if you feel you are getting scammed. Just cancel. They will (sadly) move onto the next person. You are dealing with a different mindset and culture when you are dealing with someone from another country. Middle Easterners are harsh, to the point and generous and kind. I KNOW, strange combination. Money bartering is a part of life. It's no big deal. Move on. Israelis are people too, in need of a Savior. They are sinful and thieves, as we all once were. Knowing Hebrew is AWESOME but does not make you honest. knowing God through the Messiah does! Shalom

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  • Ra
      Oct 08, 2015

    Pleasee be carefull I am victim too, This company/school seems to have sharpened the term fraud to its highest level. That is the point

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  • Ra
      Oct 08, 2015

    They don't what refunds my money... 1 month in the same case !!! please go to the SEC and the police departament

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  • Ga
      Dec 14, 2015

    Last year my wife took a course from eTeacher Group entitled “Hebrew A”. This was last year. I paid for the class and ordered material that she received. She had no problem with that class.

    Earlier this year, she signed up for what she thought was “Hebrew B”. We paid for the course. My Discover credit card was charged $599.50 USD for the class. This was on 11 May 2015. But when she logged on to take the course, She found out that she was in the Hebrew A class again. She called eTeacher and was told that she would get a refund, they would take care of everything, and she could take Hebrew B next term.

    We have not been reimbursed the $599.50 for the class.

    We were also charged for two different material orders, each costing $599 USD. This charge was also made on 11 May 2015. WE DID NOT RECEIVE ANY MATERIALS and she did not take the class as she was not notified of it. Yet, the two charges of $599 remain.

    When we first saw these charges we tried to call eTeacher twice but did not receive a call back. Fearing that we were being ignored, we contacted Discover and disputed the charges. Two charges were temporarily reversed as they were in dispute. We lost the dispute because eTeacher said we received the course and the materials. That was not correct, as we did not any materials. As stated, it was agreed I could take it later and we did NOT receive any materials. The charges were again put against us on the card.

    Rather, we received one returned phone call from eTeacher saying that that WE won the appeal. We did not win the appeal, eTeacher did. The reason I believe we lost is that eTeacher wrongly is asserting that she was sent the materials and took the course. Of course, neither are true. After several attempts as working with eTeacher using phone calls and email, there was no reply other than two more calls from someone saying that would get back with us in a month. Nobody has. It appears that is the typical method of eTeacher’s operation.

    Again, I need to assert, my wife did not receive any materials for which I was charged on 11 May 2015. I also assert, and eTeacher has acknowledged to us, that they would “take care of this”, reverse the charges for the course, and she could take the course next term. So far, the charges have not been reversed. I have an email from eTeacher from back in August saying they would be back in touch with us. They haven’t. We are owed $1, 797.50 USD for the course and the materials.

    We have advised everyone we can at our church of this issue and at least one person that we know of was considering your courses, but is not because what we have gone through. We have called, written, contacted the credit card company, even wrote the Israeli complaints board. But we are here in the USA, they are in Israel, and we are out a lot of money.

    Beware of this company.

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  • Wa
      May 05, 2016

    I'm sorry that everyone has had bad experiences with them, but I thank you all so much for sharing your stories. I filled out a form this morning and they called me right away. When I told them that I didn't have the registration fee today, the lowered it by $75. I'm so glad that I told them that I was driving home from work and that I had to go home and check my account. The way they reacted to that is what made me become suspicious. When I only found positive reviews it made me even more suspicious. Thank God I found this site. God bless you all.

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  • Ma
      Jun 30, 2016

    If you are going to take a class from Eteacher, you need to know they feel they can breach contracts, charge your credit card with impunity and never apologize. In my case, I asked for a class with a teacher I liked and they agreed to do it for an extra charge. Then when it came time to take the class, I received a message that I was put in a class I couldn't take because I was busy tutoring. I called and they kept promising to call back but never did. I would call and be promised a call but never got one. When I found out that I had supposedly attended three sessions, which I never did, I filed a dispute with Discover. Then I got a call back from Ilya Vorbyev, who was very conciliatory and offered me a class that was not what I wanted but I acquiesced because I really wanted to take Hebrew. Discover closed the dispute, but then Mr. Ilya Vorbyev insisted I had to send financial records to prove Discover had paid Eteacher. I refused and called Discover who repeatedly said they had informed Eteacher and Eteacher needed to contact them. After months of this, Ilya Vorbyev charged me a second time. I disputed the charges this time and was told I should "be happy and take my course." Eteacher never contacted Discover in spite of being offered a call if they could give a direct number and the merchants number. In the end, Eteacher lost. Khamatsa Read then called me and offered me a deal which I could financially do, but Discover had put a block on them accessing my account. Mr. Read said they could use terminals to circumvent this and I said I felt that was dishonest. He sent an email regarding a money transfer and I said I would consider it. He was to call me back at the end of the month, today, but I found out that I have a payment due on July 6 that was posted yesterday. I have asked my account to be closed. Take a class in America, it seems this Israeli company has few if any scruples.

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  • Ja
      Jul 02, 2016

    My experience has been good, but people are a "little pushy", but still honorable w/terms, etc. HOWEVER< I have not tried to make any cancellations! I have made my NO"S clear at times, & while attempts were made to over ride those, I am firm. I am very glad to find this info, however, because I will be extra cautious in my decisions & dealings in the future. "Buyer, beware" hasn't changed!!!

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  • OMG!!! Where is my eyes before! Thank you for all comments. This is terrible! This is my last letter for them and nothing...! "Finally: I haven't recieve any emails or phone calls in respect of cancelation course before is start in September, that I have requested. I haven't recieved any refund, % from ETeacher Group Ltd in regards with business terms and conditions, or any other refunds what was cleared from my account."

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  • Ph
      Aug 09, 2016

    For anyone in the USA it might be possible to get an order against their bank account - not sure but it's worth a try. Here are the details.

    Wells Fargo Bank
    Branch: Northern CA Technology
    ABA: 121000248
    Account Title: ETEACHER LTD
    Account Number: 4120441241

    400 Hamilton Ave.
    Palo Alto, CA, 94301

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  • Lw
      Sep 21, 2016

    I had started the Hebrew A course and attended seven of the lessons. Unfortunately, I had to stop due to some family issues. However, I had planned to complete payments and just use the material and recordings to study on my own, I only had a couple more payments left.
    eTeacher had started calling me every day after I missed a couple of lessons. I decided to answer and was "pressured" into enrolling in a new course with a discount. The person told me that it would be an "open enrollment" and I could choose when to start the class. As a result, I paid an initial fee and expected to choose a start date when I could attend the class.

    Instead of the "open enrollment" I was immediately enrolled in a class. I never acknowledged the enrollment and told them I was not able to attend that class. At this point I decided to cancel the class, I had never enrolled or attended the class and was not able to attend the class.
    Fortunately, someone had attempted a fraudulent charge on my card and I had closed it. This was the same card eTeacher had.

    After informing eTeacher that I did not enroll and would not pay for the class they refused to make any adjustments or cancel the class. Instead, they attempted to charge the full amount on the closed card and started threatening to take legal action.

    I was really interested in learning biblical Hebrew, but this experience has not been a good one.

    I really don't think they will try to take any legal action and if they did I doubt they have a leg to stand on. There was never a signed written agreement.

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  • Mi
      Oct 31, 2016

    After graduating on Hebrew A class, which I enjoyed very much, I noticed that while being in the middle of the class A, I was asking to go further into hebrew/greek/Aramaic etc classes, to register. The sale person was very (to put in simple term) aggressive. I was looking forward to the whole program.

    My problem was that I could not make one payment in time while being in class B, after responding to the repeated emails which I answered back from each one. It seems that nobody answered me back. I was told that if I don't make a payment, I will be cut off. I already paid my tuition for the Hebrew Class B and even I made payments for future classes for the program. I found out that I was cut off until I make my future payments.

    My question is that, , the reality is, even when the courses are quite good, money come first. Forget any difficulty along the way while the actual class is basically paid off but not the future ones.

    To me, it shows that the care of students are less than the revenue of this organization. Very sad because the courses are very good. For this reason, I will quit the class and omit any future classes' payments and I will study what I need to learn on my own or with other means.

    Sorry ETeacherGroup, there should be better dialogue between your faculty and the accounting departments when dealing with eager students just like well as others.

    Michel Charland

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  • Gr
      Apr 29, 2018

    Enthusiastic teachers, good customer service about technical matters, good course material but a sad lack of listening material. They provide 3-4 minutes of dialogues to listen to at the lower levels but as of level 4 (halfway through the course) instead of providing more, there is suddenly NO recorded educational material (dialogues by native speakers, oral grammar exercises) to listen to outside of class.

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  • Da
      Jun 22, 2018

    Same bad experience here. I was looking for an advanced Hebrew class. They told me they had a class for my level. However, their advanced classes were in fact intermediate classes at best and I did not learn anything. Since finishing with the class, I have been regularly receiving sales calls, sometimes several a day. I have therefore blocked their number. This company is terribly managed and seems intent on destroying its own business.

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  • Ja
      Aug 15, 2018

    THANK YOU EVERYONE for sharing your experiences. I filled out a "Request for Information" form on the eTeacher site tonight. Very surprised to receive a call from Israel shortly afterwards. The caller (Erev, I think) gave a good spiel about what they offered. It sounded great - just what I was looking for. He then came to the cost - $1200 US. This was too much for me in a lump sum, so he said it could be 3 payments of $400, taken out over the first 3 months. I asked him to call back in 10 minutes, because I needed to check my finances. When he did, I still hadn't sorted things to have enough to cover the first payment then and there. His response was that if I gave him my bank details, they would delay taking out the money for 24 hrs so I could sort things. He pushed for my details, then reluctantly agreed to phone back the following night to get these. This was when alarm bells were sounding. The pushy nature and pressure for getting a payment felt like a scam. I've encountered this before, with a completely different product. Luckily, in that case, my bank alerted me and I was able to cancel my card. In that instance, I was harassed by the company for months afterwards, even though I'd received no product nor signed any agreement. I finally blocked their number. Tonight, after speaking with Erev, I received an email from eTeacher with a student number for Biblical Hebrew A. I had clearly stated that I was interested in modern Hebrew, and I had in no way enrolled for any course. I then decided to check online, and from reading a lot of experiences, have now blocked his number on my phone, and his emails will be directed straight into my Deleted Items. I won't be pursuing this. It's such a shame. It was just what I was looking for! I'm sad for those who were abused by this company and haven't been able to receive redress. Thank you for your warnings to help others avoid this trap.

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