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Last Saturday, May 4th, I purchased 2 packs of Energizer batteries. They were $12.98 if you bought two or more packages. I bought AAs and AAAs. As soon as I got home, my husband put the AAs into our garden lights. Last night, we noticed that one of the lights stopped working and this morning, we noticed a second light stopped working. My husband took the lights apart this morning to see what was wrong only to discover that the batteries were leaking. As he didn't suspect this to be the case with brand new batteries, he burnt his hands. Fortunately, he knew he was experiencing battery acid and washed his hands right away. He took apart the other four lights. They too were leaking. As a result, all six of our lights are ruined.

We checked the other lights, (they required the AAAs), and they seemed to be okay. At this point in time, it's only the AAs that are leaking.

I did not keep the bill, so I can't return them, but my PC Optimum card number is:
[protected]. Perhaps you can find the purchase there.

I'm not sure what my options are here. I certainly don't want any more Energizer batteries!

Please advise.
My personal email is w.[protected]
Phone: [protected]

Photos attached.

Many thanks.
Wendy Wilson

Energizer Batteries
Energizer Batteries
Energizer Batteries

May 08, 2018

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