Empirian village apartmentsBad Management/Ugly Apartments

I whole hardly agree with all the previous complaints. These apartments are a "### HOLE". The managment don't care about the property; they just want your rent. I wait until the last minute before I pay them every month, because I am so unhappy with my living conditions. I live at 9150 Edmonston Road and the children have broken the glass windows and door in the front of this building 4 times this summer. I came home today and they now have busted the windows in the laundry room. Every morning I leave for work and there is food and trash in the hallway that the teenagers have left there from the previous night. You complain about the noise and they just do nothing... This building has become a magnet for all the teenagers that want to hangout late. There are at least 15 to 20 children in front of this building every night. They hollow, scream, cuss, fight and break windows until well after 11:00 pm.

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