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Hi. This is more of the review rather than complaint for Empire manufacturing company.

I just join company a year ago and before i join i read all the review on this forum. But after i join i very surprise on the management.

The management of EMSB very good. All the complaint on the fourm just a lie. It is from employees who i think not good at their work and now only finding people to blame for their mistakes.
there is no injustice done to we malaysians. Singapore directors very kind and understanding. Unlike some of our malaysian directors. and infact better.

dont read all rubbish written here. i very happy in company.

May 30, 2015
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      6th of Jun, 2015

    When a leader had committed a breached of company code of conduct, a wrong is a wrong! He should step down! Still thick skin and as if nothing happened. The whole FE board and AC committee knowing the wrong doing after receiving the complaints through proper channel via company whistle blow policy still unable to make a conclusion. The evidence were given to the committee. In singapore if you break traffic rules or littering and caught straight away you get the compound right! So you can comment these people are good and nice and law abiding!

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