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Emergency Essentials / Did nor receive product that was paid for

Contact information:
Phone: 1-800-999-1863

Ordered items online through Emergency Essentials. After two weeks, and upon noticing that my credit card was charged for total amount of purchase price, I contacted company who assured me my items had been shipped (although I never received a confirmation e-mail which is typically customary for online purchases). The third week had soon approached with no sign of my order. I was then informed that my package had been damaged in transit and was returned to their warehouse the week before (yet nobody bothered to contact me with this info.). The customer service rep (Jordan), albeit apologetic, ensured me she would put a rush on my order and it would ship by the next day. When inquiring about my order 4 days later, I was told the same story when I first called more than three weeks before - damaged in transit; package was returned to warehouse. Trying to keep my patience, I reminded her that this was her excuse a few weeks before and that she had promised my order was to ship 3 days ago. Next excuse up - they were holding my order as a few items were back ordered (the first time that this was mentioned; again, no e-mail or phone call). I asked them to cancel any back ordered items, re-credit my account, and immediately send out the items that were supposedly ready to ship. Again, I was reassured that this would occur by the end of or the following day. I waited almost a week to call back when I did not receive my order or credit to my bank account. I was told that my order was shipped the previous day via Federal Express, except this time I asked for a tracking number. Wouldn't you know it, the tracking number did not exist! When I called Emergency Essentials back, this time I was informed that my order was still in the warehouse and ready to ship. At this point I told them to cancel my order. A few minutes later another employee from the company called me and said my order was shipped 2 days ago and they could not cancel the order at this point (she had different excuses as to why the tracking number would not work). I am still sitting here, a month since I placed the order, waiting for Federal Express to arrive. If it's not here today my next move is to dispute charges with my bank. If not for this major problem with my order, I do find Emergency Essentials to have an abundance of great products at a good price. But if you can't get your order what good does that do?

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