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Eli Fine Cars


rip off

Complaint Rating:  81 % with 32 votes
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6237 mississauga rd
Mississauga, Ontario
These guys r scam artists "do not buy a car from them". . . They will be very nice to until they have ur money. . . I bought a vw passat from them 1 week later the transmission was gone i called them they just simpl y said that its not their responsiblilty iam goin to go to omvic and now how am i suppose to get to work theses people just dont care and supposdely the warranty that they sold me dont care either. . . They said they will process the claim and get back to me its been a week and no call back and the person who i spoke to is on vacation so until he comes back. . . No one can do anything. . . I give up i wish they go out of buisness. . . They have young thugs running the show driving hummers dressed up like thugs. . . I dont know what to do
Plz plz plz dont buy from them !!!Oh ya and the guys eli is a complete thug !!!I wish he burns in hell
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N  31st of Oct, 2012 by    0 Votes
THESE GUYS R SCAM ARTISTS "DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM"...they will be very nice to until they have ur money...i bought a VW passat from them 1 week later the transmission was gone i called them they just simpl y said that its not their responsiblilty iam goin to go to OMVIC and now how am i suppose to get to work theses people just dont care and supposdely the warranty that they sold me dont care either ...they said they will process the claim and get back to me its been a week and no call back and the person who i spoke to is on vacation so until he comes back...no one can do anything ...i give up i wish they go out of buisness...they have young THUGS running the show driving HUMMERS dressed up like thugs...i dont know what to do
plz plz plz dont buy from them !!!oh ya and the guys ELI is a complete THUG !!!i wish he burns in HELL
N  19th of Nov, 2012 by    +2 Votes
I am dealing with another issue with these guys. I provided a cash deposit for a vehicle that was promised to be ready for me the next morning provided that I have insurance set up for the car and can pay the balance owing. So I put down the deposit Friday Afternoon and called my insurance broker to have the vehicle added to my policy then when I came in to pay the balance and drive away Saturday morning, I was hit with pathetic excuses. Apparently, they were unable to receive the ownership because the Acura dealership failed to provide one at the auction and the Ministry did not have a record of the ownership provided from Acura. So why would anyone post a car for sale if they do not have the respective documents to hand the car over? Talk about jumping the gun. Talk about premature...Anyways, today is Monday and of course I called them because none of them will ever call me and again they haven't received the ownership yet and they'll call me as soon as they do. I asked if it would arrive by Wednesday and all of a sudden they don't want to make any promises. Ok so thats how these little thugs do business...super bad for business...BEWARE, you've been warned.
D  27th of Nov, 2012 by    0 Votes
i totally disagree...i bought a car from eli, my dad bought one a few weeks later, and my cousin did like a month back, yeah he looks like a thug maybe, but hes young and has own buisness ive heard from people, hes young and is successful, good for him, i had problems small with my car, but i got it dirt cheap and didnt take the saftey package, i dont know maybe im wrong, but seems very straight foward, cars are cheap, he offers extented warranty, i would go back to him and recommend to other people

Thanks Mike
N  15th of Jan, 2013 by    0 Votes
Just Bought a 2008 Civic from him I got it really cheap 1500$ less then market price Yes it needs some repairs but its amazing price and realy he is a cool guy
A  25th of Mar, 2013 by    +1 Votes
A  28th of Apr, 2013 by    +2 Votes
The people claiming "he's a cool guy" & "I would recommend him" are likely people who run this low-life hangout called a used car dealership. These people basically come to work to get high and smoke inside the dealership, and will offer you nothing but unprofessional service. I once went to check out a seemingly well-priced RSX from what it seemed on kijiji. It turned out to be the biggest POS accident repaired garabe ive ever seen. Worst of all, one of these clowns tried explaining to me that the car was worth more because of the accident, his justification was that the old parts are replaced with new parts making it worth more! Don't be fooled by their low prices, these guys are running nothing but scams. They're high out of their minds, and I wouldn't be surprised if OMVIC closed them down tomorrow.
N  10th of Jun, 2013 by    +2 Votes
Called in about a car he was rude ### piece of ###

Asked basic questions about the mechanics of the car and he's like"I told u three times the car is good already what don't you understand" (even though I was asking different questions). Then he goes on to say "it's none of my business" to know where he got the car from. All I wanted to know was if it was an auction rip off or a trade in. He became pissed off and just kept telling me to 'just come over first and take a look', then when I said I live far away he's like "ok Nevermind the car is sold" then hangs up on me.

I've dealt with sketchy dealers and this guy seems like a giant piece of ###. Wouldn't trust this at all.
N  3rd of Jul, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I have had both good and bad experiences at this dealership. It seems if you deal with anyone other than the owner (Eli), than you are in for a VERY unproffesional experience. Eli is just a young guy who buys cars cheap and sells them cheap. That's it. What you see is what you get. I don't know about the other riff raff he has hanging around there but they are in fact "rude little thugs" as others have described.
Its buyer beware here. You can get a good deal but you're on your own so be very careful with what you buy. Its a good idea to have a mechanic lined up to look at it before you give away all your cash.
A  10th of Jul, 2013 by    +1 Votes
I stopped by the other day since I pass this car lot on occasion just to see a few cars. I had no intentions of driving the cars or making any offers, I was just getting a feeler if I should even consider buying here.

A guy comes out, looks like he was impaired and asks if I made an appointment in a somewhat accusing/aggressive tone. I informed him that I was just looking and I'll let him know if I need his help. He then hurls a bunch of insults at me and I left at this point.
N  12th of Jul, 2013 by    +3 Votes
I am ABSOLUTLY shocked how these guys are still in business. OMVIC should launch a full on investigation on these clowns and shut the place down!!! Not just because there a disgrace to the industry but because there listings are all bogus. I went in to look at a 2002 Cadillac Escalade which I was told "The truck is MINT" i asked what it needed for saftey and replied "Honestly BOSS i dont think it needs anything" so i figure these guys have good cars and I planned a trip out to see the truck. I get there and take it out on a road test!!! NO JOKE withing a couple KM'S the truck stalls on me and the engine light flashes. I get back to dealership and explain the issue and he replys "well what do you expect its got high KM'S" I almost fell on the ground laughing after that comment! no concern to the issue at all!!! I called the next day to see if it was fixed and claimed it was at the cevy store which i highly doubt. i was promised return phone calls but still to this day havent heard back from them.

Yeah sure the guys young and owns his own business but lets be serious here, nobody will become sucsessful with a reputation like that and karma will bite him in the ### one day. I wouldnt be shocked if they have cars keyed there on a regular basis!!! Anyone who buys from these guys are stupid and deserved to be screwed over!! DO NOT... I REPEAT... DO NOT BUY FROM THEM!!! RIP OFF!
N  16th of Jul, 2013 by     Best Advice +5 Votes
Yep, these guys are 100% scam artists. I swear, I was pretty dam close to paying $5, 000 for one of their 2007 car that I went to go check out. I have NO doubt that I would've fell for it and bought it if this "Eli" guy was a tad honest... but the way he talked just didnt sound right, and the fact that you could get safety check AFTER your car was purchased..

The test drive was ok, everything was fine, when I was talking to this guy in the office afterwards, all he said was "its a beau-tee-ful kar" over and over and said that the car had a "Minor accident" and the repair cost was "nearly $7, 000"... that totally makes sense.. and so the car was initially worth $5, 500, so I asked him to give it to me for $5, 000, and he said "I'm not making huge margins here" and offered $5, 200... THAT $200 difference SAVED my life. I was SOOOO frickin close to buying it, totally felt like i dodged a bullet in close range.

I think I will get OMVIC and some lawyers on these guys. They are dangerous, nevermind buying a car from them, just dont get hurt ya know, bring your 280lbs boyfriend or someone to protect your butt just incase if this guy tries to snatch you or something. complete punk.
N  16th of Jul, 2013 by    +4 Votes
just to add onto my previous comment above^

I've never purchased any cars before and i was a teen so i did not know anything about buying cars at the time. so he "tricked" me into signing a bill of sale with $100 deposit.. the whole time i thought the bill of sale was something to hold the car while i needed more time to make my decision (I know i know.. i didnt know at the time, im still very young) and when i came back to grab the $100 back cuz i didnt want the car (due to no safety check allowed before purchase) he said "I never said you could get the $100 back" when he CLEARLY said it during the office. but i contacted OMVIC and i mailed a letter of complaint to them, saying I will take legal action if they dont give me back my $100, and so he gave it back, of course he's always at least an hour late every time we get to the dealer.. my last call to him for him to rush to the dealer, he said "MOTHER F***" on the phone.. to me.. and then he arrived to give me the $100 saying "You're really hurting for money arnt ya?" nah buddy, you are.

Been in the car industry since you were a kid? haha, oh and EVERYONE in that BUILDING is part of the scam, dont trust them when they say "Eli is in another business" its a scam show.

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch a punk. i was lucky but if you get scammed, call omvic and get a lawyer on them. No matter WHAT happens, before you buy or after you buy, first threaten to get a lawyer, and then if they still treat you like ###, THEN GET AN ACTUAL LAWYER ON THEM and get paid. dont be lazy.
N  17th of Jul, 2013 by    +3 Votes

and all the positive comments about ELI, they are BY him. Disguising as "Mike T"? rofllllllllll

Lol I should get a friend to walk into the dealer trying to buy cars as Mike T... hahha if that happens then everything would have to be recorded with visuals and sound
N  29th of Nov, 2013 by    +3 Votes
ELI is SCAM!!! His cars are cheap because they all have one issues or another. I wish I had done my research before buying a car from him. I am stuck with a car that is a piece of ###. Every other day some new problem comes up. Do yourself a favour and do not fall for his slightly cheaper prices and buy from a reputable dealership
N  6th of Dec, 2013 by    +3 Votes
Bought a SUV in July and have spent more money on it then its worth, their mechanics in the back should not be trusted at all!
l'm so lucky my personal mechanics are good or l would be walking after spending so much money with Eli...don't even look at the warrenty its a scam toooooooooooooooooo!
Seriously should be reported and shut down before someone gets hurt.they talk the talk but can't walk the talk, so tired of them all would never go back there again.
They are a disgrace to Streetsville businesses.

Close them down now!!!
N  18th of Dec, 2013 by    +3 Votes
They buy broke up cars from auctions that were wrecked and repaired write offs. A write off doesn't mean it had to have frame damage (non-clean title) it could also mean insurance would rather pay the owner the lower book value rather than paying the same amount in body work. Insurance usually sells these cars back (still broken) to guys like Eli and to cheap-fix autobody people. This explains the low price, your 2007 car that normally goes for $10, 000 was bought for $4000, repaired for $1500 and being sold for $7000+hst.

To make things worse Eli and his crew don't have good mechanical knowledge of cars they cannot inspect a car properly. All they know to look at is "is this car in good enough condition to get bought off the lot". This is a terrible criteria because they'll pick up any lemon and their customers end up spending a lot on repairs immediately after sale. From the looks of things they are content with this business model of ripping off their customers and diverting liability onto them.

There will always some 15-25% of their cars that will be sold for a good price and not end up being shitboxes, but that is not enough.

Don't be snaked, bring a mechanic, test drive the car, question them. You WILL piss them off by asking basic questions, but be persistent it will save you money.
A  27th of Jan, 2014 by    +1 Votes
I just bought a car from him a month ago and he claimed it is in "mint condition and drives like new!" except he had to replace the battery before I even stepped into the car. I also noticed the radio wasn't working and told him about it and he claimed he was going to have it fixed and the car detailed by the time I came back to drive it home. So two days later I take the car home, the radio works...for the drive back then turns off and has been turning off ever since AND all the speakers are blown.
I know the radio is a small issue and is easily fixed so i just let it slide because i was going to buy a new radio anyway...but then i noticed the car makes a grinding noise on cold start up in the mornings. I take it into Toyota and the estimate is $1000 to get it fixed because the water pump and VVTI controller need to be replaced! And by the way his warranty company, autogard, is ### because they will only pay out half of the cost even though he sold is as if they would cover any engine issues.
This is the first time I've bought a used car and not to mention it's my first car and I am nothing but unimpressed with Eli's service and scams! Seriously don't buy from this punk!
A  24th of Feb, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Thank you everyone for the comments, I was just going to go and check out a few Lexus models they had to trade my awesome bmw coupe which is in mind condition. Looks like if I traded my mint condition for a four door lexus they had, I would be giving up gold for crap. Thanks for the posts, I think it saved me time!
N  13th of Mar, 2014 by    +1 Votes
Just bought an 09 avalanche from this guy, it's been pretty good so far. It better stay this way to or my lawyer will take care of it! I'm not worried at all. Only reason he's still going is because the people buying cars from him don't have money for a good lawyer.
A  17th of Mar, 2014 by    -1 Votes
It is unfortunate that I did not go on line before buying a vehicle from Eli.As it would have saved me a lot of grief and money.Yes everything he tells you is a lie and the insurance he sells is worthless.The hummer I bought was supposed to be perfect and I would not be disappointed .So far in less than one month driving it has cost $6000 The insurance he sells will pay $250 and Eli stated he would give me $375 for his ?All I can say is buyer beware and stay far away from this business.

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