Ekvira Tower Fan / Not Servicing

1 India

I bought one ekvira tower fan from Kollam fest on oct 2011. After 3 months usage the fan is getting vibrated and it starts moving. I couldn't use it because it get start moving from one place to another. From the bill receipt I got the addrees AB cubes and I try to contact them. Once they came to my home and they told the bush is broken and they tried to fix it. But the very next day the same problem starts again. I contact them repeatedly. Now they are telling its blower also need to replace and they are not telling when it can be fixed. When the stock come they will come and fix and they are not telling on which date it will come. Already 1 month finish that I reported the problem. If they are cheating like this what I have to do?. I have the bill also with me.

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