Einstein Network HospitalLost my job. Because two patients lied on me and say I was inappropriate.

I work for this hospital for four years on Tower 7 psychiatric floor. Where all patients that comes there are manipulator and liars. Two of the patients says I was sexually out control and that's a bold face lie. They have no evidence on that. And they come at me about my tattoo on my upper right arm of a old bodybuilding woman with her chest out.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Philadelphia, PA Now they came at me code of conduct. I been in this line of work 23 years. Never had problems until I came to this place. If I did this i would have resign from my position there. But putting all my trust in management i got screwed. This is horrible place to work because they treat staff like crap and the patients have so much right it's all about money because of CBH.

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    On August 18th 2016 I was suspended from my position as a BHA2. Because of allegations made by two pages that I was inappropriate sexually and that was a total lie. I work for him for 4 years. Two years prior to this of allegation I was accused of rape and I was clear cuz the girl I made it that she lied. And I wish you really ate it and put through the whole ring out with the stat test and everything was cleared using my own money. Now you're trying to bring up what happened from the past and his three strikes you're out you're not fear hey. They you going to terminate me on at 11 17 2016 on my son's birthday. They have no evidence on sexual abuse of anything is all hearsay with two roommates that are known each other for years. Then you going to come at me with tattoo on my upper arm over bare chested lady I have tattoos of ladies all of moms I've been walking around and you live for years without my arms covered and I'm not the only one that we have tattoos exposed. If you going to terminate somebody you might as well terminate the whole hospital because everybody tattoo shows. I never got a verbal or written warning from anybody my preform is always been good. Yes I do have work is on my job do hate me because I do my job. All my years in Psych 23 years I've never had an issue until I came to this Hospital and I'm not going to let them ruin my reputation it with this termination. I hope they got somebody in Einstein family reads this because it's not fair because I care about people that's I'm in trouble I guess I supposed to treat people like trash then I will be still working there because that's the majority of the people that works good and that's already treat the patients like garbage. I'm sorry for being the outgoing person but that's one thing I am I'm no rapist I'm no liar I just do my job. Was so why he come up with this Jean Watson Theory they don't follow it. I didn't know Einstein was a prison. If any if anybody out there please help me. This place took a lot of food out my family's mouth put me in so much debt that it's not funny. I thought I was working with the best but evidently it was not. God has a plan for me. Do not trust management because they're not for the workers. Don't even trust your workers because they all against you.

Jan 27, 2017

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