eFireplaceStore.comreturns - unethical behavior

L Nov 28, 2017


I ordered a fireplace from this company. Upon arrival, I realized it needed to be returned. Per their policy, it says if the item is unopened/unused it can be returned for the full amount.

A customer service representative submitted the return for me and a request to get the restocking fee back since it was unopened/unused. This rep indicated their RMA department would be contacting me to discuss this request. When speaking with the RMA Rep, they stated, I'll let you in on a secret, you are not getting the re-stocking fee back. The amount I was told that I would get back after the fee amounts to 50% of the product price. I also lose the shipping cost to and the return shipping should I send it back for the 50% recovery.

After I said calmly, well we needed to find a fireplace that would work still, but with this type of service we will not be getting it from you, the rep hung up on me.

I'd like to advise consumers not to order from this company. Ideally, I'd like to return this item for the full price. Obviously, this isn't going to happen.

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