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(Ece) Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc / Bad service - harrassed customer

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Be carefully w / this people - my wife and i are getting a horrible treatment from ece. They screwed up and now it seems they want us to pay again ($215) for them to complete the evaluation we already paid for. They are very arrogant and could care less about their customers. If there is an alternate choice for others needing this service, i would take it. I would never recommend this organization to anyone. I am forwarding my comments and concerns to the college we are dealing with so they don't recommend ece either. Or at least offer others a warning and lower their expectations.

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  • Jh
      17th of Oct, 2008

    YES, they do the same with my uncle (he lost $ 215) for their services, I think that their exploit the ignorance of the poor emigrants..he make a phone contact with the chairman of this company and she mocked of him in his own face and mocks of his poor English.

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  • No
      1st of Dec, 2008

    If you want to really be heard, you need to forward your complaint to the Chair of NACES ( Her name is Ms. Bedil ([protected] )

    NACES is an association of private foreign educational credential evaluation services committed to formulating and maintaining ethical standards in the field of foreign educational evaluation.

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  • Ke
      8th of May, 2009

    I agree. The staff was unprofessional and rude.

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  • Jo
      6th of Jul, 2009

    Leonard, I totally agree with you.
    Their evaluation reports are unfair and completely worthless for applying for a job or for further education.
    I have a Bachelor's degree from Italy. In EU countries, Bachelor's degrees have a 3-year duration and require the completion of 180 credits. Yet they evaluated my degree as equivalent to "3 years of undergraduate work"!
    I have never been so unsatisfied! I am gonna ask them to re-evaluate my report, and at the same time I am starting another evaluation with
    Of course I will discourage my compatriots from having their degrees evaluated by ECE.

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  • Sw
      6th of Jul, 2009

    Dear all, and Joshua_tree..

    I have three degrees from Swedish Universities... two BSc's (Bachelor of Science in Mechanical engineering and Bachelor of Engineering specializing in Business Administration) and I ALSO have a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

    ECE rated me as "Undergraduate work" for both my Bachelors... AND ...gave me a "Bachelor of Technology" for my Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

    Basically after 7 years of studies at EU universities... I got a bachelor's in something that is not even close to "what I am".

    The really hilarious thing is ... my diplomas are ALL in dual languages (Swedish and English) with a supplement that actually explain the whole Educational System Europe (according to the Bologna documents).

    So this is certainly a rip-off. I lost 160 dollars.

    Luckily I did not have them to "translate my grades" ... all my A's could have been D's, and even more money lost.

    Ridiculous! Awful!

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  • Jt
      6th of Jul, 2009

    I am very sorry for you and do understand your anger...Both of your Bachelor's rated as "undergraduate work"! Unbelievable! I am glad I just asked for the "general report" too - and lost "only" 85 $...
    I wonder how many people they have ripped off so far...if only we could file a class action lawsuit...or at least start/find a forum for foreigners to warn other people...any ideas?
    In the meantime, get a pre-evaluation from You can do it online - but it will cost you 30$. I did it and my 3-year degree was rated - guess what - "equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's degree". Note: I am not advertising anything here. I was so pissed after receiving my report form ECE that immediately started looking for other - more honest and correct - evaluation services.
    Don't give up and good luck!

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  • Af
      7th of Aug, 2009

    guys keep getting more info on the posts and more people involed on these companies, working on class action law suit, i need more people to come out with this. raise the awareness about scammers

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  • Pi
      21st of Nov, 2009


    WES is not better than ECE. After SEVEN months, I am still fighting them because they scammed me. Same situation, I sent everything in, the way they specified, they evaluated just half of what I sent, ignored completely a degree, the evaluation came with errors (classes I never took), it was a mess. And, to top it off, they were nasty in their written communications and nasty over the phone (a guy yelled at me for ten minutes over the phone, I just let him on and on so that other people heard him and I had witnesses). I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau in NY (because they are located there) and asked them to return my money. I am still waiting.

    Oh, and you know how I got here? The school I am applying to recommended ECE... just like the other school recommended WES. Schools don't care about what you tell them about these people, these companies do the work for them, they give us less credit so that we have to take extra classes and pay the school for it, so it's a win-win for crapy schools and crapy companies. (serious schools don't require this)

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  • Gl
      19th of Jan, 2010

    I am treated currently by them in the same way! I asked them to do an evaluation of my bachelor degree. At the very begging time, they told me to send all related documents to help them to facilitate the processing. While I sent out all the documents, they insisted original documents of my bachelor, master and phd just for the evaluation of my bachelor. No one aswered my calling at very beggining and just few cold words and said you signed the application form so they can do whatever they want!! They did not listen to me AT ALL!!! Try you best to avoid these awful, deadly cold people!!!

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  • Jo
      21st of Jan, 2010

    Thanks for sharing your (bad) experience.
    I had a bad experience with WES too...they did not include my physics and chemistry credits in the evaluation and I had to for a copy that I never received (advice: have your evaluation mailed to you by courier so you can track it)...They did not answer a single e-mail I sent them to inquire about my evaluation and they NEVER answer the damn phone.
    At least I managed to have my degree evaluated as equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree and got the job I wanted. Both ECE and WES suck big time, but at least WES does not completely dismiss 3-year degrees from Europe.
    There seems to be a lack of regulation in the field of foreign degrees evaluation, and these fraudolent companies flourish...I wonder what kind of preparation these "evaluators" have, since their work is sloppy and full of mistakes. And expensive. But if you are a foreigner and need to have your degree evaluated, you don't really have a you send them your money, not knowing they'll rip you off somehow. And when you get scammed, the only thing you can do about it is vent about it on the Internet!
    I filed a complaint with BBB for both companies, but nothing so far. If I had the money, I'd sue them.

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  • Sd
      10th of Feb, 2010

    Hi all,

    Having a similar experience with ECE. Haven't received the product I paid for, disrespectful customer service, and can't get anyone to answer my questions.

    Here's my action plan:
    - Escalate issues to the BBB in Wisconsin
    - File a complaint with the attorney general's office in Wisconsin (has a sharper bite than the BBB)
    (link to online complaint form:
    - Contact NACES to share my opinion regarding their list of suggested companies
    - Contact academic institutions to share my opinion on ECE with their admissions office.

    At this point, I believe my money is long gone, and I doubt I'll be getting adequate service from ECE. If anyone else has suggestions on an alternative company to use, I'd love to hear.

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  • Sk
      22nd of Feb, 2010

    Hi, everyone,
    Unfortunately for me, I did not check such websites or looked for complaints before I submitted my documents to ECE for evaluation...
    Indeed, customer service is sub-mediocre, the general tone of their emails is like "what are you bothering me with, this time?", and, most important, their evaluation of my MD degree in Europe was "six years of study in a medical program"!
    Based on this so-called evaluation, I got an "unqualified" label, when I applied for a position that requires "at least a Bachelor's Degree"... Imagine that!
    Even assuming we can agree that an MD abroad is not equal to an MD here (which I don't - since the "MD" title by itself would not allow you to practice here, it would just be recognized as an academic title; you would still take the Board exam here), at least an evaluation like "equivalent to an undergraduate US degree" would be expected... And not "six years of study" which is interpreted by employers as "some college"...
    My advice - NEVER use ECE services!

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  • Ta
      20th of Jul, 2010

    I used ECE in 2003 and got the same thing - my German 4.5 year degree was worth only three years here, since they randomly decided that some classes are only worth 1 credit. So they gave me a total of 96.5 credits and they calculated my GPA to be 2.6. After I received that i simply went to another company (IERF ) where they gave me 149 credits and 3.1 GPA. It is crazy that there is no standard on ghow these should be calculated. But ECE is definitely bad.

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  • Nt
      15th of Sep, 2010

    It seems to me that IERF is the only company that someone enjoyed success (user- TASoo). Anyone had a different experience with IERF? Any recommendations for a FAIR report?

    Here´s our experience:

    ECE screwed my girlfriend, whom is from Spain. They only gave her "three-years equivalency" (and NOT a bachelors) even though she studied for four years and completed over 150 credits. Also, they gave her a horrible GPA, they don´t seem to take into account differences in grading scales between the US and other countries. And seeing how they forced us to provide an English translation, which they used verbatim, we wondered what they actually did...

    I am going to contact the BBB, Wisconsin DPI, and NACES as well. Oh yeah, they treated her coldly on the phone as well.

    I wish I would have done a simple search before selecting ECE, we lost out clearly and will have to find another service.

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  • Sc
      4th of Nov, 2010

    ECE is just horrible. NEVER get an evaluation done by them. The evaluator was very rude. She screwed up my evaluation, did not reply to my querry, and when I managed to get through her on phone, she was very rude. All in all a very horrible experience.

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  • Ba
      19th of Nov, 2010

    I wish I had found this blog before I requested my course by course evaluation from ECE. I have a Honors BA in Marketing communications from the UK - my neighbor here in the US has the same degree from a US university her GPA is 3.59 and mine was evaluated at 2.94. I also have a Business administration Diploma. I sent all my documentation allowing for 4 weeks for them to complete my evaluation which is what I was advised. Since they knew I had a deadline looming they prolonged my evaluation and tried to get me to pay the expedited rate which is an extra charge on top of the extortionate price they charge. I initially sent copies as requested and then was told they need originals - I sent the originals and requested for them to be sent back to me as soon as they certified them as originals because the graduate school I was applying to needed them too. So I was surprised when 2 weeks later ( after I emailed asking how much longer i have to wait) they wanted copies of my certs again 'in order to complete the evaluation' WHAT????????? What happened to the initial copies sent and why would you not make copies of the originals I sent thereafter. I am so disappointed with the GPA I cannot even stand it - they are affecting people's future and livelihood and they obviously, judging by the number of complaints I have seen they are not taking it seriously... They will be hearing from me.

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  • Sa
      22nd of Nov, 2010

    Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. BAD EXPERIENCE . After four long month, we still fighting them because they scammed us. Same situation, my boyfriend send everything in, the way they specified kh, they evaluated half of his documents.The contacted wrong school overseas then they say we didn't got answer, after couple calls they pretended documents not original they CC the school ...They scam and steal our money 280$.
    I won't recommend them for my enemy.they don't answer calls, they keep saying wait wait.Until he missed the deadline then We gave up because no one to talk or listen to us...Oh my God the contacted wrong school or the lie to have that money .

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  • Ev
      15th of Dec, 2010

    The reason why some of you are really upset is because you didn't get the equivalence that you wanted. Guess what, ECE is not a diploma factory. They have serious standards, and there is a reason why most institutions accept them. On a related note, your grade average at your home institution or from a different evaluation company is not guaranteed to match that of ECE or any other evaluation agency. Big surprise there. Some of you complained about credits. Well if you submitted a formal inquiry through ECE, as I have, you would know what their approach is, and even if I don't like it, I understand it, and MANY US institutions agree with it. Seriously, you people complain for all the wrong reasons. I am completely surprised by your claims of anyone there being rude. Aside from not being 100% responsive when they are busy (again, big shocker), everyone there has been amazingly patient and professional with me, even though I've not been an angel myself.

    If you studied for three years and received a degree in your country, of course that does NOT automatically mean that you have the equivalent of a US degree. Guess what, even most reputable US grad schools who do their own evaluations will tell you the same. If you want your evaluation to show exactly what your opinion is, why don't you get out a piece of paper and make up your own evaluation. Or, go to one of those unknown evaluation companies. Same difference. Oh wait, but then your report won't even be accepted by your school or whatever. Come on people. This is what happens when you go from one country to another, if the STRUCTURE of education is significantly different. Stop whining and just do what you have to do to make it in the US. If you don't like it, I'm sure your home country will take you back with a smile.

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  • Ev
      16th of Dec, 2010

    Oh wow, I haven't even scratched the surface regarding some of the comments I see on here.

    sklyarov, of COURSE your six year medical degree was evaluated as equal to six years of medical study in the States. I mean, after all, medical programs here require seven years full time. Come on.

    To the many who complain about GPAs...yes, it is true in many cases that the average calculated by ECE is lower than what is calculated elsewhere, and you are almost right, whoever it was here that said something about there not being standards on this kind of thing. You see, the real issue is that these are all private organizations with their own policies and whatnot. One big reason these different agencies exist is because everyone disagrees on how to evaluate study from other parts of the world...different grading scales, different credit practices, different means of determining accreditation or recognition, etc. It's all over the board, honestly. In the end, you are (usually) forced to go with whoever NACES recognizes, and you'd think that would mean consistency across NACES-recognized companies, but noooooo, it really just means that NACES believes that these organizations are doing their due diligence overall and trying to be decent business, that kind of thing. Ultimately they are all still independent and private businesses...they can do whatever they want. Unless you can find some other evaluation company that your school or whatever will accept, you really have nothing to complain about, unless things like customer service are actually that bad...which, by the way, let's be honest, that is not really why you're upset. You just want YOUR opinion to appear on the report, instead of letting the company do their job and come to their own decision. Not that you shouldn't question that, heck, I often do, but if they review it and tell you it is what it is, then that's the answer, live with it and move on.

    One reason some of you can't find other agencies that are accepted is because many other agencies are waaaaay shadier that ECE or other NACES approved companies. These lesser places pop up and die off on a daily basis. I found one that didn't even bother to research the program properly and they called my technical diploma (2 yr) a Bachelor degree, I guess on the basis of the reported hours. I was 'happy' to see that, but I knew deep down that I had actually studied for two yrs full time and I was not surprised to see my school disregard that report and recommend ECE. I ended up with an associate degree equivalent with a low gpa, but whatever, ECE only uses whole letter grades anyway. I mean, these places are taking a completely different system of education and trying to approximate a proper US equivalence. It's not exactly an exact science.

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  • Bi
      1st of Feb, 2011

    i do agrre with this . they even screwed my wifes evaluation. she had a masters and they put all course under undergrad course. i would say no body should get cheated by them, ... believe me they will screw up your carrier...

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