SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / the site is full of scammers and steals your personal information


I registered in easyaupair 9 years ago!!
After months of trying to find a family in this site I finally realized that most of it were fake profiles that never answered, lots of scammers trying to get money from you and also very strange people trying to get young people to other countries without even truly identifying themselves or making a believable/serious job offer.
You shouldn't trust any of the profiles or people on this site. Please don't use this site ever!
You could end up in the hands of human traffickers

On top of that I tried to delete or deactivate my profile many times, but it was impossible because they never took it from their site. Also they never replied to my messages and emails. After that they made my profile public on google and other engines so anyone in the world can see it.
It is been 9 years and my profile with my personal information and pictures is still on their site although I have no acces to it since I tried to deactivate it...

Oct 25, 2018

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