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Easton Motors / Cheater a handicapped buyer

1 ADAMS WISCONSIN Wisconsin, United States Review updated:

Hey this guy is a real scam artist. Dont go any where near any easton motors.
This gal went in to buy a used car she had 3000 bucks cash. Well they told her she needed a co signer so some one she knew signed blank sale papers and left. Well they took her money and wrote the reciept to the co signer, then they sold her a car for 9, 900 bucks that doesnt book for 3500/ now this 24 year old can not read well and did not unerstand. What she was signing so she signed think ing she was buying a cheap car. When they were finished with her she owed 15, 000 plus even after they took her 3000 bucks. Now get this she didnt even get home with car and it would not run she tried to call but believe this no one was there. She too it to a garage they had told her to use. Get this it leaks old all sensors are gone and it doesnt run. So she called again they told her to wait to friday and come talk to owner, so all i can say is stay far away from easton motors we will be taking this case to a lawyer.They had to know she could not read because she could hardly sign her name she trys to do things on her owwn but god to screw her this bad wow.I just got a not from another family that got the same kinda deal he lost his 4000 bucks i bet i have a lot more before t is over all i can say is stay away from easton motors all of them if you see the name drive right by or you will get screwed oh by the way the title to this car is not even in her name it is in the name of the co signer who left right after she signed blank sale papers

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  • An
      20th of Feb, 2009

    they are crooks

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  • So
      13th of Apr, 2009

    The owner is a fraud... Very evil and condescending...Stay far away...Puts on the charm...Then when something happens he does not care...Just look at his record on CCAP...

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  • Ea
      6th of Aug, 2009

    To all of the above people went to Easton Motors in the first place because you decided to not pay your bills and got yourself into a major credit dilemma. Easton Motors took a huge gamble on you giving you a car because no one else would. You walk into any other dealership they will laugh in your face. You go to Easton and they treat you like a human being who actually matters. They do everything they can to get people who are at the rock bottom a car. Without people like Easton Motors out there you people would have been riding your bike to work. I would be thankful that somebody actually helped you. Think twice before you bash people who are only trying to improve your credit and give you that much needed chance that no one else will.

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  • Fr
      23rd of Aug, 2009

    "Easton Motors is Great"
    Are you on crack???
    You do us favors (people w/ bad credit) taking a gamble as you say on giving us cars. "Any other dealership will laugh in your face"
    To all that thinks that is true, I do not ride a bike nor did a REAL dealership laugh in my face.
    As a matter of fact I was given credit from a very reputable dealership that doesn't have ### like you that lie, cheat, steal, and intimidate.
    So in closing this obviously was written by the owner himself or one of his cronies.

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  • Ea
      24th of Sep, 2009

    Ok guys take this from someone who knows all the inside of this place. These cars are on average 8000 dollars overpriced. That means when they show you a discount or huge trade value they are still making tons of money off of you. Also, the cars they sell are ###. They rig them up just enough to get them on the lot to sell them and than once they break they won't do anything about it. There salespeople will lie and tell you whatever you want to hear just to get you in the door and trap you into buying a piece of ###. Next time you think Easton Motors, please reconsider your decision. There are several other places that can help you.

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  • Rj
      1st of Oct, 2009

    You bunch of crybaby ### need to shut the ### up and realize YOU are the problem. If you could have gotten approved somewhere else you would have done that already. But no, that didn't work. So you go to them asking for help. If you don't like what they have to offer, go to Byrider (bring lube) and see how that works out. But just remember: Your Life is Always Someone Else's Fault.

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  • Mt
      5th of Nov, 2009

    Easton motors is crap

    Their cars are WAY overpriced. Go to their website if you want proof of that. Right now they have a 98 grand am that kbb's for $4600 retail selling for $12990. That's pretty ridiculous.

    My cousin who bought from them has an interest rate over 15%!!! He literally paid over 16k for a car that would normally cost less than 5!

    And I'm pretty positive that the first person who's defending them above works for easton motors and the second one cant say a sentence without using the word ###...probably an employee of theirs too.

    And it's not just "lowlifes" and "###ups" that they sell too. There are many people who run into credit issues due to the economy, divorce, etc. Or are just young and don't have credit yet. Bottom line is there is no excuse to literally prey and consume on these people. I guarantee 95% of their clientele regret their decision to buy from them within 6 months.

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  • Ba
      19th of Nov, 2009

    We have bought 2 cars there on 2 seperate occasions. The first ran great had no problems. The second one we bought had a problem with a weird noise in the front... The owner personally took care of us and was very nice upgraded us to a car that was twice as nice and apologized for the problem. Of course if you have bad credit its gonna cost a little more. Thats what they are there for. No one else will accept you they give you a chance. We went back the second time because we had just lost our Antique store business and the credit bearu was making us look bad, even though we were just having a hard time. Easton Motors helped us no problem and kept to thier word on the warranty. Its almost like a brand new car warranty at that! Right before the last car we bought from them we had bought a brand new Toyota from "THE ALMIGHTY SMART MOTORS" worse mistake we ever made the car ended up being bought back for the lemon law... The entire company acted like we were nothing the entire time and messed up our credit so bad (thier fault) on the paper work being delayed almost a year, we are currently in the process of suing them for close to a hundred thousand. So, to the people posting what a scam they are, you must eathier 1 not grip the concept of the dealership (and keepin good credit) or 2 complain about everything cause it gives you something to do. My suggestion is go for yourself than make your decision about them. Cause these people are way off.

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  • Ba
      19th of Nov, 2009

    ... And to the guy who said they "rig there cars to work blah blah" What are you saying they have a magical timer that automatically breaks the car when you leave? Come on Our car has a 2 year warranty on it and my gf has been so petty as to complain when the speaker crackles at a VERY HIGH VOLUME... the repair guys just smile and fix it under warranty no questions asked. The Good Year place that fixes the car through the warranty always does the job, and quick. I've never been told theres nothing they can do... Like I said we had bought the second car couldnt figure out what the noise was and just cuz it was driving my woman nuts they gave us a better car to replace it! So you are full of crap.

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  • Bj
      31st of Jul, 2010

    Okay, I have a little for everyone. First on the original complaint...the co-signer is an idiot! Who in their right mind would sign blank papers "hello"! Good luck with the lawyer, they all will tell you it's a winable do you think they make thier money. Personally I think the co-signer is screwed! As with the 15% credit, either the kid has really crappy credit, the car is way over valued, or just too lazy to look for other credit. I found a vehicle, Portage Motors, and they supposedly looked for credit and was around that 15% rate. I walked away (no way am I paying that much!) called a credit union I had worked with in the past and got a 7.9% rate. I have had the Exploder for 7 years and have 218, 000 miles. (no lie!) This is a "buyer be ware market" and sales people are trying to make the sale they really do not care about anything else. They are not your friend they are trying to make a living. When you find a car, you do not have to buy it that day, make an offer, find your own credit, do research. The biggest problems is that the sales person tries to make you feel that if you do not sign the papers today the car will be gone tomorrow...not likely and if it is then it just was not ment to be. Never feel forced into making a decision because those will most likely be your worst. AND NEVER SIGN A PAPER THAT IS NOT COMPLETED...YOU MIGHT AS WELL BE SIGNING A BLANK CHECK!!!

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  • Ad
      5th of Feb, 2011

    I agree that easton motors is a rip BUT they do fix problems with the cars I know they fixed the bad trani in a car i bought from them 4 difrent times in about a month LMAO... then they did us a FAVOR they took the car "the one that they fixed 4 times after the trani went out AGAIN" and practically gave us 2004 malibu for only 24 grand ( only had 88k on it ) and hey yeah it did almost double our monthly payments and it only started on fire 2 times ... if only if only that dear wouldnt of ran out "almost in front of me" (in the corn field) I would still be paying on it... ... ... hmm maybe i should go take a look at there inventory and bend over just to let lawrence ram it in me again or maybe i will just have a friend rip my fingernails out one by one cant make up my mind ...

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  • Om
      1st of Nov, 2011

    Written by yourdum on October 31, 2011

    So here's the deal guys you wanna know more about Easton Motors here you go and the reason why you shouldn't buy a car form Lawrence. Well first of all do you really wanna pay 19% interest rate and on top of it they tell you we can approve you with 0 down but then they turn around and ask you how would you like to pay for tax, fees, lic plate so bottom line is your still paying for money down right. Now here's the trick that gets me lol Lawrence pay on a average car about $7, 000 and then he turns around and price the car for $16, 990 if not more when you ask them why is your price so high well guest what they have answer and that is because there is a 24k or 2 year warranty on it but *** the minute you buy the car your already having problems wow. So here is how you get score to see if your approved or not. First of all they check how much money you got for down payment upps sorry now it's called fees, tax and lic plate, they also go to the website called ccap and for those that don't know well ccap is a website that they can check any criminal records and if you have a really bad record well that's means that your not approved. They also check your credit score and guys trust me when I say this, if for some reason let's say you have a 650 credit score do you really think they will tell you well the answer is *** no because if they do tell you, well you can just turned around and get a loan from a bank at low interest rate. But it gets even better, what they do is when your singing your paper work, for the car that you just got screw they will squeeze in your credit score with the rest of the paper work so you wont see it. Wow there pretty smart. Also guys for those that have already got a car from them, here's the best part after you sign the contract they tell you that you got a hole year of free oil changes, well *** your paying for that to because it's included in the price of the car. So guys if you wanna know more about this company all you need to do is comment on this link nd ask me, and I promise that I will answer all your question.

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  • Su
      1st of Nov, 2011

    The common answer is avoid Easton Adams Motors. At all costs. Go to your local dealer and head for Auto Zone - they actually really could use some customers.

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  • Me
      9th of May, 2012

    The only thing they are dishonest about and they cant say they arent is they know there is a market of bad credit people so they buy a car for 3000 at auction or somewhere cheap and then sell it for 9, 999.00 on sale. I went through every vehicle on the lot year and mileage and condition not a one was a good price. They can still have a conscience and sell the same car at 5500.00 and the person who finances through their finance company doest get screwed a third time with the interest. It is better to ask a private dealer to pay him payments than buy one from these guy's at easton. I ask a couple of them after I purchased my grand am with 91, 000 miles for 13, 900 dumb I know but I lost my car in divorce and house and pay lots in Main, child support and no bank would give me 10.00 even if I walked out and came back in and paid the loan. I make 2500 a month and bring home 160 a week after child suport, taxes and other maintenance. I should of listened to my little voice and got out of the parking lot at Easton but when you have all your cards down you go to the card sharks Easton motors... Just don't use their service ever ask to pay payments some where else, I could bought same car anywhere else for 3950.00 my dumb mistake and them being devilish about the credit situation get rid of credit scores and maybe people can get loans to better them selves...

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  • Bi
      7th of Jul, 2016

    File a report with federal trade commission @ 1-800-288-8974 and Wisconsin trad commission @ 608-224-4953 the lawyer @608-784-5678

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  • Bi
      11th of Jul, 2016

    If you feel riped off like me file a report with the FTC the number is 1-877-ftc-help

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  • Bi
      19th of Nov, 2018
    Easton Motors - Auto deal
    West Salem
    United States

    If you have been wrong by easton motors you need to call federal trade commission @1-877-ftc-help and Wisconsin tread commission @ 608-224-4953 and lawyer @608-784-5678 if you want your money back for a drity deal

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