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E-Careers / aat level 2

1 United Kingdom

I'm afraid I am totally dissatisfied and unhappy with the company and the treatment they gave so far.
Very unsatisfied with what the course provides in terms of collateral and general support during the course. How is somebody able to understand the course and content with the data it's provided (very poor and bad design), it is unsubstantial and I'm not comfortable with the support offered.
The exercises have answers but no explanations at all. When you ask the tutor, first it takes at least 2 days for an answer and when you have, the answer is completely useless, they ask you to look for the answer in the material. If I am asking, it's because first I need an explanation, second I haven't found the answer in the material.
I applied for the course on 15th May and before I finished the first module (20 days later) I realised it would be a waste of time and a gain of stress and headache.

The customer service is horrible.
I didn't ask for any refund (I had already paid 2 instalments and was going to pay the third), I just wanted to cancel the course and stopped paying for the following months (7 more months).
I had no help at all, the person who answered me repeated the same email over and over again saying that as I had started and redeemed the voucher I could not cancel or have any refund or stop paying for the course. Again, I didn't ask for the refund, I just don't think I should continue doing a course that is not helping me in anyway.
I don't remember seeing any warning or pop up that by proceeding I would deny my rights to cancel the course. My understanding was that my initial payment would be non refundable but I would have 30 days to cancel, should I be unsatisfied with the course and content. I was VERY unsatisfied. On speaking and seeking the advice of friends and colleagues upon navigating the course material, support and guidance. I decided to cancel, and informed them straight away. This was within the 30 day cancellation period.

I was not sent any physical material, and I didn't expect to be refunded my initial payment. I did expect to be able to cancel the course and the direct debit though. IF by redeeming the voucher, this voids the right to cancel, then your website should clearly alert the user to the fact that by clicking ‘proceed' they are relinquishing their right to cancel and will be liable to pay the full balance of the course.

I just don't understand how can a person find out that the course is unhelpful without seeing it, without redeeming the voucher you can't have any access to the course.

I've never accessed the course again since then, and I am still paying for a course that I am not using (4 instalments already). Because I am obliged to pay for it. It's just unbelievable!

Aug 4, 2018

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