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1 Las Vegas, United States

My credit card was compromised online so I had to get a new credit card from the bank. I emailed and called Duvera telling them of the situation, so I was going to pay through a bank check or cashier check. I asked for them to send me a paper copy of the bill so I could do it automatically through online banking or check and know what I was paying. I didn't receive anything in the mail for first week so I contacted them again, and waiting another week and still nothing. Finally three weeks later I receive a collection notice from their department saying I had 30 days to pay the whole amount. I calleD the billing department for the guy to tell me the exact same thing. I have all the emails still showing my requests for a paper statement, and I get told in the phone that I need to talk to a supervisor that won't call back. Horrible experience and will NEVER work with them again.

May 26, 2015

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