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On Friday, 8/28/09 I received a very itimidating phone call about 4:00PM on my cell phone and work phone. It was a guy with an indian accent and he threatened to have me picked up by the police saying that I owed $1095 and if i didn't pay I will have to answer to the judge on today, Monday, 8/31/09. I was so scared in tears and everything because they made it sound so real and talked very rudely with the threats. I knew I didn't have any debt with Cashnet but the threats were so strong. Of course when I contacted my bank, they said $250.00 was taken by a Dtech evolution in Hicksville, NY. I have also filed a complaint with them telling them what happened. The phone number they gave was [protected] and the number that showed up on my phone when they called was [protected]. When I researched the number on, it said that the number came from a warehouse district in Los Angeles, California. The fax number was from Hungtington Beach, California but yet the debit was from Hicksville, New York. They also gave a fax number of [protected]. I recognized these same numbers and the name Kevin Foster in another complaint that I read. The guy said his name was Kevin Foster, Sr supervisor working for Excel Legal Group among other guys that kept hopping on the phone giving other names but same indian accent. I have called this Excel Legal Group and informed them that their name is being used to scare people and itimidate them to get money. I also contacted cashnet and informed them as well. They don't have anything on me in their records, which I knew they wouldn't because I haven't done anything with any cashnet. I hope that i get my money back because this is such a disgrace that these jerks can get away with this. As I thought more about it it did sound like they were talking from a cell phone and I could hear alot of voices in the background with the same indian accent. Someone has to do something about these guys, they are breaking the law and causing people real emotional problems from the threats behind this. This could really cause somebody an heart attack that's just how harsh they talk to you. I've been sick but angry ever since.

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  • Kf
      Sep 02, 2009

    I am right there with you. Called my work (hospital) - I am a nurse and was yelling at the operator telling her they were sending the police to have me arrested right at the hospital. Screaming, etc.
    Hit my bank account for 830.00 - Hopefully the bank will reverse it.
    I also thought I was going to have a heart attack and still had to put on "the face" and continue to work
    Please report your experience to -IC3. This is the FBI - internet fraud divison.
    Maybe they can be stopped soon.

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