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A company called Fnancial Investigative Services (DTECH Evolution) called me and a collector who acted like he was a police officer threatened me and said I had a criminal case pending against me for not paying a loan. We called my work and my home and I ended up paying $925 to these guys and I told them it was identity as I had no outstanding payday loans. They said that if I paid the debt even though it was not mine then they would send me an affidavit to clear my name. They did not send an affidavit and when I faxed them and asked them for the affidavit and all the details of the debt they called back and were more harrassing and said they could not send me the information as I owed another $500. I said this is ridculus and I am reporting you to the AG. I said you are not a real company. They said "You will believe we are a real company when we have a warrant served at your office. What can I do to protect myself against these guys and their harassment. I took out a loan from Ameriloan, but have a receipt that it is paid in full. They told me I owed fashcashus which I found is affliliated with Ameriloan. I have no written notices that I owe any debts and want to stop these guys. They have very heavy Indian accents and by the way the officer that called my work, home and cell did not have a badge number and he said he was a "financial inverstigations" officer and not a police officer. I need help on fighting these guys.

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  • Te
      Aug 19, 2009

    This is a huge scam going on across the country. Report them to the FTC, the AG, the police. Then find a lawyer who will help you sue them. Maybe, if you kept their address, they can be tracked down and arrested.

    Didn't you think it was odd that a man with a foreign accent has an American name?

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  • Kf
      Sep 02, 2009

    I am the newest victim. I am a nurse - called the hospital - told the operator that the police were on the way to arrest me - etc. Screaming - threats -

    Please report this to - IC3 - this is the FBI - internet fraud division. They have hit my bank for 830.00 - hopefully the bank will reverse this.

    I reported to my local Sherrif Dept. Deputy tried to call them and he was hung up on.

    My biggest nightmare !!

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  • De
      Sep 11, 2009

    YOU CAN NOT BE ARRESTED FOR OWING ANYONE MONEY. I got the same call and told them to come on, I was home - of course no one showed up. I called them the next day and asked why no one had come to arrest me, I wanted to go to jail - I mean come on no utility bills, grocery bills, mortgage - arrest me. They hung up on me and have not called again.

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