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Drive Financial Services / Employees and customer service

1 Dallas, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 8882224227

I have read a lot of complaints some of them I can believe since I use to work for DRIVE. This company is basically a loan shark and if you have bad credit then that is your fault. Should have done better research before purchasing a car. As far as the employees go all not rude if they are short is because so many customers call in with so many lies about brain tumors, cancer, death. Most customers don't understand that they keep a copy of every excuse given. We had customer tell us that he had brain cancer and when he never called back. We called his mother to make sure he was ok. She stated that he was liar and just didn't want to pay his bills. She stated that he was a lazy ### and always trying to get something for free. That was his MOTHER!!!

As far Drive Financial Services treats their employees like crap. Women are treated the worst. Unless you have a pe**s you will not get promoted. The group that is treated bad are Hispanics, they are told not to speak Spanish in the call center but want them to handle all Spanish speaking customers. They seem to think that all Hispanics that work for them should be grateful that they have a job. They think all Hispanic work on green cards. Hello you have a lot of American citizens that are Hispanics that work for Drive.

The worst part is they treat Hispanics like crap and they are own by Latin American company what kind of ### is that!!! I'm so glad I got out of this company. One more thing I read about how bad black people are treated well at least black women are getting paid!!! All they have to do sleep with AVP and not only will they get paid big ### bonuses they can go and come and not even have to worry about tardiness or about calling in!!! This company is ### up it really not funny. So the people who should really file the law suit against Drive should be WOMEN and HISPANICS. THIS COMPANY IS IS RAN BY THE GOOD OLD BOYS!!!

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