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Elena's cats are beautiful, with gorgeous markings and unusual colors. But the emotional pain that came along with seeing our beautiful young kitty die from a preventable virus that he picked up from that cattery was not worth it.

We purchased an expensive Maine Coon kitten in August 2016. He died last week (Nov. 2017) from feline leukemia, a contagious virus that he could only have contracted at the Dream Coons cattery. My other two Maine Coons have tested negative.

When I contacted Elena, the breeder, she claimed to not have any idea about the virus and she said she would "read about it". Which means there is zero effort being made on the part of her cattery to identify, prevent and eliminate the virus. They are ignorant to it. She said they've never had a case of FeLV and that she'd have to talk with her vet.

I am now concerned that our sweet little dead infected kitten may have infected my other two cats, and we face the possibility that we may lose all three cats to the virus as a result as they sit through the unknown incubation period.

My fault for not being a better educated consumer. If we ever get another kitten again, I'm going to insist that it be from a breeder who regularly tests all their cats for this virus.

  • Dream Coon Cattery Customer Care's Response, Feb 22, 2018

    I wonder if the cat lived with you for more than a year and fell ill from such a dangerous infection?
    Why your 2 other cats are negative?
    Why is it interesting that none of my cats never had such disease?
    Your veterinarian made a mistake with diagnosis and probably was not treated for it at all, very sorry.

    You corresponded with me and I wrote to you that I never had any experience with FeLV and it's true.
    My cats are healthy and I sent you proof of NEGATIVE results of the FeLV and FIV tests.
    Is that NOT enough for true?

  • Updated by wowziewoo, Oct 17, 2018

    I am the original poster. The kitten that died also developed severe stomatitis and had to have a full tooth extraction at around 6 months old as a result. Contrary to Elena's claim, stomatitis has nothing to do with the care of the cat. This is not an uncommon Maine Coon ailment, but what makes me angry is that instead of simply admitting that some of her cats have FeLV and stomatitis, she refuses to take ownership and puts the blame on everyone except herself. Isn't it interesting that breeders want you to sign something stating that you won't test them for FeLV?

    If you are looking to purchase a Maine Coon, you should absolutely have the cat tested, or get the breeder to document via a reputable vet that the cat has recently been tested and has come back clean. At the end of the day, your best bet is to fully research your breeder and talk to the cat breeding community about their reputation before you hand over money. Don't assume that an expensive or beautiful cat means you're getting quality breeding.

    Losing a pet is devastating, especially when you have kids. This was an expensive and painful experience for us, and an awful end for our cat.

    AND A WARNING to people who dare post negative reviews of her cattery, be forwarned that "David Blackmann" will contact you outside of the board and attempt to pressure you into removing the posts.

    Leave me alone, Elena. You've caused enough damage to my family.

Nov 24, 2017

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  • St
      Nov 29, 2017

    Hey I just sent you a message. I didn't see your entire post in the last site for whatever reason. Sorry about your situation. I didn't see any negative postings for dreamcoon over a year ago when I started looking. I now see several complaints after looking again. My story...Cat 1 from dreamcoon had FIP noticed by the vet during her spay. She died. Look it up on wikipedia if you don't know FIP. Cat 2 had the worst case of a stomatitis my local vet has ever seen and all his teeth are now gone/extracted as of Monday 11/27. He is not even 2 yet. Cat 3 seems to be a healthy girl 6 months..for now. They seem to be a cat mill with no regard or prejudice for cleanliness and pure breeding and for whatever reason seem to think selling sick cats for $1500+ is ok. I dont cate how nice or apologetic Elena seems to be, I dont think this is right or in the best interest of the consumer and petlover. They are not as naive as they seem. They've bred hundreds of cats and being dishonest when they claim to have "never heard of such a thing". Rather I believe they are playing a money game and found their niche and prey on hopeful kitty companions. I think they might need to be reported and I am in the early stages of researching how to do this. A conman relies on good people's trust. I hate to say it but I was conned and like a helpless consumer I blame m I just hope my two beautiful babies are not the brunt of dreamcoons con. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Health and happiness to your 2 surviving kitties. ...Steve

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  • Ae
      Jan 29, 2018

    @Stephen T Jordan Jr OMG I am SO glad we looked up these posts. We were just about to seal the deal with one of their kittens. I am not going to pay that kind of money to have this happen. I am SO Sorry for your losses... This is horrible to hear. I have wanted a MC since I was a little girl, but just never found the one I wanted.. He was so beautiful too... again, I am so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine the heartache.

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  •   Feb 22, 2018

    @Stephen T Jordan Jr Stehpen, you lie. Shame on you.
    Elisa didn't died, she is alive and you know it. It wasn't FIP, sorry about that.
    You got other girl for me for fee as I promised and you was very glad to see me and my family at your house.
    Why are you writing nasty things about me now and what are you not happy with?!

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  •   Feb 24, 2018

    @AEJackson Amy, sorry, this man had no losses.
    He returned the cat back, got full money back for her and she still lives.

    He got a second cat from me for free recently, so I fulfilled my promises and now I regret this very much.
    I wrote him a letter that it is shameful to say such things behind my back, but he was ashamed to answer.

    Problems with the teeth of the cat is likely due to care, sorry, but you can think of anything.
    All that he says is a storm of emotions.

    2 Stephen Jordan:
    Dear Stephen, you think that there is a kind of animal that does not get sick at all, veterinarians will be left without work and money. If you have a personal dislike for me, you should have told me this personally, and do not smile and pretend that you are very happy to see us at your house.
    I saw in you a friend, was sincere with you and was happy that my cats live with a good person.

    I always helped you, answered all your questions and fulfilled all the promises, why such a muck in response?
    I wonder what were you deceived?

    Of course you saw that I have a clean place and the cats live better than many people, why talk about "cat mill"? It's very annoying to hear.

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  • Co
      Jan 20, 2018

    My kitten came barely able to move, rectum bleeding, infected eye and very underweight. I have spent over a thousand at the Vets and he's still not well. She promised to refund my bills. All lies. The check is the mail and phony invoices. Not her first con job.

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  • Co
      Apr 08, 2018

    @Colette Harrington I cant figure out how to get this complaint down. The broader was honest and worked with me to get my cat well.

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  • Ke
      Feb 16, 2018

    Purchased a kitten from this breeder. Kitten came to us with a upper respiratory infection and a good dose of ring worms, which is currently being treated. You can have most breeders take a kitten to a vet before purchase and receive a report from the vet. If report comes back negative. You pay for the report. Most likely you would be taking your kitten to a vet for a good check-up anyway. If anything shows up on report before purchase, breeder pays for visit and any treatment if breeder wants the sale to go through. Yes it is about quantity and less about overall health. Asking the right questions and getting a thorough exam before purchase. Even if you have to pay for it should ease any concerns about purchasing one of these MainCoons from any breeder. I'm enjoying mine.

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  •   Feb 22, 2018

    @Kerry Broce Please send the results of microbiology showing proof of the ring worm.
    Very often veterinarians make mistakes and take the glow of any ointment for ring worm.

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  •   Mar 13, 2018

    @Stephen T Jordan Jr
    @Kerry Broce

    All that is written here is a complete heresy.

    I have 4 Maine Coon cats from Elena (already as 4 years) and they feel wonderful.
    I want to note that I have not even yet met such a sympathetic and responsive person as she.
    One good piece of advice!
    Choose a good veterinarian who will not hang noodles on your ears.

    Good luck and have a nice day!

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  • Li
      Aug 17, 2018

    @David Blackmann Funny, this review was written in Russian and then translated...Actual English speaking people do not say "Choose a good veterinarian who will not hang noodles on your ears" terrible translation by, none of it would speak as an ordinary American would speak, especially someone with the name David Blackman...too funny

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  •   Aug 20, 2018

    @LizMarks Yes, I'm russian with Jewish origin. I'm a lawyer and you are welcome to visit and meet me in person.
    What's so funny, explain please? And who are you, a native of the American continent? Something your name does not sound like an Indian.
    I do not understand what you care about who and for how many sells pets? Is it enviable?
    Breed and sell your own for a hundred, if they'e so good.
    I'll ask about you and write here. But it looks like you're a crappy person.

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  • Li
      Aug 17, 2018

    When a breeder is asking $3000 OMG, for a PET KITTEN, they are a KITTENMILL nothing more nothing less...BUYER BEWARE! This makes breeders that actually care about the breed all look bad!!!

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  •   Aug 20, 2018

    @LizMarks @ LizMarks.. It seems that you're a envious slanderer. SHAME ON YOU.

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  • Li
      Aug 28, 2018

    @David Blackmann LOL...sorry NO PET KITTEN should be selling for $3000...this is neither a rare breed, a breed that is hard to obtain, or a breed where good quality is hard to find. I can list all the old breeders of Maine Coons as I know them including some now who are judges or retired judges and they drop their heads and shake their heads, ashamed of what money grubbing breeders are doing! Clean healthy catteries are not selling kittens with runny eyes, and some very worse diseases! It just is not done!

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  • Li
      Aug 17, 2018

    Cattery DreamCoon
    6:35 PM (12 hours ago)


    I ask 3000 for this boy. Just as pet, no breeding

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  • Ca
      Nov 16, 2018

    @LizMarks I see that you are asking 3000 for a maine coon male. I do not see a picture of him. could you please provide to [protected] Thank you.

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  • Ro
      Aug 20, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    The truth is written here or not, I can not judge.
    In my experience, and according to my point of view, this is a good breeder who loves her cats.
    I love my cat I got from her.

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  • Ly
      Aug 27, 2018

    About pick up a non registered coon at the animal shelter..
    Breeders seemed safe — they’ve had the cat since birth and know his or her temperament and medical history. They also know an animal’s bloodlines and family history. There’s no such thing as a crystal ball, but reputable breeders can provide a lot more information..

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  •   Sep 01, 2018

    Had looked through a lot of information about FIP I undertake to inform that the problem occurs in _ALL cats_ without exception. Breeders or shelters no difference.The question of "bad luck". The disease is absolutely not explored.. what does the breeder have to do with it?

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  •   Sep 08, 2018

    By the way.. my cats from Elena

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  •   Sep 08, 2018

    These attached photos of my beloved girls

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  • Li
      Sep 10, 2018

    Fantastic breeder, Elena is a very lovely lady and very knowledgeable when it comes to the Maine Coon breed. Just purchased our black kitten from her which we have named Coal, he is a beautiful kitten and has fitted in well with our other 3 cats. Would highly recommend Elena to anyone who is looking to get a Maine Coon, can't thank her enough. Keep up the good work Elena.

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  • Li
      Sep 10, 2018

    Fantastic breeder, Elena is a lovely lady and very knowledgeable when it comes to the Maine Coon breed. Just purchased our black kitten from her which we have named Coal, he is a healty beautiful kitten and has fitted in well with our other 3 cats. Would highly recommend Elena to anyone who is looking to get a Maine Coon, can't thank her enough. Keep up the good work Elena.

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  •   Oct 10, 2018

    I believe that this service "complaintsboard" does not reflect an objective entity.
    The strangest thing is that nobody checks anything.

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  • He
      Oct 16, 2018

    @David Blackmann I bought a cat from She tested negative for everything life threatening but she came to me malnorished, dehydrated and with a severe case of diarrhea, Vet visits and medications cost me a little over $2, 000.00 the kitten cost $1, 500.00.
    I would never purchase any animal from them again.

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  •   Oct 17, 2018

    @Henrico Va You gave money for nothing. If the cat is healthy why complain?
    Once my cat had diarrhea, and I tell you honestly my children too -- should I blame my cat's breeder and my spouse?

    By the way, did you read reviews about vets? Looks like it's so bad there too!
    Unfortunately, veterinarians are often on the money side. In any case, they have your money. Use good and reputable vet. I see you're in Henrico, as mine. Use Locke A. Taylor.

    Ok, never. You have to decide whether to buy from a breeder or take beautiful purebreed kitten for free in a shelter.
    IMHO you have no other choice. I generally think it is not ethical to say bad things to backstab, hiding your name. I think it would be fair to talk to Elena first.
    good luck.

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  • He
      Oct 16, 2018

    When you see this much back and forth with a Breeder with questionable ethics, imo it would be wise to purchase your Pet someplace else.
    Remember the old saying. “ Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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  •   Oct 17, 2018

    Has anyone seen a breeder who has no problems? Probably it should be a breeder teddy bears.

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  •   Oct 17, 2018


    Thank you for contacting and helping to explain a lot.

    First of all, I want to say that I protect her, because she cannot do this herself. We are friends and she is very honest and good person and I have 2 of her cats.

    where did you get 100% confidence in the rightness of your words?
    Elena has done several dozen of such tests, you can call the vet hospital and ask them. It's clear. It's easy to check.

    And what she wrote to you had a slightly different meaning.
    That's what she told you:
    "I've never had such a virus before! Recently, some very scrupulous clients asked me to test the kitten .. Of course, this virus I do not have and can not be, he would kill all my cats ..
    I do not know much about this, but I will definitely will read about it .."

    And what you wrote here:
    "When I contacted Elena, the breeder, she claimed to not have any idea about the virus and she said she would "read about it"

    Сompletely different words, right?

    In her words, she had a long correspondence with you even offered you the contacts of those people who have brothers and sisters of this cat. They are healthy. One white female cat even kept for breeding and she is healty and alive, tested negative for FelV and had a litter this year, all of them living at new families.
    Is that not enough to rebut?

    You don't want to be good and you are on your own, negative mood.
    You don't think that your kitten could get it infected somewhere, as can happen.

    By your grace, now almost every kitten being sold is now being tested, thus people read your post and ready to pay money for test. And all came back negative, I repeat once again that this can be confirmed.

    It is not so bad. It turns out your accusations have no basis, that's all.

    You take everything as you want, and not as it really is.
    You should make peace and find a compromise. It is also hard for her to leave you devastated.
    Your vet’s mistake is hurting other people too and something else damaged your family.

    Elena can't take the blame for what wasn't really happened.

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  • Ly
      Nov 25, 2018

    Researchers Close In on New Drug to Treat FIP

    Researchers at Kansas State University and the University of California, Davis may be on the verge of a breakthrough in feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) treatment that could potentially extend the lifespan and quality of life for cats suffering from this deadly disease. As a result, they are promoting the commercial development of GC376, an antiviral compound used to treat FIP.

    FIP is a progressive and fatal disease caused by a feline coronavirus that can affect both domestic and wild cats. Feline coronaviruses are the cause of viral enteritis, which is typically harmless. But in rare instances, FIP can arise, spread throughout the body and cause death, particularly in cats age 2 and younger.

    A licensing agreement coordinated by the Kansas State University Institute for Commercialization with Anivive Lifesciences, a California company whose proprietary software accelerates the discovery and development process of new pet medicines, will have both parties working together to hopefully bring this new drug to market.

    The approval process, overseen by the Food and Drug Administration's Center for Veterinary Medicine, requires several steps documenting the efficacy, safety and manufacturing of the compound. While GC376 is still several years from release, if FDA approval is successful, it promises to revolutionize treatment of this fatal disease.

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  • An
      Dec 02, 2018

    I'm so happy with my cats Fedor and Freya which came from Elena in 2014. their beauty, their personality is fabulous.
    Everyone is so happy.
    Elena have a piece of my heart, what she did for me, I will always be so grateful.
    She is the best breeder I have ever come across. Both of my gorgeous cats are perfect specimens of the MaineCoon breed, plus their personalities are amazing. I've never known a breeder care so much for their little ones.
    I just wanted to share my expirence.


    +4 Votes

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