Dominoesemployee abuse from asst. mgr.

I was pushed by an AM at the oven where she had a tantrum and bagered and harassed to the point that i could not complete working out my one week only allotted notice by the young immature manager who is best friends with the abusive Bipokar? AM, I was further elbowed by a driver JM who hogs the oven and bosses all employees around.
My prior manager has no idea how abusive the AM at 5661 JB is to me especially.
I do not take orders from greedy drivers period!
I was abused from the entire time of my employment and the Manager who is great friends with the main AM does not believe me.
I was in AM training and my hours were cut constantly so I left 12-5-18 and will drop off my uniform shirts tomorrow!

Ive never had a worse employment negative reinforcement experience in my life!

Dominoes sucks wind!

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