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I wish I would have seen this website Before purchasing my I thought were Savannag cats from Taran Nolan at Domestic wildcat. For the amount I paid $1, 900 a cat I could have purchased a real Savannah cat. The cats I purchase from her had tons of health issues and one cat had to be returned and replaced with another cat she offered which also had Heath issues ! And my replace cat a boy, he is extremely small. Taran Nolan said our cats would grow to 25 pounds ! Our cats are not even half that! I could understand paying maybe 500 a piece for these questionable cats but she completely ripped us off.

Mar 21, 2016

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  • Wi
      Jul 26, 2017

    There are complaints abt this person and her husband on the following website as well:

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  • Mo
      Nov 13, 2017

    @Wired.angel I have owned F1 and F2 Savannah Cats for about 10 years. I have had all my cats genetically tested at UC Davis to ensure their lineage. I purchased a beautiful melanistic ALC cub from Taran Nolan and found the entire experience of working with her and her cattery to be very pleasant and professional. This post is disturbing for the following reasons: claims a “fake” cat was sold, claims for $1, 900 a “real” Savannah cat could have been purchased, the cat’s health issues were not identified to be genetic or due to lack of care by new owner, insinuates Savannah cats are not “small”, placed a dollar amount on a pet. For these reasons I highly recommend any reader completely disregard this complaint.

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  • Tr
      Feb 06, 2019

    We bought our Snow White kitten from Taran Domestic Wildcats they been great we got the Snow White kitten to give our Bengal a friend and now we are buying a Second Kitten from Taran they just been great are kitten had a cold they told us to take her to the vet and told us to let them Reimburse us we told them we didn’t want them to reimburse us but they asked how much it cost we told them 110 dollars they sent us a PayPal for 200 dollars they didn’t have to do that. They always get back to us with any Question we have for them!! I would highly recommend Taran Domestic Wildcats to anybody her Husband Jimmy they are just get people!!

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  • Tr
      Mar 13, 2019

    @TroyJones She is still doing great and I talk to Jimmy Nolan all the time he cares who his kittens go to and loves to know that they are doing good please if you are thinking about getting a good looking wild look please get it from domestic wild cats you cannot go wrong they are the most honest people to do business with they stick by their kittens some people just cannot please they been in business for a long time. Jimmy Nolan Is a great guy like I said we love our Kitten she is the best follows are son around everywhere he goes and sleeps on him every night thank you Jimmy Nolan and Taran

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  • Tr
      Mar 13, 2019

    Taran Nolan and Jimmy Nolan are very honest professional people they care about their cats and customers want everyone to be happy and satisfied with their pet obviously you cannot satisfy everyone I know from experience I breed dogs We purchased a kitten from domestic Wildcats Which that is Taran and Jimmy Nolan
    That own the business I could write about them all night nothing negative to say all positive please if you’re thinking about getting a wild looking cat by one from Domestic wild cats you will not regret it have any questions you ask me I have no problem given them a good Reference they have been great to do business with And believe me I have done business with the other breeders that did not go good before I know when someone loves their pets and they take pride in what they do thank you for reading my comment

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