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Dollar Tree Stores, Inc / poor customer service

Ma May 26, 2015
Contact information:
Phone: 217-793-5100

Poor customer service and attitude received by sales associate:Carrie
check out line was very long an intercom announcement was made asking to help. I was standing already standing at the new check out line waiting on cashier to come then cashier finally came with another customer did not say a word to me.She didn't say "hello" nothing.She just starting working around me and check the other lady out.She looked at me and "rolled her eyes and made a gesture with her lips" she stated "I was mad because she checked this lady out first" I informed her, "no I was not happy with her lack of communication skills and her attitude"I tried to explain to her she could have simply said she was going to check the customer out that was next in line from the other line. Instead of ignoring me and reaching around me to get the other customer products. After checking the other customer out she "rolled her eyes again with attitude and looked down at the items I wanted to purchase and said "do you want this stuff" I informed her yes that's would be why I am still standing here. She told me she was going to put me out the store. I do a lot a business for my job with this store and the lack of respect I received today. I am in charge of my job accounts and I am a regular customer their to purchase high dollar for the state. I will be posting my complaint on social media like Facebook.

She need to be terminated. She was very comfortable speaking to me in a very rude way and unprofessional gestures and threatening to put me out the store. I work with a population of people who do not have as much patients as I do and her behavior, body language and attitude could have really turn a simple misunderstanding into a hostile situation. I was very embarrassed by the entire interaction from "hello" or more like the lack of a simple "hello"

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