Dollar Generalstore manager n employee

Fu Dec 08, 2018 Magnolia, AR

There was an incident that occurred at the job with another co worker, store manager was out but was on the phone with the girl Christina Carrington. Mrs. Rochelle said for me to go ahead and leave, I leave n Mrs.Rochelle (store manager) calls me and say "glad you left so wouldn't get in any trouble" ok n we continue to talk n I'm telling her how tired am of Christina &mrs. Rochelle tells "I'm glad u stood for yourself & I know Christina is n I'm a Christian n I'm for wats right" (she was lying). So later that night Mrs.Richelle text me saying just checking to mke sure I was still coming in wit her the next morning n I text her back n say yes.She then tells me u can stay later if u want, so next day come, I'm working then Shonda comes in, Rochelle n her in the office wit door close, then as I was checking out customers, Shonda comes out the office n tells me to pull my drawer, I asked y, she lied like she didn't know. Ok I pull my drawer, go see Rochelle in office, she gone ask me again (she already knew) wat happened Wednesday)if I could write a report of it, ok I do(2pages) give it to her n then this lady tell me:"Oh I'm gone have to send u home until Mike comes Tomorrow (12-7-18)&when Christina comes she gone have to do the same thing" ok I clock out, shake my head n go home.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Magnolia, AR Later that evening I was that way n I see Christina in the store working so I called Rochelle n asked her wat was going on n she plays like she didn't know n say "oh I'm gone check into it but I can give u DG DM number n I said wat itsvitvthen she say, oh u got to wait till in the morning " . Next morning (2/7/18) I go by n Christina nnup there working like nothing happen n Rochelle didn't answe my call r text to her. This lady who claim to be a "Christin LIED n she n Christina both r crooked. It's funny tho cause Mike NEVER came &never was all a lie. And Christina kept saying that Wednesday wen the incident happened(she never gets caught, Mike ain't gone nothing n neither is DG)& she right, because she still lied, Rochelle lied n she didn't do nothing to Christina n she is the one who started that mess Wednesday. Everyone in the community talk bout Christina n her funky attitude, how she underhanded, sneaky, and liar, also how Rochelle is messy too but I got sent home. Mike NEVER answer his phone r her back in touch with the employee that's contacting him n it's like all of this is a joke. This is my life, my money n for them to do that...NOOO, it is NOT RIGHT n someone needs to look into that DG store on main in Magnolia, AR store#04448. N I'm not the only one who got complaints, they just don't want to say anything cause they scared, I'm not n I'm gone continue because it's not right n it's like DG doesn't care what happens to their employees

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