Dollar Generalmanager & store #04517

I have always shopped DG... My complaint is about the store & the manager SHE NEVER SHUTS UP! The store is ridiculously dirty & junky. I was there last week & had to step over stuff in the floor in EVERY ISLE! When I got to check out she never shut up the whole time I was there finally I said to her the store was the worst that I had EVERE SEEN IT! She proceeded to yell me that the store was closing in 2 months anyway...See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Cambridge, MD I let her know that she is the reason that I don't shop there! She handed me my receipt never said thank you or nothing! My mother also shops ther & struggles walking last week she was with my daughter every isle was the very same way, she finally told my daughter that she was ready to go after dragging stuff around with her, she left her cart in the isle and went to family dollar to get what she needed. Your company is losing money because of her! I'm not sure if she is staying with your company when this store is closed, I know dhat she drives & if I pull into a DG & her car is there I WILL NOT SHOP THERE! SHE IS SO ANNOYING! My husband shopped there this morning & he said OMG He had NEVER SEEN THAT STORE SO BAD! Stuff in the floors in every isle, while she is sweeping the pavement @ the front door! Please do your company a favor GET RID OF HER!

  • Updated by N D Meekins, Dec 12, 2018

    If you see a White mustang in the parking lot RUN!

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