Dollar Generalfebreze plug in refills

Je Dec 05, 2018 Kenedy, TX

My mother phoned the Karnes City store to ask about exchanging the plug ins and the manager phoned Saul DM to make sure it was ok. She was fired for Gross Misconduct and Saul said that she wasn't allowed in the store and that the old packaging couldn't be exchanged. To my understanding only.01 items and those that do not ring at the register can not be exchanged or returned. Seems a little like retaliation to me. Guarantee if I would have just walked into the store I wouldn't of had a problem and been on my merry way, but the fact that it was my mom who asked the question it seemed like retaliation because it doesn't state in policy old packaging can not be brought back. I'm going to leave my contact information but do not want a call back. I mearly wanted to voice my opinion on this. My mother has paid for her mistake physically and emotionally of which both were a result of her employment with Dollar General. I've seen my mother give the store 80% of her time and all the blood and sweat she has sacrificed we're not even appreciated. She was never told that she was not allowed to go in but has kept a distance and will not be going all honesty I doubt I will be going back and will be sure and let others know how she has been targeted just as fast as the breach in confidentiality was broken. I'm just thankful that she has turned around to get out of her depression and not sunk in any deeper. Shame on Dollar General! Jesika Ramos

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