Diya Online / poor quality clothing

I highly advise that noone orders from diya. It is overpriced, poor quality clothing that simply isnt worth the delivery charge! Heres the background story. My mum ordered a very expensive suit from diyaonline and was shocked at the poor quality material and colour, which did not match the photo online. Some time later she ordered a different suit from diya hoping that her first experience was a one off incident. No such luck.. The sizing of the suits is completely off for a start. Apparently a size large fits a size 12 woman in her mid 20s.. yes thats me, the less than amused daughter. And to top it off when I decided to wear the suit for a special occasion, the stitching on both sides of the trouser came undone. Very poor!!! So to reiterate, please dont order from diyaonline. They are 100% useless

Nov 13, 2016

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