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I needed some money to go grocery shopping so i decided to sell some wheels and tires that i had in storage on craigslist. I got a call from a buyer that said they really wanted the wheels. He said he wanted the wheels for sure but wanted to get them checked out to make sure they fit by a tire company. So i grabbed one of the wheels and walked it down to Discount Tire where the manager said he would help me. I told him what i was doing and that i needed to make sure the wheel fit to sell them. He did some tests with some tools and said "yeah it should fit, bring by the car and we can take care of you". me knowing that the lug pattern was correct knew it would work out. Well, i was at work i told the buyer that i would have to wait till 5pm before i could get down and make the sale. He said ill see you there. During that time i got 2 more buyers willing to pay me what i was asking .. one even trying to out sell the buyer. Me being true to my word declined the offer because i told the buyer he had the wheels. Now when the buyer showed up at Discount Tire, the manager that helped me told the buyer that the wheels i was selling were no good and that if they put them on the car they would break and fall off. So the buyer sends me a text message with that info and that hes not interested anymore. So i walk down to Discount Tire to ask what was going on. That's when i found out the Manager steered the owner to not buy my wheels with a bogus fact and to make a sale with one of his own. Saying "The wheel would not fit" without even testing the wheel to see if it would fit. So i left mad and hungry and decided to call up a friend with the same car to see if the wheel would fit. Sure enough it did. So in a selfish act by the manager he affected my way of living on a LIE!

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