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To Whom This May Concern

Please let this correspondence serve as a documentation of the deceptive, unprofessional, and fraudulent business practice of Andrew Anker and his store Dinettes & Stools of 400 Elden Street Herndon, Virginia.

We bought 4 kitchen chairs in the 3rd week of June 2009. We were told delivery of the chairs to the store would occur no later than July 18, 2009. Our credit card was charged in full at that time, which was in excess of $500. On July 20, we inquired to the store about the status of the chairs. We were told the chairs would arrive within the week. The week of July 27, we inquired again about the status. Again, we were told within a week and they would call us.

On August 8, we called and the owner Andrew Anker answered the phone. After asking about the chairs, he stated they were not in and would need to contact the shipper to find out the status and that couldn’t occur until the following Monday. He stated he would call us back on Monday August 10 to give us the date.

On August 10, we placed a call to the store at 6 pm after not receiving a phone call back as promised. Mr. Anker answered and acted surprised when we asked what the status of the chairs were. He stated they would be in “sometime” during the week. We explained to Mr. Anker our unease with being told “next week” every time we called. We also asked for the shipping tracking number, of which he stated it was not available at that time. Mr. Anker then got extremely agitated and acted as if there wasn’t a problem with charging our credit card in full and not delivering the product as promised. He acted as if this was a normal occurrence of which we should not be concerned. Mr. Anker then abruptly stated “I can sell these chairs easily to another customer when they are delivered” and hung up the phone to our surprise. We called back immediately and stated that he charged our credit card almost 2 months ago and he owes us a full refund. He said “fine” followed by some vulgar attacks and hung up the phone again. We then called back immediately asking how he intended on refunding the money. He said by check, of which we stated we were coming down to the store later that afternoon to get the check. Mr. Anker said he did not have a check book on him that day and to call back later in the week.

On August 12 we called back the store and spoke with Allen the manager of the store. We explained to Allen how we were treated by Mr. Anker. Allen stated he was very sorry for the owner’s attitude and vulgar attacks. He specifically stated “we have had a problem with him acting this way toward customers on occasion”. He then stated the chairs would be in by Friday August 14.

On August 14 we were told they would be in on August 17. Again on August 17 we were told they weren’t available. Fortunately Allen was attending to us on the phone and we requested a UPS tracking number. Allen politely stated the chairs would defiantly arrive by August 19.

On August 19, we called the store around 10 am with no success of reaching anyone. We then drove to the store and went inside and inquired to the store owner Andrew Anker about the chairs. Mr. Anker got extremely malicious and aggressive as soon we told him we were there to pick up the chairs. He stated they had not arrived. We asked to speak with the Allen, since Allen specifically stated UPS was delivering the chairs that day. Mr. Anker said Allen wasn’t working. We asked for the number the manufacturer and the UPS tracking number of which he stated “I don’t need to provide you that information”. A customer then arrived and saw Mr. Anker’s obnoxious attitude with no regard for his potential customers. The customer asked what was going on, in which we stated that Mr. Anker charged our credit card 2 months ago for chairs, and would not refund or provide us the chairs. We then stated “you should not purchase from this store” and started describing the whole story. Mr. Anker then chimed in and stated the chairs were in the back room. He then stated he would not give us the chairs, and said he was going to call the cops unless we left the store. We stated “go ahead and call, we paid for the chairs…either refund us the money in full or give us the chairs”. Mr. Anker then refused once again.

In the end Mr. Anker went to the back of the store, got the boxes with the chairs (which were unassembled) and stated “these chairs are cheap and I don’t want any complaints about the quality”. This is after the store stated the chairs were the best thing since sliced bread before we bought them…ironic.

He then put together the chairs in a poor fashion, stripping the wood in a few locations because he pushed the screw in too deep and not tightening all of the screws.

Charging our credit card in full and then harassing us when we wanted our chairs two months after the fact should be considered an illegal business practice. As far as we are concerned Dinette & Stools of Herndon, VA is a fraudulent business. Mr. Anker is a rude, angry businessman who’s record of malicious and vulgar attacks is evident by searching the company store on the internet. Further, enough complaints about his questionable business tactics have caused the Better Business Bureau to give a lowest rating of a “F”. Also, he store appears to be downsizing and moving to Ashburn VA


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  • Ka
      Oct 04, 2010

    I wish that I would have read your complaint before I did business with this company!! This company is awful!! We are still waiting on our chairs that we ordered in July. We are experiencing the same problem!!

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