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Diane Traczyk / Fired without reason

1 Crystal, MN, United States

What a great site!!!... I went to work on Oct 17, 2007, I sold pulltabs at Rostamo's, a small dirty bar in Crystal, Minnesota. Diane is the woman I was going to relieve that night. My shift started at 5:30pm, it was a rainy day so I showed up 30 minutes early. I played a few games of pin ball and at 5:15pm went to change shifts. This was the usual time we started to change shifts on any other day. Today was different, Diane said she was not leaving at 5:30pm, she was staying. I noticed she had some games to check in, I offered to check them in for her, she said "NO". I went out to the car and called my boss Carol McFarland (she was getting ready to go to Vegas the next morning at 4:00am and let me know right away that she was very busy that night and didn't have time for this) Time for a co-worker to be a jerk to another employee? She asked that I give Diane a break, she sold out a box and was trying her best to get things closed out, please be patient with her..I was...went back in to change shifts...Diane is being very pissy... I start weighting the boxes and counting the money, they are both off count, her figures and mine do not match. I ask her to reweight the box and recount the money, she starts saying she's quitting, she's going to quit!, Also says that I'm mad at her, she knows I'm mad at her, I wasn't but I'm getting very pissed off now too. She starts yelling... "I'm quitting, I'm quitting..."... her fat alcoholic buddy (MARY ELLEN BRUNSWICK) comes to her defence and starts yelling out "[censored] YOU SUE" and then my great co-worker starts saying the same thing..."[censored] YOU SUE"... then a few other people started saying it... I could not believe my ears... I could hardly walk out of that bar, I had never been so humiliated in my life... THANK YOU DIANE TRACZYK FOR SHOWING ME THAT ###S ARE ALIVE AND WELL IN MINNESOTA! The best part is still coming... when I said to Diane that Carol our boss would not believe what had happened there, she said who do you think she's going to believe me and all my friends here or you?... Well that about summed up the place that I was working for. Edinbrough Pro Am Foundation is an organization that hires nasty, lying people. Cons too, Think twice before going into this bar and playing pulltabs with this OLD, UGLY NASTY CREEPY BAG... Jealously gets you nowhere...

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