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Phone: (609)383-6000

I bought a bedroom set on 5/3/10 for my wife mother’s day gift. The delivery guys did not set the furniture up and when I set it up myself, there was damage on one of the dressers. The second time they second time they still did not want to set it up, at which point a n they had to tell them that I will call the sore to make a complaint, that’s when they decided to set it up. After a few months, the dresser started peeling off. I contacted the customer service [protected], and they were very rude and I’m still waiting to hear from them in regards to solving this issue. The service of the worse I ever experience and the total disregard an disrespect they give you over the phone is totally unacceptable.
On 12/1/11 I purchased a kitchen set, a leaving room set, a console. Two lamps and two curio. The first issue was when delivered this items, one of the curio set one o the light bulbs was broken, had to wait approximately 1 month and a half to have it delivered. The other issue was the all three marble set were scratched and had to be replaced. Aging they delivered l three table, but the coffee table was damage. They order another table and again were damaged. I contacted customer service and they place another replacement. The fourth time they delivered the table again it was damaged and I told the delivery guy to please contact Customer service an them of the damage. They told me that that I have to do it myself. After I explained all the issue I was having with Diamond furniture delivering me damaged items why should I continue to contact them. I was hoping there will be a better way to solve this issue. I once again contacted Customer Service who told me to go to the store. On Thursday please open the box to make sure the table was not damaged, upon opening the box I was the table was damage. I went to speak with the Manager this dare Debbie Esposito, who told me to go see some open 4 boxes which all had different damages. I then proceeded to speak to the Manager Esposito, who at that that point became disrespectful towards me and my wife Cecilia Gonzalez. Esposito said that all furniture had some time of damage and that I have to accept whatever was available. I explained to Esposito that if I was paying over $3, 000 in furniture I wanted no damage or will not accept anything with damage. My wife was looking a recliner chair and ask Esposito the value, and she replied, “I don’t thing you want to buy that, because you husband will see this little damage and will drive me crazy coming to the store to change it.” At that point one of the employees stated to me, “Debbie is difficult to deal with and she will not help you, because that’s how she is. I have never been embarrassed or felt that someone who suppose to help the clients could be so disrespectful and unprofessional not only they way she talk to me and my wife, is how she treated her employees in front of me. We spent over $5, 200 and this is how the way the company thanks you by being disrespectful and not helping the customer’s issues like I’m having right now. I will say that not only I will never buy anything else from Diamond Furniture I will tell everyone I know not to buy anything from your company again.
I’m still waiting for a coffee table that’s not damage since December.

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