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Contact information:
Maria Duval/predictions,psychic,etc
1285 Baring Blvd., #409
Sparks, Nevada
United States
Ms. Duval, initiated contact with me around June '09. I have received numerous mailings [all of which I've kept], responded to a few, [not smart]. Promises of fortune, money, love, magnet to others, blah, blah, blah. Also offered Talismans of power, which were nothing but trinkets. Returned two Items & only received payment for one. Still waiting for check to clear. Everything is 100% guaranteed, no questions asked, had to write a letter for money, & still need to about balance. Found out on www.consumerfraudreporting.org/reporting.php, that Ms. Duval is on the main screen & one of the top 5 scammers! I have filed a ic3 form @ complaint.ic3.gov/update, a local police report, notified my cc, canceled my bank/cc & received a new one, put a 90 day alert, on the three credit bureaus. I still need to notify my Attorney General/Consumer Fraud Division, BBB here & where originated, also Social Security. If anyone is contacted by this person, stay away! They are also trying to say I bounced a check, & I didn't! They're good! If already involved, get out now!!! I need my money back! Help! Any Suggestions? auggiekz92@aol.com, THANKS!
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N  15th of Dec, 2009 by    0 Votes

Destiny Reseach - No response for money spent
Destiny Researvh
1285 Baring #409
United States

Sent money ($20) for rings that never showed up!! It's been 5 weeks and I've learned a lesson, especially since I've read the other complaints about this same product. Buyer Beware!!!
A  23rd of Mar, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hi there, I have been receiving these letters for ages, and I searched to try to find a phone number to get my address removed.

So, I dug a little further and found PhoneBusters, a Canadian initiative with the RCMP to help "recognize, report and stop fraud" which this Maria Duval and Destiny Research Center are.

The number to call is 1-888-495-8501. They welcome the calls and forward the information on to the appropriate people (police, etc.) to further investigate.

I strongly encourage anyone in Canada who has received ANY letter from Maria Duval or the Destiny Research Center to call and register the fraud to PhoneBusters.

I haven't sent money myself, but this is clearly fraud. I was told that several seniors have been ripped off anywhere from $10 to $4, 000.

It is a complete scam. Please get the word out, and report any mail if you get it to PhoneBusters! The more complaints they get, the more this scam will be investigated and taken seriously.

If you are a victim of fraud, be sure to get the word out to local media as well. I am sending info along and posting to facebook in case it helps someone.
N  4th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
i have not receive the ring yet it's been a week if i ever found maria duval i will press charges on her for fraud and mail fraud which it is a federal crime she will be facing if she is ever found
N  4th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes
she has no phone number or email address i can't believe i was scam by her i really needed luck
A  5th of Jan, 2011 by    0 Votes
My Husband has received 100's of letters from this Person we all call Maria Duvall..I have told him numerous times to ignore her, but he like so many others are hoping for some good luck. I think this person needs to be charged to the full extent for her crimes. We need to to make an example of her (?) thats if she is a woman..please everyone that has been contacted by her..report her...these people who are getting ripped off have worked hard for their money, and worked an honest job.
N  12th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
My name is Melissa Kibler, i have recieved many letters from this Maria Duval too, saying i was going to be giving money and love, all that ### too, i wanted to beilieve it so bad that finally something wonderful was going to happen to me, yeah right, well something did but not thanks to her and her scams, i have a wonderful family, Money is just money and yes u do need it to live but im already rich, cause i have a wondeerful family, so this Maria person thinks shes going to keep getting money from me, well i got news for her, one day your going to send those letters to the wrong person and u will get caught, cause in the end the good guys ALWAYS WIN. Im going to alert the local police about this too and if so get a lawyer, to this person who ever u are, u won't get away with this for long, it's only time till ur caught...

Thanks, Melissa Kibler
N  12th of Jul, 2011 by    0 Votes
oh yeah about that ring, its going to turn ur finger green, i got three of them one for me and two close friends of mine, i wore mine everyday, thinking something was going to happen, something good, yeah right, get ur money back while u can, and good luck with that,
A  1st of Aug, 2011 by    0 Votes
This is Jennifer Middleton McLaughlin i have been reciveing this letters too. And I have send for two things the ring for money and the book of the yr to come. And for me nothing has changed for me. And she has just send me two more letters this pasted week.Asking me to get the powerful secret of money I CHING. So far i believed she is a scam. Maria Duval will not get no more money from me.
N  24th of Mar, 2012 by    0 Votes
I just received anothr letter from Maria. I received the first one last yr and sent in $7.00 for the ring. I did not get it. HA right!!!
Today in the mail came another "wonderful" letter with the same accident picture. I will call the phone busters, and I am taking the letter
to the postmaster general. Maybe he can get this "amazing woman" arrested. Good Luck Huh??? Wonder why Sparks, NV cops do not dso something out there? Has she that much clout??????Anne Perkins, Sun City Center, Fl. Thanks
A  7th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
my name is annette towen i just got a letter from her to day telling me the same thing about a black moon on the 20th of april. she said i would be getting big sum of money comeing, she sent a talisman to me also. I want to thank each and every on posting about maris duval, thanks to you all i did'nt send any money. I, ll do my part and report her also.thanks again.
A  24th of Apr, 2012 by    0 Votes
I got the same letter in today as many of you, but I researched them first and found this page. After reading all of the posts I reported this company/person to BBB. I suggest you all do the same in order to shut this person down, and fast. The more people that file the faster it will be shut down.
N  25th of Jun, 2012 by    0 Votes
I thought that perhaps I had found a psychic that I could work with concerning life events. I used to have a wonderful and accurate one in NOLA that had died. I thought Maria Duval was for real. - what a load of ### that turned out to be. I had sent a check for $90 for the Talisman, etc, which they cashed. The following day they had deducted, without my permission, another $30 for a "returned check".
All that did was to give them a total of $120.00, and who knowss when thry will strike again, in spite of a block put on my account..
STAY AWAY FROM THESE RIP OFF ARTISTS. THEY'RE GOOD. VERY GOOD! they also have no phone number to contact them with, and written correspondence goes un-answered.
A  6th of Sep, 2012 by    0 Votes
I got one of her letters today maria says that I will make 25k on the 15th of october all I have to go is send her 10 bucks for now, I knew this was a scam so I looked her up and found this site. Thanks a lot for the info and I will inform my local BBB about them. Also I have found out that this scam goes by the name of The SECRET SOCIETY and asks for 140.00 for their info and the mailings are out of Dallas, TX and Beachwood, Ohio so be careful who You send money to because there's a good chance you won't see it again!! IT's all a rip-off.
A  7th of Apr, 2013 by    0 Votes
Tessa from MN i had to change my accounts and for two months now she keeps sending letters. I now open one and she says she has my lucky lottery numbers i so want to send her the $ 45.00 and now i will not!!! ALL OF US SHOULD PETITION AND SUE THE LIVING $$$$$ OUT OF HER AND HER TEAM THAT IS OUR LOTTERY IF YOU WISH TO MOVE FORWARD PLEASE SOMEONE PROFESSIONAL START THE PETITION SO WE HAVE A CASE IN COURT 4-7-1013 MY LUCKY NUMBER 7 ON THIS DAY WE WILL START OUR PETITION TO RECEIVE PERSONAL MENTAL DAMAGES SHE HAS DONE TO ME!!! LET ME KNOW, TAKE ACTION SHE SAY'S SO HOW DO WE START A LEGAL PETITION TO SUE HER???? 762-231-3057
N  17th of Jun, 2013 by    0 Votes
Does anyone know how to actually get in touch with Maria or whoever runs this company? Can someone give me a phone number? The only one I found is disconnected.

Thank you!
A  8th of Jul, 2013 by    0 Votes
I was asked twice for 11 postage stamps am now flooded with letters and promises, and am poorer than when it all began.
A  30th of Nov, 2013 by    0 Votes
My name is Matthew and I like most people were hoping to get some good luck. I lost my job, my wife and everything I owned. Before I could get back to work my brother was shot. So for the last 2 years I have been helping my parents take care of him. He can not do anything for himself, so we have to do everything for him. He can't even talk. Since I have been helping them I can not work because helping them is a full time job. So I really needed some luck. I was hoping to win enough money to help my parents with my brother, get a place of my own, and get my training so I can go back to work or start my own business. She needs to pay for the money she has taken from people and for the disappointment. She needed to pay for taking advantage of people. If you want to write me you can at 460 Lynns Sleepy Hollow South Shore Ky. 41175. I wish you all the best of luck.
N  6th of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
to tess from mn.i am with you lets get together and sue the ### out of these people for mental anguish or something.Paul from Wy.
A  23rd of Dec, 2013 by    0 Votes
I would like it if she would stop sending me her junk mail
N  8th of Sep, 2014 by    0 Votes
I have been geting letters saying that I 'AM going to win a lot of money. I have beened Scamed.

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