I ordered the free trial and paid processing I've been thru this twice. Both times the processing fee was taken from my debut card and a week later derma wand cancelled my order they said payment was declined. I i never. Re iced the derma wand and I had 2 weeks before a payment was due I have. The snap shot from the confirmation derma wand sent me. I want either my money or I want a derma wand. I have talked to someone at derma wand they did not even try to resolve the problem and they were very rude my e mail I
Thank you
Melissa Compton


  • Updated by Melissa Compton, Mar 26, 2018

    I ordered the 30 FREE TRIAL FOR 30 DAYS I paid processing fee and 14 days after I paid fee derma wand cancelled my order they say payment was declined I never got the derma wand and this us the 2 nd time they took money but never sent out product they sent me conformation and I did rake snapshot of it I'm sending with my complaint. They won't give me my money back and I was called a liar

Mar 26, 2018

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