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Department Of Children And Families / not helping my family the way thier supposed to and lying to me and my family.

1 Fall River, MA, United States Review updated:

My name is Jaclyn Maskell and I been in the departments care for over 3 years. In October of 2008 I had a baby girl Destinie and the department has told me and the father of my baby that he could have sleep overs with our daughter and they keep making up excuses and lying to us and also telling us different stories. My DCF worker Derek Rezendes has told the two of us that he had spoken with his supervisor about my situation and he said his supervisor can not do anything to help us. So, my boyfriend/ babys father, Kyle called his supervisor and talked to him about everything and had told Kyle that Derek had never came to him and talked to him about my casae at all.

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  • Ma
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    That sounds about right, Derek Rezendes has a reputation (even among his coworkers) for being authoritarian. He does little to work "with" the families he is assigned to, instead of looking for strengths. He can be rude and judegmental. Keep going up the chain of command, there are very helpful and experienced social workers at DSS/DCF - and most work very hard to do the best they can to advocate.

  • Ba
      11th of Mar, 2009
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    Perhaps its time you stop having kids. You cant look after yourself let alone the poor offspring to a loser. Chance are you are just creating more losers.
    Sorry I just cant have sypathy for someone who brings children into thier ### lives. I'm a great advocate of Governments offering cash boneses for exchange of sterilization. Lets stop these people from breeding by giving them cash.

  • Dl
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Everyone needs to get online and file a complaint with the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES - OFFICE FOR CIVIL RIGHTS (OCR)

    Department of Children and families has an obligation to provide this assistance and it is discriminatory to refuse this assistance to anyone who qualifies. Get to work! If enough complaints are submitted maybe the Department of Children and Families will get their act together! Trust me your being ignored, the people who work in these offices are discriminating against you if you are being ignored, they've already been in trouble for discriminating against Hispanic people and depending on who you get for your case worker it may be for other reasons. Whatever you think it is "COMPLAIN" file the complaint, be honest and maybe you'll get the desperate help you need!

    Website is :

    If you prefer, you may submit a written complaint in your own format. Be sure to include the following information:

    Your name
    Full address
    Home and work telephone numbers
    E-mail address
    Name, full address and phone number of the person, agency or organization you believe discriminated against you
    Brief description of what happened: how, why, and when you believe your (or someone else’s) civil rights were violated
    Any other relevant information
    Your signature and date of complaint

    Region IV - Atlanta (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee)
    Roosevelt Freeman, Regional Manager
    Office for Civil Rights
    U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    Atlanta Federal Center, Suite 3B70
    61 Forsyth Street, S.W.
    Atlanta, GA 30303-8909
    Voice Phone (404)562-7886
    FAX (404)562-7881
    TDD (404)331-2867

    Go to: - If you live somewhere else and get the addresses / complaint forms etc... you need but it looks as though Florida is the problem! Floridians get mad! File, file and file some more!

  • Ri
      22nd of Oct, 2009
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    My brothers psychotic ex disapeared with his 3 week old baby and all their belongings while he was at work. She was a runnaway as a teen and several times while they were dating. She has since been seen wondering the streets at 2 am with the baby and dropped the baby 2xs on it head. Once on concreate. She screamed at her grandfather when he tried to call 911. Her family and ours have all made several complaints with DCF and they all have been brushed off. They said she has a roof, 4 walls, running water, and electric so there is no harm. Though, the house has a convicted fellon living in it, drug atticks and she is having sex with guys infront of the newborn! His attorney was the one who said go to DCF first, what help! He is now working on getting an emergency injunction since she is planning on running to Texas tomorrow with the baby and new boyfriend. He is also suing the state and DCF. I am looking for more stories like this to give his attorney and him. The baby is less than 2 months now.

  • Sh
      19th of Nov, 2009
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    ve legal custody of the child.The system isn't designed to help the it's designed to help the abuser.Our laws need to be changed/updated.How many children have got to die or be hurt before the laws are enforced to protect our children.

  • Mc
      13th of Mar, 2011
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    During my expereince with DCF in Florida, I have learned several things. One of them is that if you are the person in trouble and they are the person's in authority, it becomes your word against theirs. So who do you think the Judge will believe? Definately not those of us who have had our children taken away! We are [censor]; bad parents or abusers. The second thing I have learned is that if you are in a less fortunate, economic position and can't afford an attorney, their public defenders will side with DCF rather than be excommunicated for standing up for the parent. Thirdly, they (DCF) wants you to be completely honest but they themselves will use it against you or twist your sincerity.
    My solution is this. Buy a good video recorder, wear it on you, record their conversations, OR, find a trustworthy, reliable person who has no record and witness your communications between parent and DCF. Secondly, always summarize your conversations in an email and send them a copy and an option to respond (in writing) on what you agreed to in your converstions. Most people will say you can't use the recording in court but it does not prevent you from sending it to a News Reporter who might be interested in collecting data. Of all the New Papers I have read, Orlando Sentinel is the best--because, in the past, they have uncovered simular situations in other cases.

    I am 100% in making sure they child's interest/s are protected--but not in the name of lying against the parents or falsifying reports.

  • Mi
      20th of Apr, 2017
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    We had your grandkids for one year and three months DCF place them with us and we had three weeks to go to court about permanent placement with us and they come toke the kids and said it was because of our home we got a new home and now they are trying to us something that happened 20 years ago with me when I was 16 and had my son agent me and that we let the kids go to there mother where we know durgs was but it has not been proving yet and they asked the judge to oder a no contact with the kids and us and the judge said she can't do that but said we can't have contact with the kids for now and I don't know what to do

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