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I have had NOTHING but problems ever since buying a Diamo product. The so called CEO, Mr. Solo, is a soft tongued jerk who will promise you the world then laugh behind your face while doing nothing. As of today, March 24th 2009, I can not get any parts for my 2007 Turista because LS MotorSports maintains complete control of all Diamo parts inventory. This company needs to be sued, or forced out of business. I absolutely abhor LS MotorSports. I am saddened, but not surprised at all, at this information. The obvious question now is...what do those who own a Diamo product do for parts??!!


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  14th of Apr, 2009
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I agree that Mr. Solo cannot be trusted. LS Motorsports does not pay their debts. They have owed my company money for several months and will not return phone calls and email messages. I would recommend anyone who is considering dealing with this man to think twice.
  21st of Jul, 2010
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Mr. King is actually making several false statements in his complaint. The Turista scooter is manufactured by Linhai Yamaha. There are more than a dozen companies that import and distribute parts for this scooter and he was made aware of this on more than one occassion. All anyone has to do is search online for parts for Chinese scooters and there are list of companies that can provide parts or they can contact DIAMO for parts. The problem with Mr. King was that he kept demanding more and more from the dealer he purchased the scooter from even after having his first scooter exchanged by the dealer for a more expensive model at no additional cost. The dealer and LS Motorsports fully honored the warranty that was sold with the Scooter. Mr. King states that someone should sue LS Motorsports which distributed DIAMO at the time. The question I have is why didn't Mr. King file a lawsuit. He had no case, that is why. DIAMO has thousands of customers who are happy with their products. DIAMO has participated in competitions against every major brand sold in the USA doing extremely well and even beating some very well known brands surpassing most expectations. These competitions were published in national consumer magazines so DIAMO has nothing to hide and is very proud of the reputation they have for the reliability, safety and quality of their products.

As an update, DIAMO is no longer distributed by LS Motorsports. In 2009, Precision Powersports, Inc. took over distribution of the DIAMO brand and products.
  9th of Sep, 2010
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I have a 300 turista . I ride 10 to 20 miles and it is just like some one turned off the key. After i let it set for two to three hour it will start right up . I got a book with it but no electrical stuamtics . how can i get one .
  15th of Mar, 2011
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I agree with Mr. King and I know first hand he's not lying. Let's call it the way it is Mr. Solo, You know who I am, Im from Rhode Island. I've been calling my dealer for MONTHS!! and nothing and I cant yell at them because they cant get ahold of the company.. Dont matter who owns it.. The product is absolutely as reliable as a Powerwheels ATV and even at that the Powerwheels you can purchase parts for. You state you stand by your products, to whom? Not to me and or my dealer? Neither of us have nothing good to say at all.. Nor will be as I almost for killed lastnight in the woods... I've told my dealer MANY times the bike didnt run right... Never did... NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS...
  15th of Mar, 2011
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After reading what I just typed I feel as though all that I havent expressed my FULL anger for all i've been through. I am part of a Search & Rescue Team, I SAVE LIVES! I had to get rescued last night... So embarrassing it's not even funny.. I would like someone from the company to contact Finest Cycles in Providence, RI and talk to them. I was going to purchase a few bikes with the 501(c)(3) Non-Profit that I have but yeah ok.. Until someone contacts me I will not stop voicing my opinion.. How bad is that if i'm out saving someones life in the woods... and they have to helicopter me out of the woods and then resume the search... ::sad:: very sad... ::shakes my head:: I emailed Mr. Solo a few times and he didnt reply back to be and didnt say he would discount a few parts. Which was decent of him. I contact my dealer for him to order him and they say " he's gone "... No contact info.. nothing.. He's the only dealer in Rhode Island (i wonder why) wouldnt you want to make him and his customers happy... I would think so... Every single person who's bought a product from Diamo in Rhode Island has a problem with their unit. That should tell you something... Im talking to a gentleman right now in Texas and he states he has no problems at all with Diamo and he bets the crap out of em.. Kind of wondering now what's up.. I dont want to bag the company but my personal experience is very bad.. someone please help me!!! contact Finest Cycle in Providence, RI... They know how to get ahold of me.
  15th of Mar, 2011
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Ok.. I just called up Powersports, They dont even sell parts or the units anymore.. Gee, I wonder why... They said that "Mr" Solo doesn't even contact anyone anymore and they said something about they are trying to DUE him... I will also have my lawyer Mr. Collins contact him and see what we can do. Sad excuse for a business man... I'm not out $4, 000!!!
  9th of Apr, 2011
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I recently purchased two 2008 diamo scout 300 xlt 4x4 side by sides.There is'nt a shop in this area that will work on them.I've tried to buy parts online and have'nt had much luck.I need tie rod ends for both bikes, but I am not able to locate them.Superscooterparts.com has helped me with some parts and said that they are trying to find the tie rods/or tie rod ends that I need.I feel really stupid for not doing any research before spending my hard earned money.I live in Port Orange, Florida, which is 5 miles from Daytona Beach, the unofficial motorcycle capital of the world. Tom Beute
  31st of Jul, 2012
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Even though i dont sell this brand, i can get you whatever parts that you need. hometown atv and more 1265 harkrider st conway ar

I am a dealer located in Conway AR

  22nd of May, 2013
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Hometown atv, i need a clutch and clutch bell for my 2007 diamo scout xlt 300
  30th of May, 2013
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can you get me the old one so i can make sure i get the right one. they make a couple different ones
  13th of Jan, 2016
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I purchased a 2009 Diamo TOURISTA that has water in the oil. What would it cost me to fix?
  14th of Jan, 2016
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We would have to check it out to see what the cause is. Because it could be a could be a couple different things
  30th of Mar, 2016
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I have a 2006 250 cruiser that I need a speedo is there any way that you can help me thank you for your time Ken.
  20th of Jun, 2017
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I have a 2008 Diamo Tourista 300. It won't start, needs the fuel system flushed and general maintenance, maybe even rebuilt. It only has 340 miles on it. I can't get it repaired anywhere in Southern Arizona. All the scooter shops say they can't get the parts. Does anyone know where I can get it repaired, or a reliable source for parts so I could maybe talk one of the shops here into performing service?

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