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Took my kids

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DCFS / Ada S Mckinley
Chicago, Illinois
United States
They did not treat me or my children farly in there decision with removing and taken my rights with my ten (10) children you can email me if you like at Godblessesme2003@yahoo.com
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N  11th of Jan, 2011 by    +2 Votes
i was recently accused of neglectin my children ages 10 and 13 because they saw me hit my exhusband no charges were filed and the kids remain with me but the cop filed a 51a to the dept statin the kids are at high risk for emotional abuse, this happened over three weeks ago so if the kids were at such high risk why are they still wth me why are they not in counseling and why doesnt the school or their drs. know cuz i called and checked can i file charges against the cop for defamation of character harassment and emotional distress or anythin this has been very stressful and an investigator is coming to my home tomorrow
A  22nd of Jan, 2011 by    +1 Votes
This seems to be very common in IL. an emt worker called dcfs infront of me while my baby had an emergency and almost died, before the truck started moving, only to cover their tracks because they showed up an almost an hour late in a small town. 85%white and she racial profiled me when she called. it's these so- called professionals with government jobs reporting innocent parents calling for help and taking advantage at most vulnerable moments. Emergency calls to the paramedics...calling the police for about other situations such as domestic violence...because it's the easiest way to get information out of the victim and twist up words, and report it to DCFS, and what does DCFS do...believe them all because they are professionals, but they only take the case if it sounds easy. They never respond to real child abuse cases, or cases where a child is neglected...and it's a service...tell me why when they walk in on neglect cases...they never ask how? they just take the child...if it was a "CHILDREN AND FAMILY SERVICE" they would have things to offer before removing the child, maybe the parents lost their job and they need financial assistance, maybe they've applied and they're working slow, or maybe they have a job and get welfare or food stamps...but it's not enough because they count how much you get, not how many bills you have to pay, are they going to make things go faster or tell your job to give you a raise or the welfare office to increase the amount??? No, but they really need to analyze the situations, and with all of the funding they're getting why don't they help these families with whatever needs they have, instead of separating and tearing families apart. In the end it's a business...babies are highly adoptable and there are people who adopt and take in foster kids and teens to medicate them get money from being a foster parent or get social security for them and use them for the check.
N  26th of Feb, 2012 by    +2 Votes
dcfs came to my house without any warrent paper work anything dcfs just said we're taking your kids i begged dcfs to tell me why, they said i will find out in court so i asked if i could go to jail and leave my kids alone, dcfs laughed and said this has nothing to do with you, so they take my 2 year old daughter who from the day she was born has never spent the night away from me and my wife she has never rode in another car other than with me until dcfs showed up, dcfs then sent 10 police to get my 12 year old out of school 6 went in the school 4 waited outside, they also took my 15 year old daughter, dcfs took my kids to the hospital i got the hospital records for all 3 kids all three reports say dcfs brang 3 kids here for routine check up BUT NO ABUSE IS SUSPECTED, we go to court the next day i meet with another dcfs agent ed who is in charge he says he is not giving me my kids back, we go to court dcfs put this crazy story on from a hotline tip that they did not investigate until the next day after they took my kids and right before court, the judge orders my kids returned, end of case, dcfs drops the case, dcfs took my kids without a warrent without a court order without any paperwork, the clinton administration made dcfs a money making business with stealing kids they got bonus incentives for the kids, we checked the law everything dcfs did was not only illegal but violated our constitutional rights, illegal seizure of a child. and rememer the dcfs agent ed he called me 3 days after i got my kids back on a sunday he says now that this case is over i hear you sell bar equipment he says i'm looking for a glass door cooler for my house. dcfs kidnapped my kids for 24 hours but after alot of research they do this all the time and actually keep the kids most of the time, we have 27 actual case laws upheld that dcfs broke, many many federal laws, not to mention the constitution, and this next part is from the american free press cps, dcfs different names same organization is nation wide corrupt senator nancy schaefer was showing how corrupt they were until she ended up getting murdered, i can also send all the upheld case law that dcfs broke, federal law and constutional rights dcfs broke just on my family in 24 hours until the judge ordered our kids returned, we would like dcfs to be exposed for who they are big business in the kids market, kids are worth alot of money to dcfs, the more they get the more money they get and incentive bonuses. now thursday 2/23/12 our 2 year old daughter has a seizure, ( i told the hospital we were suing them and the sheriffs dept here in galena for their part in the kidnapping of my kids along with dcfs, ) i called the hospital and told them my 2 year old quit breathing during a seizure that we were on our way, the hospital called the sheriffs dept and told them, so when we got their the police stopped us in the lobby and said the hospital has no medicine for my 2 year old daughter and they can refuse us service, this is the emergency room and the only hospital in galena. one police officer told me jim you got your kids back why don't you leave it alone. my 2 year old was limp and unresponsive at the time, the doctor and nurse were watching, the lobby was empty, pete6242@sbcglobal.net
A  10th of Dec, 2012 by    0 Votes
Dcfs came in and took my 2year old after accusing me of doing methane famine, I was devastated so I went and had a hair follicle test done on myself it came back negative for ANY illegal drugs and still won't give my daughter back. I am the one that called asking for help because I thought a babysitter had hurt my baby but instead they take her from me accusing me of drug use!
A  23rd of Jun, 2014 by    0 Votes
I lost my kids to DCFS May 15th 2013.I still dot have them back. I lost them after pressing charges on my ex for nearly trying to kill me. I have three kids. oldest is 6, my middle child just turned 4 and my daughter is 2. I never got any time to heal with my family afterwards as dcfs showed up the very next day. I did develop a drinking problem and i went to rehab and completed what they asked and i am doing fine. Im looking for work. Back on my feet. I have never been with out a job before. ive done everything they have asked of me, .But what I dont get is why the hell they would take some ones kids in the first place like that. I had already pressed chargesI was still quite shook up over everything. for god sake I was leaving to go file for a restraining order. This also resulted in him getting a 6 year prison sentence.They could have kept the family intact.. why would they do that it makes no sense..
N  10th of Mar, 2015 by    0 Votes
My daughter was on herion my a widow and got remarried DCFS stepped in and took her sone 2 1/2 years ago placed with sisterinlaw and botherinlaw was up to 3rd party visits had a baby in Dec 2013 they took her and placed her with inlaws inlaws broke up sisterlaw was hanging out with someone who just got out of jail letting neighbors babysit my grandchildern they have been moved 2 hours away now the 4 yearold cannot come see his mother cause of mis behavor well you took him from everything he knows Daughter has completed everything they have asked her to do been clean for 1 year got job mental health and clean drops and only getting 2 hours a week for the baby I was told i cant have them cause new husband has a battery charge 5 years ago in Feb no charge but arrested for it and some drug charge in 2008 these are all before me so now I feel they are punishing me also should i give up my marriage? This system is all wrong also she has had 5 caseworker since this has started and wasnt on anything when they took the baby im at my wits end what happened to reuiting families thats what they are suppose to do please help
A  27th of Oct, 2015 by    +2 Votes
Is there any attorneys that would file suit against dcfs or cps in chicago il every attorney i speak with says it's hard to sue or represent you against dcfs or cps is this true i know my rights has been violated and i have a lawsuit against dcfs but all the attorneys I've contacted all says the same thing in chicago its like their afraid or scared to represent you
A  8th of Jun, 2017 by    0 Votes
IL DCFS are all mental job nuts! Have you seen the ppl that work there????? They don't even brush their hair (at least not the lady that came to "investigate me") who gave legal advise to the father of my daughters, who never bother to be involved until SHE made him involved, to get a restraining order against me. They worked up a scheme and based on police reports from a previous domestic violence incident from a previous relationship . I WAS A VICTIM of domestic violence and they use that to their advantage implying it was my fault and I enjoyed putting my kids in "danger". NEVER did my kids witness the abuse towards me but they used that anyway. the "investigator" used comments like "im going to make sure your kids get taken away from you"... (looks me up and down) and says "they are with a good women" (the women who is just a gf but apparently he told them they were married). They both gangbang. He never graduated middle school. Flunked 7th grade 3 times! But b/c i cursed the investigator on a phone conversation she was very vindictive. She lied underoath that I refused to take a drug test. Which i took time off work to go there and turns out they had no testing strips. I asked the tech to give the "investigator' a call to let her know. THe investigator denying that. I she failed me on the drug test. DCFS handle this case very poorly, so did the judge overseeing the case. Meanwhile I"m reading stories about parents that are really neglecting their kids and killing thme! DCFS workers shoudl be require to get a mental evaluation. These ppl are lazy on top of that.

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