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Days Inn & Suites 2626 E Randal Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76001 / service and employee at the front desk day shift manager.

1 2626 Randal Mill, Arlington, Texa, United States

(Days 1-3) My wife and I arrived at this hotel with our 2 trained and housebroken cats on the 1/15/19 and after checking in this day manager asks us would we like a smoking room after noticing my wife's cigarettes. Declining politely I explain to him that even at our own home home in notwe step outside to smoke even in our own home due to our pets respritory problems the manager rudely said "if I catch you smoking in room I'll charge your card on file." After our 3rd day staying in this small doublebed room because of it's tiny size and lack of a w coffee maker, TV with bad reception and loose wires, lack of pressure & hot water, people yelling all night loud noises, lack of any type of breakfast that they claim to serve and no longer able to fight the cold bitter air through the frame we rebooked to a larger room which is the suite #236 at the same hotel hoping for a better room. The suite was a little better with more room and a coffee maker that actually worked. The following morning (Day 4) I submitted my review which was a bad review with poor rating and made a complaint, both explaining the situation and problems we endured. (Day 5) and Now our last, although we planned 7 vacation, as we booked the same suite just like we had before we ran into the retaliation for the bad review and complaint I had made 2 days previous. We were told to pack and move to another room.. When we asked the reasoning this same day manager said very rudely it's what you paid for. I said "yes we want the same room just like we have paid for yesterday and the day before, the Suite." The manager bruskly tells us, it's the same thing, a suite, just built differently. Thinking okay what's the big deal I leave to check on my mother who we were visiting for an hour. I get back at noon to see my wife standing outside with our cats in the cold and she says " he made me get out of the room with our things not giving me enough time and our room is nasty, dirty, and not the same. And we paid the exact same price for the upgrade yet it's worse, why? It's smoking and you know our pets have respritory problems and she starts crying. I go look at the room and immediately I'm angry and horrified as well. This room was sparsely furnished if you could even call it that. No chair the coffee table was tiny more like a night stand burnt and stained. Nothing on the walls, no TV stand that all the other rooms had which hold the microwave and mini fridge and coffee maker. And this room HAD NO COFFEE MAKER. The room smelled horrible with cigarette smell. The a/c dirtyand foul and halfway hanging off, the walk e444r44rr4r45rf fortunate ggthe TV cords all astrew only 1 pillow on a offset bed. No coat hangers whatsoever not even drawers for clothes or even a small wardrobe to hang clothes. Trash in the floor. So I took pictures.

This is not what Wyndham represents to it's customers I would hope. And has given Wyndham and a bad name. I am extremely upset and we will never again stay here and I'm very seriously weighing the idea of having my family which all are huge Wyndham customers cancel our memberships if nothing is done. We tried to tell the day manager but he made it very apparent he was displeased at my mentioning him in my bad review and complaint. It is very apparent this is retaliation and discrimination putting us into another room we had paid a higher amount for, a nasty room that is handicapped and smoking which puts our pets at health risks.

Days Inn & Suites 2626 E Randal Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76001
Days Inn & Suites 2626 E Randal Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76001

Jan 23, 2019

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