Days Inn / bounces payroll checks rude to employees

Contact information:
Phone: 509-747-2011

The Owner/Operator Joe is from another country and actually adresses the female employee's as "Girl" Will not use their names. He yells about everything. The Other Owner Operator is never there and doesn't even care about this hotel. There is a second one up north on Division they own that is in the same boat. The hotel is filthy and no amount of housekeeping is going to fix that disgusting bug infested fould smelling hotel. The sheets aren't even clean. To get Linen to Laundry they throw it over the side onto the ground. When they don't want to pay wages they shut rooms down to avoid labor cost. There are constantly drug dealers on the proprty and also Prostituion activity. They sell the rooms for cheap to get people in and the rooms are broken into there's even bars on the windows. The rooms are run down and there isn't even any security. Not to mention when you do work, you dont get paid. They tell you it's late, lost in the mail, it is someone elses fault, and then getting them to fix the bounced check and pay fees is pulling teeth. This Roger avoids phone calls, won't answer texts it is a terrible horrible place. I want to file a class action lawsuit, and report them to the Department Of Labor and Industries for Violating the Fair Workers Act. And Also Workers Rights Law and The State can File a lawsuit at which time they will receive fines and also possible Jail Time.

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