Days Inn / service

We arrived on Friday the 18th of March for Spring Break. The advertisement said pool and spa. We asked everyday for the pool which was locked. There were several excuses given, it had been cleaned and needed chemicals. The gate for the pool was not unlocked until the 7th day, Friday the 25th. The Internet went down 3-5 times a day. They moved us closer to the office. Once we moved the door wouldn't open from the inside, they came and fixed that. Still had the Internet problem but, now there is the Bedbug issue in that room. The 1st night only one person had bites by the 2nd night 2 people had bites and the bites take a while to show. My daughter even has a picture of a bug on the sheets where her and her son had slept that night. When brought up to the couple running the hotel they gave an excuse for everything. The man in charge sent a maid to the room to convince us to move to another room. That was the 2nd move. We asked for the blankets to be changed because we noticed that the sheets were changed daily but not the blanket and bedspread. If there are bed bugs then they would be in the other linens too. The owner said we could checkout, which should have been the answer at the beginning of our stay since there were issues with the pool and Internet but we were assured the next day it would be open. That happened from March 19th- March 25th. The couple running the hotel acted several times like they could not understand what me or my family were saying. When asked to rectify the situation we were passed off to the woman not related to the couple doing the evening shift. The couple running this hotel were both asked at different times if it was their children who had bed bug bites would this be ok? Of course not, I saw that the linens were changed and the beds sprayed and the door locked. This does not get rid of bed bugs. I was told pest control would be out Monday. I will be checked out by then. I don't think anyone staying here should have to encounter being ignored when they have valid complaints or have bed bugs bites because they stayed here. This couple collects their paycheck, they did not offer to get anything to stop itching, medical attention, a refund, nor did they apologize. How is it that they are still employed here and you get return customers? I need oxygen and to move all these things again this late in my stay was not considered at all by these people. This was an awful experience here during this stay. The couple running it do not want to do their job, they are passing everything off to the other front desk lady, the maids, and maintenance. Bed bugs are a serious problem. I would like something done about the situation in the rooms, the pool, the people. I would like a return. My daughter and grandson have to deal with the effects of staying in this hotel after we check out, you should too. Theresa Rice-Robertson, [protected]

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