Days Innhorrible customer service skills

Mi Dec 03, 2018 Portage, IN

Days Inn
6161 Melton Rd
Portage, Indiana
Approximately 12-1-18 in the 11o clock hour about 10 children and 3 adults arrived at Days Inn gained access to pool area and went forward to get all the kids in the water the little ones weren't allowed to get in until second adult was back.
I received an emergency phone call to return they were outside wet and I could hear my family member saying "don't put your hands on not another kid of mine" When I arrived a number of police officers were present and a lot of derogatory remarks were being made. My son began crying and my other son started to tell me about a man pushing him until he fell and how he also slapped his younger brothers hand.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Portage, IN At that point I was refused to make a report on the employee at the company nor with the police and just told to get off the premises. I did not leave until I got the officers name and the hotel manager. December 3, 2018 I spoke with a lady from corporate AND NOT EVEN "I will apologize for my employee" " The employee will be disciplined " NOTHING...One of the derogatory remarks were "[censored]s
This hotel has a history of treating people of color unfairly, guest or not. There needs to be a change in management and or corporate. This world is full of hate and if I can make a difference or a change in the customer service world then I will do so. Change is the reason for my complaint, no other human being mainly kids should endure this behavior. I pray I give another the courage to speak up on discrimination and insubordination. Thank you and all be blessed.

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